What is a palette

What is a palette?

The word "palette" is derived from the French"Palette". So called a special plaque, which served as a painter for mixing paints. The palettes were made of wood, metal and porcelain and looked like thin plates with a thumb hole. The palette was worn on a hand free from a wrist and was just as necessary a tool as the artist's brush itself. Subsequently, the palette began to be called and the color style, and the totality of all the artistic means, characteristic of a particular artist.

Gradually, this word acquired a figurative meaning. What is the palette in the indirect meaning of this word?

The word "palette" was fixed in the literature andmusic, as one of the terms denoting the skill of a writer or composer. Poor palette, rich palette, bright palette of the writer (poet, playwright, composer) is a characteristic of the artistic means used by the author.

It is also appropriate to refer to the spectrum of emotions and feelings of a person or an animal: the mood palette, the emotional palette.

The word "palette" is used when they want to say about a certain set of colors and colors associated with something well-known. For example, the autumn palette, the winter palette.

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