What is a common cold

What is a common cold?

The nose is part of a person's face and participates insmell, breath. The nose performs the following functions: heats the flow of cold air, plays the role of a filter. Nature took care of human security.

Runny nose

What is a common cold, every person knows, at leastonce in a life having been ill with this disease. The average European during his life more than 200 times "picks up" the common cold. Every year 2/3 of the population suffers from it, and some suffer several times a year.

Rhinitis - inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Rhinoviruses are the most invincible viruses in the world. Runny nose is rarely an independent disease, it is often a symptom of ARVI or ARI. Modern medicine, despite its enormous success in many areas, is not able to effectively treat a common runny nose. Necessarily during infections, a cold, you need to adhere to the rules that protect against infection, getting viruses: washing your hands with soap is necessary several times a day, do not shake hands, as there can be a lot of viruses on your hands.

Symptoms of a cold

When there is a runny nose, the following symptoms appear in a person:

  • rapid sneezing,
  • burning in the nasal cavity,
  • dryness in the throat, fever,
  • the secretion of fluid from the nose, which is intensified, thickens every day more and more.

Causes of a cold

Causes of a common cold, i.e. inflammatory process in the nose may be as follows:

  • low ecology of air,
  • hypothermia of the body,
  • inflammation of the nasal mucosa,
  • infection,
  • allergens.

Stages of a cold

  • In the first stage, which lasts from severalhours and even up to two days, the patient can feel the dryness of the nasal mucosa, burning and continuous itching in the nose. Difficulty breathing through the nose, disturbed perception of odors, flavors, body temperature is usually normal.
  • In the second stage, the rhinovirus begins activelymultiply. There begins abundant discharge from the nose, breathing is difficult with the nose, lachrymation begins, frequent sneezing, ears are poured, the temperature rises, a headache appears.
  • The third stage is accompanied by mucopurulent discharge from the nose, occurs 4-5 days after infection.
  • In the fourth stage, the recovery or runny nose begins to develop into more complex diseases: sinusitis or otitis media.

If a person's immune system is in good shape,then the body activates, fights infection. If the human body is weakened, then recovery without treatment may not work, and in the future this can lead to serious complications.

Treatment of a cold

Treatment of the common cold can occur by different methods: medications or old grandmother's remedies.

  • drops in the nose (Sanorin, Galazolin, Tizin, etc.),
  • onion garlic,
  • warming of the bridge of the nose,
  • inhalation,
  • washing with water, lemon juice from the nasal cavity.

Now you know what the cold is like, how to fight it. Be healthy!

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