What is good

Why do good? What is good?

Since childhood, we know a lot, it would seem,simple, lengthy, ambiguous ethical categories. The notion of "good" is one of them. What is the essence of this category and is a person always able to match it? Understand this is not so simple.

The meaning of the word "good"

It is difficult to find a concept with as many different values, each of which is positive. It starts with the most extensive.

From a philosophical point of view, good is one of thethe most important ethical categories used to characterize positive moral values. It exists in opposition to the concept of evil and expresses an unselfish and sincere desire to do a good deed for the benefit of another person.why do good

The explanatory dictionary of the Russian language is called goodthat "brings happiness, benefit and well-being". You can also find the definition of "good deed". In addition, by good we call personal property and things. In the Old Slavic alphabet, one of the letters was also so.

It should be noted that the true good can beConsider only what was done intentionally. A successful coincidence of circumstances or simple thoughts without an act, as the philosophers say, do not belong to this category.

What is included in the concept of "good"

You can look at any of the ethical categoriesin two ways. So, in the philosophy of hedonism, it is considered that good is pleasure and all the ways leading to its receipt. Representatives of the school of utilitarianism refer to this category everything that is useful to a person. Relativistic ethics, in contrast to all other teachings, calls good a deeply subjective concept that exists only in our minds. In their opinion, what we consider to be good is good.

The closest to understanding can be considered the concept of good that was inherent in ourselves childhood - the forces of parents, society and religion.good this

It is worthwhile to understand what is included in this concept:good thoughts and deeds in favor of the people around us, sincerity and disinterestedness, something that changes the world for the better and causes a positive evaluation of society.

Why do good?First of all for yourself: for peace of mind, joy, pleasure from your actions. Deserving the characteristic "good", a man expresses his high moral qualities and sensitive to the problems surrounding the heart. Everyone should strive for this.

The concept of "good" in Orthodoxy

Religion interprets this concept in the sameplane, as is philosophy. The Bible calls us to do good, calling so not only any creative work, but also thoughts and words. Unlike evil it creates, loves, helps, makes happy and forgives. Good wins by good, it is peaceful and holy. To give oneself to good deeds is to act according to the will of God. This is the main answer to the question, why do good. No wonder that this category in the Orthodox religion rises to the ideal that every person is supposed to follow. Why do good Orthodoxy?

Also this concept is considered too abstract.Knowing only the definition of good, it is difficult to understand how to apply it in every single life situation. That is why, the priests call, even from the school bench it is necessary to explain to the children the essence of this category on simple and understandable examples.

Why do good? Orthodoxy gives its answer: to give his love to the world around him and to illuminate the way of life with godly deeds.

Why do you need to do good?

Do people think about this issue? Most often, doing something good, a person just wants to experience the pleasure and see the smiles on the faces of those whom he helped.man must do good

Psychologists say that the more we likereceive kindness, and not give it away. We want respect, love, help, understanding. How to get this? The secret is simple: man must do good himself. And love will be answered with love, understanding with understanding. This is the basic rule of a happy life in our world.

Many do not understand why to do good, ifaround still false and deceptive. But otherwise nothing can be changed. Only by the strength of their selfless good intentions and a pure heart can you break the icy wall of indifference and the widespread blind pursuit of profit. All in our hands!


Good is the central category of not only ethics, butand our whole life. To choose the right path, to make the right choice and at the same time to follow your heart is a whole art, which you need to comprehend for many, many years. Consciousness comes with wisdom, and wisdom with experience, and this is the whole complexity. To facilitate the process of finding good in yourself will help parents, older friends, teachers, religion. Following the biblical commandments is the right path to a god of life, full of good deeds and humility.

Why do good?To live a full life, surround yourself with positive energy, help people. And most importantly, to receive good in return. This is not a selfish desire based on personal gain. This is the normal nature of things, the law of being, the basis of the existence of our world.

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