Where is the White Lake in Belarus

Where is the White Lake in Belarus?

Clean fresh water, peace and quiet - all thisWhite lake. Belarus is rightly considered a country of lakes, because there are more than 10 thousand of them here. All of them are unique and interesting in their own way, and one can talk about each of them for a long time. Therefore, we will not waste time and will begin.

White lake Belarus Myadel district

About the title

In the descriptions of the lake there may be several variants of the name of the reservoir. The most frequent of them - "Pale or Whore", that in translation from the Belarusian means Pale or White Lake.

White lake Belarus Myadel district


To understand where the White Lake is located inBelarus, it is important to realize that it is not the only one. This name was assigned to several water reservoirs of the country, which are in different areas. But now the conversation will focus on the White Lake (Belarus), which is one of the reservoirs of the Narocha group. It is located in Myadel district of the Minsk region. From the town of Myadel to the lake, 6 km to the south-west. The nearest settlement is the village of Gatovichi. The lake is located slightly to the south from it. The distance from the pond to the village is about 1.3 km.

White Lake Belarus

Short description

Lake Beloe (Belarus, Myadel district) does not belong to the large reservoirs of the country. Its area is less than 2 km², and the size of the basin is 2,02 × 1,44 km.

The drainage basin of the reservoir, that is, the territory with ground and surface waters draining into the White Lake, is about 5 km². The volume of water resources is 5.71 km³.

The coastline stretches for 6 km. The soil along the coast is mostly sandy. The slopes of the lake basin have a height of 2 to 5 m. The bottom, starting at a depth of three meters, has a sapropel lining. So called bottom sediments of freshwater reservoirs, formed over many centuries from the dead parts of aquatic plants, remnants of animal organisms, planktonic suspension and soil particles. Sapropel as a therapeutic mud is actively used for medical purposes. That is why a sanatorium was built on the bank of the reservoir and there is a camping site.

The White Lake in Belarus is a drainage lake. In many places, its banks are overgrown with aquatic plants. The shallow water is fairly wide, but up to two meters deep it can be significantly overgrown. On the shores of Lake White, a shrub.

White Lake Belarus

Rest on the pond

White Lake in Belarus is a great place whereyou can have a good time. It provides a calm and balanced recreation in nature. It can be directed to sanitation, as nearby there is a wonderful sanatorium complex "Pines", or for fishing and picking mushrooms and berries. In any case, vacationers get maximum enjoyment and benefit from fresh air and surrounding landscapes.

The area around the reservoir was overgrown with dense forests. There are many marshy places, but there are ridge-hilly areas. Since 1981, the surrounding area has been assigned to the Cheremshitsa hydrological reserve. This means that the lake and the surrounding lands are protected by the state, and certain rules of conduct must be observed here. On the territory of the reserve you can not litter, make noise, break down trees and so on. But a person who respects himself and surrounds nature observes such rules in any place of rest.

where is the White Lake in Belarus


How do you want to show everyone the White Lake (Belarus)! The photo, unfortunately, will not be able to convey all the enthusiasm from the surrounding beauty, but imagine yourself with a fishing rod in this place will allow.

Water reservoirs Narochanskogo park, which includeLake Pale (White) is a fishing paradise! Here there are a lot of varieties of fish, and specifically - rudd, bream, line, perch, roach, pike and others. Fishing is paid, let's say only amateur fishing. You can buy a ticket in several places. The basic design takes place in Naroch and in Naroch, Novo-Myadel, Myadel, Konstantinovsky and Syrmezhsky forest ranges. Also you can buy a ticket in Minsk, Smorgon, Ostrovets, Molodechny and Vileyka. Its value can range from 800 to 1700 rubles.

You can fish from the shore, but you will have to walk a little in shallow water to the depths, and from small boats. The power motor installed on the boat should not exceed 15 l / s.

White lake Belarus photo

Sanatorium "Sosny"

"Pines" - a sanatorium of the highest category. Here you can treat the genitourinary and nervous systems, blood circulation, digestive and respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. In addition, those who wish can undergo a complex of SPA-procedures and massages. A great pleasure for holidaymakers is provided by walking tours to Lake Naroch and Beloye. Picturesque landscapes surrounding these ponds will not leave anyone indifferent. From the buildings of the sanatorium to the shore of Naroch only 100 m, to Lake Bely (Pale) a little more - 400-500 m. So those wishing to enjoy the peace and quiet do not experience any inconvenience.

White Lake Belarus Mikashevichi

But that is not all…

It has already been mentioned that many lakes in Belarus are called "White". The most famous of them are in the Brest and Grodno regions. It is not difficult to reach these reservoirs by private transport.

The nearest to the water body is a largeBrest region is the city of Mikashevichi (Belarus). It is not difficult to find a white lake. Moving along the route Slutsk-Soligorsk-Mikashevichi, a little before reaching the last one, you should make a left turn and get on the M10 track. In a few kilometers there will be a fish farm "Beloe" and a refueling station. Drive ahead a little more and you are there. Here for amateur fishing is not necessary to pay. Additionally around the lake you can collect mushrooms and berries.

White Lake Belarus

Up to White Lake in the Grodno region from the city of Grodno about 30 km. Go in the northeast direction. Access to the lake by car is difficult, but in some places it is quite possible.

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