Why the Cobra hood

Why the Cobra hood?

Why the Cobra hood?

  • I love snakes especially the cultured snakes. I had to face them in my life so the snake's cobra is quite dangerous and it will not be easily attacked by a person so she will certainly warn him about her presence. She will stand in the rack and dissolve her chic hood, for which she does it that would seem more to intimidate. And they are afraid of her need to bite is practically fatal - if there is no antidote.

  • I want to add that the cobras on the hood often have an image that resembles the eye or eyes of an animal. Apparently, the cobra at the same time not only frightens the victim, already frightened by the terrible attack, but also defends itself from attack from behind and from above, for example from the attack of birds hunting snakes.

    Why the Cobra hood?
    Why the Cobra hood?
  • And so dangerous and poisonous cobra with the help of his hood, even more trying to scare his enemy. It's like birds, when attacking spread their feathers and tails. They want to seem more terrible and dangerous.

  • Cobra uses a hood to intimidate the enemy. Opening it, she tries to seem more. In general, these are very interesting snakes. And a lot of subspecies (cobras). And this is not their only weapon. They are very dangerous!

  • Cobra inflates her hood with eight muscles during the danger, she is so protected from enemies. It's interesting that many snakes have the same muscles, but for some reason they do not inflate the hood. By the way, not only the cobra blows the hood.

  • The hood is the protective element of the cobra's body. First, in nature than the animal more, the more dangerous it is. Many animals use this technique to visually increase their size.

    Secondly, in the hood of the cobra it's harder to grab - this will complicate the task of the mongoose hunts the cobra.

  • Very many animals increase their size only visually to appear larger, and accordingly, so that other animals, predators do not approach. Here and at a cobra the collar increases in order to protect the territory or to attack and thus it seems more and more aggressively.

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