What is the balcony inside

What is the balcony inside?

To the decision to sew a balcony from the inside people comein different ways. Someone just wants to insulate the room adjacent to the loggia, and someone wants to make a cozy study or a tea room out of it. That's depending on how you want to see this room, and you need to approach the question of how best to trim the balcony inside.the better to trim the balcony inside

Let's go to the question consistently. We begin with the warming of the balcony as from the most common reason for its plating and glazing. Of course, the most reliable way of insulation will be the outer skin. But in the case of the loggia, it is simply not relevant, and the balcony to insulate from the outside is too troublesome and expensive.

First of all, the balcony needs to be glazed, otherwise allattempts to warm it up will be simply meaningless. And any decorative finish of the wall will inevitably suffer from rain, snow and temperature differences. The only exception is brick and tile, but this does not concern the question of what can be done inside the balcony, since the exterior wall of the house will have to be finished. But after you have installed double-glazed windows on the loggia, you can proceed with the arrangement of the interior.

Of course, you need to start from the floor. If you want your balcony to be really warm, then you'll have to lay logs, and on top of them lay wooden floors. You can then paint the boards, or linoleum on top, or you can put the tiles.

In today's market, you can find a hugethe number of materials, and employees exclusively for insulation (then they are additionally covered with decorative trim), and those that do not need additional finishing.

Consider the most popular of the insulation materials included in the category "what is the balcony inside":

  1. Styrofoam. This is the most well-known and popular material for insulation. The eighty percent of what is inside the balcony is foam. Working with him is extremely easy and convenient. It is sold in the form of rectangular plates. The surface of the walls before their installation does not require alignment, and even after installation, the master only has to lightly seal the seams at the joints. And it can also happen that you do not have to close anything up.
  2. than the balcony insideFoamed polyethylene. It is made of ordinary polyethylene, which has undergone special treatment. Under a high pressure, a special agent emitting carbon dioxide is supplied to the heated polyethylene chips. As a result, the extruder produces a web, smooth outside and porous inside. These inner bubbles increase the heat-insulating properties of the material. It is fixed to walls and ceiling with the help of glue or special fasteners. Slots should be sealed with a mounting foam.

Now let's talk about what the balcony is lined inside if insulation is not required (for example, in southern areas), or if it is required to decorate thermal insulation materials.than you can trim the balcony inside

In principle, today they compete with each otheronly wood and plastic. Painting walls and ceiling on the balcony with paint is considered not only not fashionable, but also uneconomical. The tree gives comfort to any room, and the balcony is not an exception in this case. But plastic panels or lining are much cheaper, and also more advantageous in terms of care for them.

I also want to mention bamboo as amaterial that falls into the list of what the balcony is lining inside. It is beautiful in itself, does not require almost any additional processing (varnishing, polishing, etc.), durable and resistant to temperature changes. So, even if you have not insulated your balcony very carefully, you can safely trim it with bamboo panels.

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