Where is the oxygen sensor located How to check the oxygen sensor

Where is the oxygen sensor located? How to check the oxygen sensor?

Often this device fails. Let's look at where the oxygen sensor is in the car, how to test its performance. Also we learn the signs of a malfunction and everything about this sensor.

A bit of history

This element can be considered the most popular amongall other sensors and sensors in the car. Specialists in automobile diagnostics often deal with it. Oxygen sensors have been before, it's not a novelty. The first lambda probe was a kind of sensing element without heaters. The element was heated by the temperature of the exhaust gases. It took some time for the heating process.

how to check the oxygen sensor

Years went by, the ecological situation around the worldconstantly deteriorating. Therefore, it was necessary to take measures to increase the severity and toxicity. Requirements for cars have become tougher. At this point, the sensor began to evolve and evolve. It was equipped with a special heater.

How the lambda probe works

To know how to test the concentration sensoroxygen, you need to have an idea of ​​how the element works. The working part of the part is a kind of ceramic material that is covered with a layer of platinum. This element operates at high temperatures.

how to check oxygen sensor vases

Working temperatures can reach 350 degreesand more. While the sensor is warming up to its operating temperatures, the preparation of the fuel mixture is regulated according to data obtained from other sensors. To warm up the sensor more quickly, it is equipped with an electric heater. As for the principle of work, it is not difficult. The exhaust gases envelop the working surface of the sensor, which, in turn, notes the difference in oxygen levels contained in the exhaust and in the environment. Next, the lambda sends data to the ECU. The latter gives instructions for preparing a working mixture.

Where is the oxygen sensor located?

So, for motors from AvtoVAZ with a volume of 1.5 litersThe lambda probe is in the exhaust system. More precisely, on the receiving tube. This element is simply screwed from above, in front of the resonator, or before the spacer in the absence of a pre-muffler.

how to check the serviceability of an oxygen sensor

For motors of 1.6 liters from Avtovaz is usedother design of the exhaust system. So, here two lambda probes are used. Both are located on the catalytic collector. These motors mount one or two sensors. If the engine is made under the ecological norms "Euro-2", then the element is one. If under "Euro-3", then there will be two lambda probes. So on all cars "Lada Priora." How to check the oxygen sensor? It is necessary to dismantle it and make sure of serviceability with the help of special equipment - a multimeter.

Why does the lambda probe fail?

The reasons why these items come out ofbuilding, can be different. Often this is the depressurization of the hull. Also, breakage is possible due to the penetration of external oxygen and exhaust gases into the sensor. Another of the typical reasons is overheating.

Priority how to test the oxygen sensor

Occurs because of poor motor assembly or incorrectthe work of the ignition system. Also often the sensor breaks down due to obsolescence, incorrectly feeding or unstable power supply. There are also possible mechanical damages.

Symptoms of a malfunction

Faults often occur in which the maincause - oxygen sensor. How to test it depends on the symptoms of the malfunction. Consider them. The main sign that says that the lambda probe is faulty is the changes in the motor's operation. The fact is that after the sensor fails, the quality of the fuel mixture deteriorates significantly. In simpler terms, nobody is responsible for preparing the mixture - the fuel system is uncontrolled. In all cases, except perhaps the last, the sensor breaks down not immediately, but gradually.

how to check the oxygen concentration sensor

Many owners do not know where the sensor is locatedoxygen, how to check its efficiency, etc. They do not immediately realize that the element is faulty. But for experienced car owners to understand and determine why the work of the engine has changed, it will not be difficult. The process of sensor failure can be divided into several basic stages. At the first stages the element simply ceases to function normally - at some moments of engine operation the lambda probe simply does not transmit the readings. Because of this, the motor's operation is destabilized - the revolutions are floating, unstable work is observed at idle. Turnovers can fluctuate in significant ranges. This eventually leads to a loss of the correct ratio of the fuel mixture.

how to test the oxygen sensor

At the moment, the machine can jerk without a validreasons, uncharacteristic claps are heard, and the lamp on the instrument panel lights up. All these signals indicate that the lambda is out of order and is already working incorrectly. It is necessary to know how to check the oxygen sensor in order to correct the problem in time. Then the work of the lambda completely stops on the cold motor. In this case, the car will in every possible way inform the owner about the presence of the problem. For example, the power will drop dramatically, there will be a slow reaction to the gas pedal. Cases are heard from under the hood, the car jerks. But the most significant and dangerous signal is the engine overheating. If you completely ignore all signals that are already shouting about a malfunction, a complete sensor failure is ensured. How to check the oxygen sensor, the driver does not know. Therefore a malfunction can cause big problems.

If you do nothing

The first thing will be the motorist himself,as fuel consumption will increase, and exhaust fumes will toxicly smell with harsh shades from the pipe. In the case of modern cars with a lot of electronics, which knows how to check the functioning of the oxygen sensor, locking is activated. In this situation, any movement on the car will be impossible. But the worst option is depressurization. The car does not go at all or it will hardly be started. This is fraught with a complete engine failure. In the event of depressurization, all gases instead of the exhaust pipe will enter the air intake channel. When the engine brakes are performed, the probe will detect toxicity and give negative signals. This will completely disable the injection system. The main sign of depressurization is loss of engine power. This can be felt while driving at speed. Also from under the hood will be heard a knock and clap, a smell. Previously, motorists needed to know how to adjust the carburetor. Now nothing has changed - it is necessary to remember how to test the oxygen sensor (VAZ-2112 is no exception).

Diagnostics by means of electronics

Find out in what state islambda probe, can only be with the help of specialized equipment. An electronic oscilloscope is also suitable for testing. Specialists are able to test the probe in other ways (multimeter), but you can only find out whether the element is working or broken.

oxygen sensor how to check

Before checking the integrity of the sensoroxygen, it is necessary to start the motor. In a calm state, the probe can not fully show its entire working picture. If there are minor deviations from the norms, the part should be replaced with a new one.


If there are problems with the sensor, the car systemwill try in every possible way to inform about it. You can connect a special device to the diagnostic socket, and everything will be visible. The car electronics knows exactly how to test the oxygen sensor. Even VAZ cars are equipped with a diagnostic system. Errors are read from P130 to P141 - these are all codes associated with the lambda. Most often, messages appear that are associated with malfunctions in the heating circuits. Because of this, the ECU receives incorrect information. You can try to find a wire break, but it's better to replace the oxygen sensor. How to test it for performance, you already know.

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