What can you talk about with a girl

What can you talk about with a girl?

What can you talk about with a girl?

  1. First, the topics that are sucked a thousand times, are discussed with everyone and have already got everyone:
    -How did you (she) spend the last holiday (weekend);
    -Family with whom they live, what they did;
    -Computers, especially their customization;
    -Who voted for.
    -Exact sciences (mathematics, theory of automation of management, metrology and measurements);
    -Trips in transport, how to work (at the institute) you get;
    -Negative (which strains, forget;
    -Even everyday things.

    Neutral topics that help to find out about the interlocutor what is in his card:
    -Favorite films;
    -The favorite music;
    -Favorable food (drinks);
    -Sport (what you did);
    -How to cook, what is cooking, whether to feed a crowd of hungry students;
    -Favorable styles in clothes.
    -How people dress on the street.
    -Online (people are learning online on the Internet);
    -Human qualities. (What do you value in a man, in friends)

    Topics that are held with a bang:
    a) Bikes, games and routines. I sometimes talk at the beginning of a conversation to interest. Together with kinesthetics, neutral topics also pass well, because then we already feel more than listen. And then they listen "as you speak", enjoying your voice;
    -Routine "Hand on the knee". He plays on the "Prize" model. "I'm classy.
    -Game Strawberry Glade. Helps to weave a cocoon;
    -Game "Roller Coaster". Similarly;
    -Game test "Cube". A fucking thing for trhsvianka. "I'm a psychologist.
    -Baika about "Mom, buy ice cream!";
    -Baika about how they played me by sending my phone number to O-TV. I was asleep, and unsatisfied woke me awake;
    -Rutin "About what you can talk about";
    -Routine "Give two";
    -Rutin "Lies"; (You show the girl how easy it is to fuck)
    -Mike's bunny about crosses on condoms;
    -Routine "Condom";
    -Rutina "Masturbation";
    -Rutin "Three solutions";
    -Rutina "Playing in a lie";
    -Rutin "Questions";
    -Rutin "Common Secrets";
    -Baika about dreams and daughter of Freud;
    -Bakka about the cocktail "Mazafaka";
    -Baika about "Vantuz";
    -History about the doorman;
    -Rasskazy, how I passed the "psychological" seminar (field, theater in the city)

    b) Provocations:
    - I read in the cosmopolitan magazine that girls with a blue nose drink a lot;

    c) Interesting topics that you can talk to, have a drink with a girl:
    - What does it mean for you to go to the panyu home;
    -How much time must pass from acquaintance to sex;
    -Blaginess (the topic is almost infinite, you can approach from all sides);
    -All people change, even if they love;
    -Social status and character (majors, zazhravshiesya businessmen);
    -Hachis, Armenians and other Eastern people who fill our country with a flow;
    -For what now it is possible to give life;
    - What does the guy of your dreams mean to you. It is a person or image;
    -Communities (on the street, in transport, in bio-toilet, rover, in the cemetery);
    -Frauds (a great topic that causes adrenaline to flow in the girl, if you develop.
    -If you had a magic pill, what would you be sedating;
    - Bright memories of the sea;
    -Traveling to other countries (other worlds);
    - Dreams (strange dreams, do they come true)
    -Earths, spells, evil eye, spells, rituals;
    -Possibilities of ancient countries (strangely enough, but very interesting topic);
    - The Darwin Prize;
    -Reincarnation (Who would like to be in the next life. You can postebatsya, as in a past life was a dandelion, a Colorado beetle, a pioneer flag, etc.)

    d) Metaphors. A heavy arsenal, yet not yet mastered by me:
    -A special connection;
    - Excitement;
    -On the right reaction;
    -For the action;
    On suggestion;

    e) 100 topics "About sex":
    1. Than erotic differs from porn.
    2. What is the use of pornography.
    3. Many girls believe that it's enough to just spread your legs and lie on your back instead of actively participating.
    4. Favorite poses.
    5. Tantric sex (once a month, but in full).
    6. The duration of sexual intercourse (a guy does not end long, ends long).
    7. Cries for orgasm.

  2. WTF !! On the overclocking potential of the processors of the new generation of INTEL Sandy Brige, or about the overlord !!!! AA
  3. I advise you to see more
  4. On the plans for the evening, the girls of the brave love) Good luck!
  5. About what is still better: Audi A8, BMW 7-series or Mercedes S-class? Then, who will come to power in Libya if the rebels win over Gaddafi's forces? We can also discuss a possible model of economic development in our country in the next 3-5 years, and why is the government so afraid of the opposition and marginalizes it in every way? And yet - what will the Internet be like and for example, game consoles in 10 years and how will they look like? In general, the topic - no end, if only the girl was cool and interesting;)
  6. about the stars!
  7. Yes, everything!
  8. And the truth about what you can talk to a girl)))))
  9. about what you want
  10. with a girl you can talk about anything you like, just need to first find an approach to it :). Of course, once you do not start a conversation about intime, .. it can scare her away! Talk about life, about goals in life. .
  11. If the girl is talkative, and you are too lazy to speak. Ask her what she is interested in.

    She will say for example: I like to embroider a cross.
    And you, but what exactly?

    She will say: I like this, this.
    And you just throw the questions that can be made from the answer)

    And then it will warm up and it will not stop)))

    And so you'll kill a couple of hours)

  12. About cats !!!
  13. more already wrote the main topics
  14. About Debaltsevo boiler tell her in detail!
    About Ilovayskiy boiler, too, tell her in detail!
  15. about boobs talk - just better not start with her tits .... and with someone else's
  16. On the interests, even if they do not bind you :), can everyone find everything anyway :), good luck!
  17. About humorous events or come up with something to laugh. Dates are live, the viewer is a girl.
  18. well, what can you talk about with an infusoria-shoe, absolutely nothing.

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