What does a cow dream about

What does a cow dream about?

It happens that you think sheep, you think, and suddenly a cow. Rarely, who dreams of this kind of dreams, but this also happens. So what does a cow dream about?

  • Seeing a cow in a dream is a quarrel, cares, which, perhaps, are even accompanied by tears.
  • As in reality, and in a dream, the cow lives its ownlife, and behaves not logically and intuitively. If the cow is struggling - then you should expect a person who will come not with the most kind and clean intentions. And, if, cows butt with each other - then you can breathe out quietly, you will be lucky.
  • As always in some, and therefore in any,the moment, these animals will require milking. The meaning of milking a cow in a dream - portends joy, pleasant surprise, receiving honors. If you could hear the mooing of a cow in a dream, then it's worth getting ready for trouble, or for new duties and worries.
  • Despite some factors, cows aredifferent in size, and in dreams it plays a big role. If you dream of a fat, fed cow - this is a sign that foreshadows good news, but if the dream is skinny - then this is a shortcoming in the house, need.
  • By nature, a cow does not have the property to change itsnatural color of the suit, and it can often be seen dressed in a white and black range of colors, but sleep is not a reality. Black, like a night, a cow usually dreams of danger or illness, as well as losses, and if you milk such a cow - get ready for trouble.
  • A dream that sleeps can carry a hiddenmeaning, and in order to decipher the message, it is worth peering into any detail, perhaps, even you will see, in that field, the milkmaid. If you see a milkmaid in a dream - it means there is a considerable probability of a collision with the malevolence of a familiar woman whom you sympathize with, so you should be extremely cautious.
  • And what does a herd of cows dream about? If in a dream their whole flock - someone from the circle of your communication, will make a not very high moral act. He will be ashamed, but he does not admit, because he thinks that this is a betrayal on his part.

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  • What does a cow dream about What does a cow dream about What does a cow dream about What does a cow dream about What does a cow dream about