What is a viber

What is a viber?

What is a viber?

  • The Viber programin Russian as a vibe. The program is designed to communicate with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. But unfortunately the video call is not there, it is a minus. Plus, he eats very little traffic. You can download the program

  • Viber isThe program for mobile devices, which services are similar to Skype. As the program gets more and more popular, more and more people are asking the question,what is viber.

    The Viber applicationappeared relatively recently, in 2012 year. It is convenient because when you install it on a mobile phone or tablet, it immediately copies the contacts and shows which of your correspondents has Viber installed. And then you can start to communicate, just as in Skype, using not the telephone connection, but the Internet.

  • Viber is a program on the phone that helps you communicate with your friends. If you have Wi-Fi? you can write messages, make calls and even send photos.

    However, if there is no Wi-Fi? but there is Internet in the phone - all this can also be done. Cool program. Especially when there is a problem with cellular communication.

  • Viber- very convenient application for mobile devices.

    Many of my colleagues have already installed this program on their mobile phones. Have the opportunity to communicate with friends who also have this program installed, right on the job.

  • Viber is an application that is installed in a mobile phone or tablet, and with which you can communicate through the Internet without additional payment with your contacts from the phone book, which also has this application installed. With the help of Vaiber you can call, send sms, voice messages, videos, pictures and photos. All messages arrive instantly. There are communities and chat. This is something like ICQ, but much steeper!

    What is a viber?
  • the correct name of this program is still vibe, this program is similar to all of us known skype, through it we keep in touch and communicate, video calls, messages, voice messages and so on

  • This application is for a smartphone, for voice and visual communication, over the Internet. A sort of alternative to skype, captured by Microsoft.

  • "Vibert" (or viber) is a program that allows you to make video calls from smartphones, like "Skype"; - Only with the use of mobile communication, it makes you much more mobile, not dependent on the Internet and its speed.

  • To me, the Veber application resembles something like two Skype applications and many favorite ICQ. The functionality of the Viber application is very similar to these two applications. With the help of Viber, you can send photos, make voice calls, send videos, but with a limit of 10mb. and just correspond in the chat.

  • Viber (Viber) was developed as a messenger for smartphones, then it was developed for tablets. Now the program Viber is also available for users of personal computers. Viber allows you to easily communicate in the network, share videos, pictures and music. You can make free calls, but in the event that Viber is installed and another user.

  • Viber is a regular program, the purpose of which is to provide mobile device users with communication. It is very convenient and profitable, because you only have to pay for the Internet, and not for calls, and it is cheaper to call abroad a hundred times, therefore the popularity of this program is rather high. Read more . Good luck!

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