Wishes for my mother in verse and prose

Wishes for my mother in verse and prose

Mom for everyone - the most native and close person. She is always there if not physically, then mentally. This unity of souls imposes a special responsibility when choosing a wish for the mother. Judge for yourself, she deserves not only beautiful words, but sincere, pleasant, shower phrases born of your love. How to choose such? How to make wishes for my mother in prose or to write poetry? Let's understand.

wishes for mom

A tedious but necessary theory

You know, it's very easy to take ready-made wishes forMom, rewrite and recite with a loud voice. Only will they affect an expensive soul? After all, any template is designed for a general statistical situation. And you have one mom. For her sake, she should sit and think for a while, trying to guess what she likes. Maybe your dear man dreams about something, is carried away by some theme. Of course, she will be very pleased if you mention something that is interesting, showing your indifference. In addition, using ready-made wishes for my mother, we run the risk of stepping on a "sick callus." For example, to wish happiness in the family to a divorced woman. That is, in this case, an individual, subtle and biased approach is needed. Nobody forbids using templates. But they should be considered, analyzing the nature, habits, preferences of your mother. Without regret, reject that which causes even a shadow of suspicion. Since the heart tells you that the parent will not like it, it means that it is so. And why such wishes for the mother, from which she will then sneak slyly, or, God forbid, will cry? It's better to hug from the heart and kiss in silence!

wishes to my mother in prose

What do all mothers love?

With the theory finished, go to practice. To start making beautiful wishes to my mother, it is necessary to understand what, in principle, a woman desires. There are many anecdotes on this topic. For example, about how the girl asks the girl to say a warm word, and her boyfriend says "battery". So do not be. Wishes for my mother in prose or poetry should be decorated with beautiful phrases filled with warmth and beautiful images. Be sure to mention that she is the most expensive person for you. Such an idea will never be superfluous. You can repeat at least a hundred times a day, but it will be nice. Tell me, how beautiful and clever you are. Every woman has her own zest, talents, abilities. Be sure to demonstrate that you notice this. Well, in the last turn, affect her secret dream. For example, if a mother dreams about going to Goa for years, but she still does not get to go on a trip, then this and wish. Do you think it will not please your attentiveness? Surely the soul will tremble with a pleasant image. A superfluous slander is not necessary. Why make a wish endless, like a surf. So the listener will get bored and fall asleep on the very spot where you congratulate her.

wishes to mom for her birthday

Wishes for my mother's birthday

Having mastered the unthinkable rules of compilationcongratulations, we will begin to practice. Let's give different examples: good and not very good. Let's say your mother is a housewife. Then tell her this: "My dear mother! You're like Sunny, get up early every day, do breakfast, not laziness! At home you cook, you clean, you make us learn! At night, you send a gentle hand to rest. On your holiday I will say openly: your business is not forgotten! The whole family notices, does not want a better share. If only you were always cheerful, kind, sweet! Happy Birthday!".

And if your parent is also a careerdeals, then in another way you should write a message. For example, like this: "I congratulate Mom, my beloved! On your birthday, thank you. For the light of the soul that warms. For the power of thought, what to think makes. For patience and kindness, for the timeliness of advice and earthly beauty. I wish to smile more often, to deal with affairs quickly, to fulfill a dream, which is hidden in my heart, to feel all the time that the bird is next to happiness! ". Of course, it is desirable to present wishes to my mother for a birthday present along with a gift. But this is your own business.

little wish to mom

A small wish to my mother

Often, people work on their holidays. Think about whether it will be nice for my mother if on that day you have to serve in the service or wait for your offspring from school? Surely she will be delighted with a small message on the phone. And in SMS do not push a big text. What to write? Choose the most affectionate words. For example: "Let the sun shine all the time, the best mother on the planet!". Or so: "I wish that in heaven you decide to make your every day festive!". A short phrase is sometimes more voluminous than empty rantings. Mark in advance what your mom is looking at. Let her like flowers, then wish that every day they give her thousands of bouquets. And if she is passionate about jewelry, then it's better to write: "Let all your paths, beloved mamma, be laid with diamonds!".

beautiful wishes to mom

How to compose poetry to my mother?

Let's pass to other question. If you want to come up with a verse-wish for your mother, and with talent is not lucky, do not worry. There is a secret, knowledge of which will help solve the puzzle. Take a few standard wishes. There are a lot of them online, we will not give examples. Read them and find the most suitable ones. Then make out of the slices of your standard wishes. Of course, rhymes may not coincide. This is the next step. It is necessary to think over how to replace words so that they sound harmoniously and do not change the essence of the text. So it turns out an original, individual desire in verse. If you practice, then you will cope much faster. It's like solving math problems: it's difficult at first.

verse wish mother

Original wishes

It is impossible, of course, in our business to get around the subject"Highlights". This is a word that will show that the authorship of the text belongs to a close person. Each family develops its own small traditions. Only you know about them. It is good to take advantage of this "warm and cozy" information. Then the wish will be complete and unrepeatable. For example, Dad's mother calls her pussy. Or another affectionate nickname they used to use. Be sure to weave it into your congratulations. It will be like this: "Mommy! I love you very much, but no more than my father, affectionately calling you a cat. We wish you lots of warm milk and sausages! And if seriously, then we are very happy when you smile and enjoy life! Let it always be that way! ". Or so: "As a squirrel in a wheel, you are circling!" And with Moydodyr very friendly! We wish to be always cheerful, beautiful, bold and healthy. And we will not stop loving, we give flowers and happiness to my mother! "


Coming up with your original wishes, rememberthat in them is not important the beauty of words or the harmony of rhymes. Mom is the most pleasant thing that they take care of her, try to please her. This is the simplest, but very important gift. And she deserved it by being constantly beside him to support, amuse, cheer and so on. Moms have a lot of worries and hassles. They do not abandon them and do not strike, because they love their children. And it will be fair to spend a little time and souls on writing a wish for Mom in prose or verse.

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  • Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose Wishes for my mother in verse and prose