What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug

What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug

The torque of the spark plugs is important to observevery accurately on the dynamometer key. If you pull them, the thread can burst in the worst case. At its best, the gasket wears out quickly and the compression of the unit, which is important for the normal operation of the engine, is broken.

Why control?

The timing of the spark plugs is checked due tosoft thread material. Aluminum can easily be rolled with a regular carabiner or socket wrench, especially with a lever. It is more difficult to carry out operations when reusing, when the fixing washer is already compressed.timing of spark plugs

Torque of spark plugs must be observedfor another reason - they can get out if they are not tight enough. In the cylinder block there is always a variable pressure that presses on the lower part of the fixing nut of the candle. Manufacturers do not recommend putting back the used replacement engine elements.

The correct torque of the spark plugs givesconfidence in the fact that over time, the combustion products will not begin to penetrate outside the ceramic layer and the gasket. Incorrect interference causes the formation of dark areas on the metal. And the upper insulator can often be turned around its axis, which is unacceptable.

Control of additional parameters

It is important to check not only what kind of tightening torquespark plugs on your car, but also pay attention to other points in the process of reverse assembly. Monitor the presence of gaskets between the unit and the fixing washers. It is also important to check for the absence of chips, cracks, burrs on the metal.timing of spark plug ngk

Darkened candles with carbon or with modifiedThe gap is not allowed to be installed back. It would be superfluous to test the spark on the second-hand elements. It is better to do it on a special stand in a car repair shop.

Candles must correspond to passport datacar for a specific type of fuel. Depending on the size, the tightening torque is different. It depends on the state of the engine: cold or warm. Also considered is the type of material of the cylinder block: cast iron, aluminum.

Fixing option without torque wrench

The tightening torque of NGK spark plugs is indicated on the box of each product. The principle of screwing "by hand" is also indicated there:

  • It is necessary to wrap new candles to the stop without an obvious effort by hand.
  • According to the instructions, turn the key to the specified speed according to the engine temperature.
  • After this process, check the tightness after a few weeks. The candle can be weakened.

For classic NGK candles used onmost cars, the tightening torque is 20 Nm. But it is better to use standard values. You will need to buy a special torque wrench.what is the torque of the spark plugs

Most motorists prefer to saveand wrap the candles "in the eye". A set of candles often sells a key of a unique shape. If you do not apply excessive force, then you can perfectly tighten the hex nut manually.

However, there are craftsmen who are used to pullinguntil the stop, while there is still strength. And after that, the grief-specialists bring the sellers a burst of candles back with a claim to their marriage. And the manufacturer clearly indicates the tightening torque for each product.

Passport data

Table values ​​are taken from the official instruction of the NGK and DENSO candle manufacturers. For variants with a flat fit + O-ring:

  • For the cast iron block on a cold engine, the tightening torques are equal to: thread diameter 18, 14, 12, 10 mm = (35-45), (25-35), (15-25), (10-15) Nm.
  • For the aluminum block: 18, 14, 12, 10 mm = (35-40), (25-30), (15-20), (10-12) Nm.

For variants of candles with a conical fit:

  • For the cast iron block on a cold engine, the tightening torques are equal to: thread diameter 18, 14 mm = (20-30), (15-20) Nm.
  • For the aluminum block: 18, 14 mm = (20-30), (10-20) Nm.

The instructions for the NGK candles indicate:

  • Tighten your hands until it stops.
  • After the candle has rested, turn the hex key by 1/4 for the heated unit and 3/4 for the cold one. Used candles are turned half a turn regardless of engine temperature.

If you manually

Often, the dynamometric key is simply not reachable,and it is necessary to get out of the situation by experience. The required tightening torque of 20 Nm can be calculated. Dividing by 10, we get 2 kg / cm. This corresponds to a weight of 2 kg, applied to the lever of 1 meter. In this case, the condition of absolute perpendicularity of the load relative to the lever is observed.tightening torque for spark plugs denso

Starting from the formula F = M / 0,1 * L = 2 / 0,01 * 12 = 16,6 kg,a lever to the key of 10 cm is required. In the calculations, it is indicated: L is the length of the arm or key, for example 12 (cm), M = 20 Nm = 2 kg / cm is the moment of force (in kg / cm), F - the sought value, the force of influence (weight in kg). So, you need a conventional hand-held scales with a hook that is attached to the round tip of the key and we pull so that the arrow is exactly at a scale of 20 kilograms.

And keep the scales you need perpendicular to the key itself. So you can get out of the situation when there is not a nearby tool store or it is just a pity to buy a key for one time.

There is no instruction?

Similarly, the tightening torque can be setspark plugs DENSO. But the instructions to them are attached only to wholesale purchases. It can be requested from the seller or downloaded online at the manufacturer's website:

  • Carefully install the candle with a hexagonal wrench. Ceramic insulation easily bursts and begins to rotate relative to the thread.
  • The old candle is removed after cleaning the space around it from contamination. Twist it should be as neat as it is to put.
  • Under the candle there must be a gasket.

Torque of spark plugs Suzuki Grand Vitara

When tightened, they are guided by the passport data:

  • For new candles with gasket, respectively: diameter 8, 10, 12, 14, 14 (gasket made of stainless steel), 18 mm = 1, 2/3, 3/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1/4 turn .
  • For used candles with a gasket for all diameters of 1/12 vol.
  • For conical new ones, respectively: diameter 14, 18 mm = 1/16, 1/4 turn.
  • For conical users: diameter 14, 18 mm = 1/16, 1/12 vol.

Strictly it is not recommended to change the spark gap in new products, which many car owners used to do. The properties of candles deteriorate significantly.

German "Meriva"

Each car in the passport data has a momenttightening of spark plugs. "Opel Meriva" uses a spark from the gap of 1.1 mm. The replacement is made by a key of 16 mm. For access, remove the plastic cover, remove the connectors and unscrew the 2 bolts.torque of the spark plugs

First of all, the reel block is removed together withcandles. Conduct an external examination for the presence of carbon deposits, chips. For tightening it is better to use a candle wrench with a rubber insert. Also need asterisks for dismantling decorative elements in the engine compartment. For installation, reverse manipulation is performed, the tightening torque is 25 Nm.

Candles should be crimped with a certain force onthe thickness of the gasket installed by the manufacturer. Ideally, it should be equal to 1.7 mm. But inexperienced repairers with their hands dovorachivayut to a size of 1.2 mm, when the risk of damage to ceramic inserts increases.

Conical candles are more fragile and require observance of moments with a low error in 2 Nm. Therefore, buying a torque wrench is better than the original one. A cheap tool is usually disposable. Good candles also cost a lot compared to the cost of the key.

Asian machines

To set the torque of the spark plugs"Nissan Qashqai", you will need a key with a head of 19 mm. First, detach the ventilation elements and remove the nozzle. Remove vacuum hose, plastic parts and wiring connectors. Remove the clamps and unscrew the manifold, bolted with 5 bolts. Remove the oil dipstick and throttle. Access is open in order to remove the coils and unscrew the candles. During assembly, the tightening torque is 24 Nm.tightening torque of spark plugs nissan kashkay

Torque of spark plugs "Suzuki GrandVitara "is 25-30 Nm, it is better to buy a torque wrench with a head of 16 mm.For access, it is enough to remove the casing and candlesticks and unscrew the candles.

Unscrew candles on a cooled engine. Remembering the assembly sequence is easier if you arm yourself with a camera and record each step of your actions. After opening the unit, it is better to dispose of old products and install new ones.

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  • What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug What is the torque of the spark plugs. Mounting the spark plug