Why there is noise in the head and in the ears

Why there is noise in the head and in the ears?

Noise in the head and in the ears is quite commona violation that many people face. In some cases, this phenomenon does not pose a threat to human health. But, unfortunately, in most cases, the constant stuffiness and the periodic occurrence of various sounds indicate the presence of diseases, so the patient needs to undergo a complete body examination.

Why there is noise in the head and in the ears?

noise in the head and in the ears

Noise is a subjective phenomenon. These sounds are audible only to the sick person and can be similar to a buzzing, ringing, whistling, etc. Such a phenomenon in most cases is due to a malfunction in the normal functioning of the auditory analyzer. It's not a secret that in the inner part of the ear there is a specific organ, the surface of which is covered with hairs. These small structures in the normal state of the body move in time to the sound waves coming through the ear canal into the middle ear. But with various disorders, for example, inflammation or damage, the hairs begin to move chaotically, creating sounds that actually do not exist. Constant noise in the head and in the ears is a very unpleasant phenomenon for a person. Often against the background of such a state neuroses, emotional disruptions and other mental disorders develop.

Noise in the head and in the ears: the main reasons

ears are packed in the head

In fact, such a problem can develop under the influence of various factors of the internal and external environment. Here are just the most common reasons:

  • In most cases, the appearance of strange sounds is associated with severe inflammatory diseases of the ear or traumas of the tympanic membrane.
  • Sometimes, the cause may be an intense allergic reaction or damage to the auditory nerve.
  • The ears, the noise in the head - all this may indicate the formation of a large sulfur plug inside the auditory canal.
  • Such a state often occurs in people,working in the production, which almost all day are spent in the noise arising from the operation of the devices. By the way, in this case, there is often a decrease in hearing, so it's worth visiting a doctor.
  • The same problem is faced by many people who are accustomed to constantly listen to loud music, and hearing loss in such situations can hardly be called a rarity.
  • Noise and heaviness in the head are often associated withviolation of the normal operation of the vascular system. For example, in case of osteochondrosis, the vertebral artery may be squeezed, and the motion becomes turbulent, and a periodically increasing, pulsing noise appears in the ears.
  • A sharp increase or, conversely, a decrease in blood pressure is also often accompanied by stiffness and the appearance of noise in the ears along with dizziness, headaches and other symptoms.
  • And, of course, such a violation may not beis associated with the diseases of the auditory analyzer, but is the result of nerves, chronic stresses and some mental disorders, which are accompanied by an increase in sensitivity to any sounds.

Noise in the head, in the ears: treatment

noise in the head in the ears

As already mentioned, the constant buzzing, whistling andother sounds can negatively affect the mental health of a person - unfortunately, they often lead to nervous breakdowns and other disorders. That's why the doctor's help in this case is simply necessary. First you need to undergo an examination and some additional studies, as well as pass the tests. Treatment depends on the cause of the noise. For example, with inflammation and infectious diseases, antibiotics are prescribed, and in case of osteochondrosis - massage, therapeutic gymnastics and special preparations. When there are sounds on the nerves, you need to undergo a course of psychotherapeutic treatment.

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  • Why there is noise in the head and in the ears Why there is noise in the head and in the ears Why there is noise in the head and in the ears Why there is noise in the head and in the ears Why there is noise in the head and in the ears