Why is it sour in the mouth

Why is it sour in the mouth?

Modern medical statistics state,that now more and more people complain about the appearance of sour taste in the mouth. And, someone lives with this trouble constantly, and someone experiences discomfort periodically. But in any case, the reason why sour in the mouth must be found and solved this problem. Do not drive only the emerging disease into the body and for years to suffer, experiencing discomfort and anxiety for their health.

Sour mouth: causes

The reasons for the appearance of sour taste in the mouth, can be any, but most frequent, this is when:

  • decreased or increased acidity of the stomach;
  • The diet includes many acidic fruits and vegetables;
  • disrupted the digestive tract;
  • disease (caries, gingivitis) of the oral cavity.

Acid mouth: treatment

Any changes in taste perception requiremedical consultation. However, even before calling a doctor, you can take action yourself. Most often it becomes sour in the mouth from an improper diet. Using a large number of meat products, as well as sour fruits and vegetables, it is possible to provoke reproduction in the stomach of a certain category of bacteria, which will become responsible for the appearance of an acidic, unpleasant aftertaste. This problem is solved through a simple adjustment of food, bringing in the diet more plant foods (apricot, sweet apples, carrots, melons, pears), cereals (millet, barley, buckwheat) and green tea.

With a sweet and sour taste in the mouth or, if afterwardssweet sourness in the mouth becomes, then you should go temporarily to a vegetarian diet with eating dairy products. Rational and proper nutrition is often the most effective in the treatment of sour taste in the mouth.

Maintenance of oral hygiene is also important(especially if it is sour in the mouth during pregnancy). Sour taste in the mouth in the morning indicates the lack of cleaning teeth before going to bed, or that any food was eaten immediately before going to bed. Therefore, do not forget to brush your teeth in the evening and eat no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

The sour mouth: what to do

Feeling of constant sour taste in the mouthmay indicate the development of caries or gum disease. Often bleeding gums causes a sensation of acid in the mouth. In this case, it is better to rinse the mouth. In the pharmacy for this procedure you can buy herbs. For example, the bark of oak, chamomile. Also change the toothbrush and paste (choose a special, for the gums, strengthening and protection).

Thus, from all the abovesuggests the following conclusion - to solve the problem with a sensation of sour taste in the mouth will help best - diet. But do not neglect the right habits, both in nutrition and in oral hygiene. They will help to avoid unpleasant situations and health problems. Even a week's rejection of "wrong" products will give you a sense of ease and a feeling that you have become healthier, cheerful. With a healthy diet, an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth will disappear forever, and a beautiful appearance, good mood and positive energy - will become your constant companions.

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