What is moral choice

What is moral choice?

Approaching the question, what is the moral choice forperson, it is necessary to determine the boundaries of morality. Each person has its own morality, their morals, which are formed by a number of reasons. First, under the influence of parenting in infancy. It is in childhood that our fathers and mothers invest in us the basic human concepts. What is good and what is bad? What is good, and what is evil? What is love, sincerity, loyalty, devotion and so on.

Individuality and society

In the future, its imprint on human morality,inflicts public opinion, which limits him from a number of unacceptable actions and actions (murder, theft, insult, for example), as well as the foundations of the area where the individual lives. To live in a society is to live according to its laws, according to its traditions.

Own notions of moral valuesindividual, and can change with time. Each person makes his own adjustments to the moral picture, and follows them in a certain way. For example, a thief does not have a ban on committing a theft, and a law-abiding citizen has a different morality, he can not do this.

Everyone in his life faced a moralchoice. Friendship or career? Give way to a friend, keep a relationship or go on their heads, despite the opinion of others, in order to achieve the peak of career growth. Love or money? To be with a loved one, regardless of adversity and poverty, or to marry out by marriage, marries, only to be secured, and to have a position in society. Power or human life? Truth or lie? Independence or slavery? There are many options, and everyone makes their choice, which deprives something, gives something, but gives, the main and valuable: their own principles and morals. What can this lead to? Observance of moral values ​​always causes approval and mutual understanding in society. It gives an opportunity to live spiritually. To reach those peaks in business, art, family and society that bear good and eternal values.

Many tyrants and despots, as well as those in powerpeople, do not look at the social morality and laws, create them themselves. Such people will not stop at nothing, just to have more money, material wealth, high status and power. Such a life is filled with a race of profit and the desire to be at the very top of the world. But is it worth it? There, on top, there is no one, only you are alone.


What influences the choice? Nature itself influences. The way a person was born, his character and individual characteristics. Those restrictions and nested concepts, considered at the very beginning, also affect the final choice. Complex life situation, trouble, disaster, changes many and can play both in one and the other.

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