What is an interesting film to watch

What is an interesting film to watch? Reviews, rating

Everyone, probably, sometimes wants to seesome interesting film. Modern man is difficult enough to surprise anything, to impress his imagination. All because he is experienced in many issues, including in the selection of films for viewing. If twenty years ago the movie was imposed on us by advertising, then today everyone has their own individual preferences. No one can be forced to look at things that are not to his liking. Everyone has his cinematographic predilections, dictated by personality traits. And it's much better than watching all the TV shows on inertia.

what interesting films can I watch

What is an interesting film to watch? This question is asked by many people who want to spend a comfortable and peaceful time. It's no secret that viewing your favorite pictures gives positive emotions, brings new impressions, which are so lacking in modern personality. What interesting films can I watch? Below is a selection of quality cinematographic products worthy of the viewer's attention.

"Harry Potter"

The year of release is 2001, USA. The rating is 8.173.

As they say, the new is a well-forgotten old. Once this film was very popular and had tremendous success. The history of a ten-year-old wizard boy conquered the hearts of millions. If you want to plunge into the world of incredible and exciting adventures, then turn on "Harry Potter", do not regret it! Then you will not have a question, what kind of film interesting to see. Sci-fi storytelling will make you plunge into the world of miracles and magic.

what an interesting film to watch

Reviews about this film are the most positive. It can be viewed by the whole family, sitting comfortably on your favorite couch with a cup of hot tea. The great thing is that he never gets bored. It can be reviewed dozens of times, and still it will remain a favorite for many of us.

"Dumb and Dumber"

The year of release is 1994, USA. The rating is 7.299.

Two bosom friends live in a rented apartment. They are perfect for each other, since they do not have special mental abilities. If you are thinking about what to watch an interesting film, the comedy about Lloyd Krismas and Harry Dunn will make you laugh heartily and significantly raise your spirits. Reviews about this picture are different: someone likes it very much, and someone thinks it is too playful, focused only on fun pastime.

"Alone at home"

The year of release is 1990, USA. The rating is 8.225.

What an interesting film to see ifthe mood is clearly not festive? Remember the story of the little boy Kevin, who, by the will of an unpredictable event, was left alone at home and did not waste time. Bandits, who intended to rob a chic mansion, themselves suffered from their own ambitions. Do not hesitate about what an interesting movie to watch - include your favorite old comedy!

what movie to watch an interesting comedy

Reviews of this picture make the audience smile. Especially cinema is loved by young children between the ages of five and ten.

"Loving Annabelle"

Year of release - 2006, USA. The rating is 7.062.

One of the most dramatic stories thatclings to the soul and just can not remain indifferent. Annabel is a young girl who wants to live by her own rules and is ready to defend her right to remain free and independent. Suddenly she falls in love with her teacher of literature Miss Bradley and does her best to win her favor. Cinema raises the topic of forbidden love, brings out the hidden feelings.

what an interesting film to see reviews

Try to penetrate this dramatic story of two women, if you still do not know what an interesting movie to watch. Feedback about the picture is very impressive and ambiguous.

"God has his own plans"

The year of release is 2012, Russia. The rating is 6.351.

History tells of the difficult fate of a surrogatemother Nastya Svetlova. At some point, she decides to leave an unworthy profession and start living for herself. But it soon becomes clear that a woman can no longer have children. In despair, she makes an attempt at suicide. Fortunately, there is a man nearby who is ready to help her through a psychological trauma. Nastya wants to find her own born children, and from this moment begins an even greater test than the one she had to endure to this day.

what a horror film to look interesting

Reviews of the film are positive. The heroine of Elena Zakharova evokes sympathy and sympathy, and certainly not a contemptuous attitude toward herself. Despite such an unworthy occupation, Nastia's eyes remain bright, clean, like a child's, and she still believes in miracles. Such a heroine simply can not help placing herself on her, so the viewer rather sympathizes with her than condemns.

"Contrary to common sense"

The year of release is 2008, Russia. The rating is 5.782.

What an interesting film to look boring winterin the evening? For this purpose, this melodrama fits perfectly. The main character, played by the famous actress Irina Apeksimova, is in a difficult situation. She was changed by the groom several days before the wedding. The frustrated girl accidentally slams the apartment door and can no longer open it. At this moment, Bogdan is with her side - not an ideal man, but honest and decent. It will be a long time before Marina can step back from her resentment and see in her new acquaintance a worthy candidate for her husband.

what movie to watch interesting fiction

Judging by the reviews of the audience, the movie "Contrary to common sensemeaning "is especially important to watch when you do not just want something to take your free time, but in moments of your own high emotional stress. Situations with the characters of the film help to realize that in our real life everything is developing in the best way, and all problems, in fact, are solved.

"Sleeping and Beauty"

The year of release is 2008, Russia. The rating is 5.717.

An unusual film that leaves a pleasantimpression. Someone, perhaps, the main character will seem too strange and incomprehensible. Elena is a romantic, despite the fact that she is not eighteen years old. To her work she fits responsibly, but she does not intend to build a life according to the pattern "like everyone else". She wants real love, romance, walks in the moonlight and tender confidential conversations. Once an unfamiliar man enters her apartment. Elena takes care of him and does everything to find out who he is.

see what an interesting movie

Reviews about the film are ambiguous and verydiffer among themselves. Adherents of romantic stories of cinema, certainly, will like, will cause in them genuine interest and admiration. What can be more romantic for a girl than waiting for her betrothed and dreams about him? Elena is the embodiment of femininity and beauty.


The year of release is 2013, Canada. The rating is 6.480.

Many viewers have a needto come into contact with the other world. Someone likes the movie about ghosts and various abnormal incidents. The film "Mama" draws attention to itself with participation in the topic of the unknown. One day they find one abandoned house in which two little girls live alone. It turns out that the mother's ghost comes to them to protect her from meeting people.

If you seriously wonder which filmhorrors to see, an interesting story you will find in the picture "Mom". It leaves an indelible impression. Of course, it's better not to watch this movie for the night. But for people with a strong mental organization the film will seem interesting and impressive. Reviews about the picture attract more attention to it. Even people very far from this genre want to watch this movie.

Thus, there is a large numberfilms worthy of the viewer's attention. All of them differ among themselves by genres, thematic focus and plot. Choose what will be closer to you - melodrama, comedy, fantasy or horror. Having decided what interesting films you can see, settle down and start immersion in the delightful world of cinema.

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