What should I do if Youtube is blocked

What should I do if Youtube is blocked?

Often, users of the World Wide Webfaced with the fact that Youtube blocked. And immediately there are many questions: how, why, for what? And other similar. There may be several reasons and, accordingly, ways to solve this problem.

youtube blocked

Why is it so?

If Youtube is blocked, then it may bea few reasons. And the most popular is the violation of copyright. It's simple: if a user posted a video without specifying the original source and the owner, the latter has the right to require the owners of the video hosting to block the plagiarist. And believe me, it will happen. To copyright all over the world are very zealous. Another reason is the complaint of some user about the content of the video. So, for example, if you post materials for adults, then with a guarantee of 100%, you can say that the entire channel will be banned from viewing. Therefore, if Youtube is blocked, then it is worthwhile to think about whether the video was correctly given to view by other users.

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What is not forbidden?

Before asking whyblocked Youtube, it is worth to find out what can be spread on the Web. First of all, unique videos. For example, the user captured an event or action on the camera, and then decided to share it with the world. It's enough to register on the site, and then upload a video in your personal cabinet, giving access to all comers. This video is not exactly removed, because it does not violate either the copyright law or the rules of video hosting itself. Master classes that were filmed by those who posted them on the World Wide Web, also usually nobody removes or blocks. As well as video of a personal nature. Access to them can be limited to a personal account, so that only certain users can see it, not everyone.

 how to block a channel on youtube

The excitement of the spring-2014

At this time in Russia, the mediawere simply overwhelmed with reports that Youtube.com was blocked for Runet users across the country. However, this was not entirely true. Indeed, the government has actively taken up tracking the World Wide Web, cutting off stolen files from plagiarists. That's why Youtube stopped working for a few hours. Blocked it, as already known, for a short while. Today it works great, users upload, watch, comment on the video without any restrictions, except those that are provided by the hosting administration.

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Different organizations

Increasingly, students of various institutions andcolleges, and also employees of some firms face that Youtube were blocked by workers of administration. This is usually done so that no one is distracted by extraneous entertainment. So, in addition to popular video sharing, sometimes blocking and social networks. Naturally, users are upset, but organizes simultaneously. That is, when there is nothing to distract, the priority tasks are solved faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately, the administration of universities and some organizations does not think that since Youtube has been blocked, then they will not be able to use it for their own purposes. But it is useful sometimes to lay out and show videos that can come in handy in the work.

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Can I work around it?

Of course, there is a way. However, before you use it, it is worth taking on some risks. For example, malicious programs can penetrate a personal computer or smartphone / tablet while viewing a blocked site. And a powerful antivirus here will have to come in handy to protect the device. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it really is necessary to watch video clips, if the site is specifically blocked at work or in an educational institution.

How to get around the ban?

There are special sites that allowto travel the World Wide Web incognito. The user does not notice any different stubs, no screens, or other prohibiting elements. These sites are called anonymizers. In fact, their actions boil down to replacing an existing IP address with another one. The one that is not prohibited from viewing a particular site. But, again, there is a risk of bringing the virus to the device through such walks. In addition, do not enter passwords and logins through anonymizer. There is a risk that they will be tracked by other users (in particular, hackers and scammers).

I'm blocking!

Responsibility to block access to varioussites in organizations and institutions falls, as a rule, on the shoulders of a system administrator or programmer. And orders of the heads are rarely discussed. Therefore, before blocking the channel on Youtube, the responsible does not object too much. On each machine (computer), the address of the site is registered, the access to which must be closed. And after that no one will be able to visit him until the reverse procedure is carried out. However, you can also try to block a channel at home. For example, one that violates the copyright or rules of the site itself. Under each video and on the page of each channel there is such a button "Complaints". If a sufficient number of disgruntled people are recruited, the administration immediately reacts by checking the validity of the complaints. As a rule, really banned videos are blocked quickly enough. There is another way! If someone stole your movie, you can write an official letter in electronic form to the address of the video hosting administration, backed up with evidence to your advantage. The answer will come within 72 hours.

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