Why dream of a neck

Why dream of a neck?

Dreams have always been attributed to mystical meanings. It was believed, and it is still believed that thanks to dreams you can look into the future and find out what is waiting on the love front, in your career and in your personal relationships. They advise even to pay attention to small details, since it is in them that the key can be laid - the answer to the question of the future. In this article, we'll look at what the neck is dreaming about.

Dream Interpretation of Eastern Wisdom

If a man dreams of a young girl's neck, he will soon meet his soul mate; if the neck is dreaming of a woman, then she will find herself a standing girlfriend.

The old and wrinkled neck means that you should pay a visit to your elderly relatives, perhaps they will not be there soon.

Russian folk dream book

If you dream the neck of an adult and a strong man, then soon you will find a loyal and reliable friend.

If you dream a broken neck, wait for the destruction of your plans and hopes.

If you saw a cut throat, then it's to the near death of a loved one or to a serious illness, ailment.

May Dream Book

The neck, wrapped in a light shawl, dreams of new hopes and successful accomplishments.

The neck, which is wrapped in a feather shawl or tight scarf, means that you can not start new things, since your hands will be tied.

The neck of a stranger can portend quick acquisitions that you did not think about, perhaps to receive great gifts or win the lottery.

If you dreamed of a sick person's neck, your affairs will soon recover. True, the white band will not last long, so you have to fix things until the situation worsens again.

Interpretations of other dreams can be found in the section Body Parts.

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