We learn how to fix records in the VC

We learn how to fix records in the "VC"

So, today we will talk with you about howto fix records in "VC". In addition, we will think about why this is necessary. After all, before this function was not, without it treated. Nevertheless, now very many are interested in our today's topic. So let's get started.

What it is?

First, let's see what we have to deal with. Only after this we will think how to fix the records in the "VC".how to fix records in VC

The first thing that needs to be clarified is what is it likerepresent records. The fact is that this is nothing more than your messages left on the "walls". Here can be: music, photos, text, pictures, graffiti, any animations, files, documents, diagrams, polls, videos or notes. Or a combination of these objects. Thus, you can fix a record on the wall "VK" with absolutely different content. In addition, posts can contain even just "bare" text. Now let's think about why we need our "fixing".


Well, before people used socialnetworks without any bells and whistles. And they did not need any "fixations". Only time goes by, each firm tries to keep an audience near itself. For this purpose, new functions for social networks are developed and come up every day. So it became possible to fix the record on the wall "VK". But why is this necessary?

For an ordinary user this is nothing more than aan extra sign of attention to this or that post. For example, there you can place something important. What I would like to share with all my friends. Or, simply record some important data for yourself so that you do not search for them on the wall later.fix a record on the wall

But for administrators of different groups of thisa huge social network of records for "VC, and even those that are fixed, serve to publish very important news there, especially if it's a group dedicated to training or help." So, as you can see, the administration of the VKontakte site took care of the convenience of its users But how can we implement this function? Let's learn it!

Search for a post

So, if you are thinking how to fix records in"VC", then you can rejoice - we proceed to a more detailed consideration of this possibility. The first thing you need to do in order to perform a "fixation" is to find a suitable post. How can I do that?

Probably, it is necessary to say that theabsolutely all the records that can only be created in this social network. No matter where they are published. So you can search by groups and communities for what you need, and then implement the attachment. Remember that this can be like a regular post consisting of one text, and multimedia records and even a combination of them.how to attach a record to VC

If you do not fit the band, so even younoticed that the necessary information is on the wall of your friend or other user - you can also use the function of fastening posts. So now that you have found a good record, let's think about how to fix it.


Although no, it's a bit early for that. First, consider the situation where you have not found anywhere on the social network a suitable post. How to fix the records in the "VC" in this case? Of course, create them yourself. How? Let's figure it out.

First go to your profile. To do this, please log in and click "My page". Now find your wall. Click on the inscription "What's new with you?" Now it remains to create a post. Write everything you want in it, attach the desired files (videos, photos, pictures, polls, diagrams, reminders, etc.). After that it remains only to publish the required record on the wall. To do this, click the "Send" button. The required post will appear as the top entry. True, as long as someone (or you yourself) does not write on your wall a new record. So after the creation it will be necessary to fix the post to highlight it and not to "lose" it among others. Let's see how to fix the records in the "VC".records for VC

We fix

Well, the desired post is found or already created by you? Now it's time to implement it on all the others on your virtual wall. But how is this done? In fact, it's very simple.

Take a good look at the post you needplace above all other records. In the left corner will be the date and time of its publication. We need her! You can boldly click on it. What happened? Of course, nothing special - just a record opened over the entire page of the social network. In principle, there has already been progress. But this for "fixing" is not enough. You will need to flip through the entire post (if it is long) to the very end and look again at its "ending". See the button "I like"? Great. Now look to the right. The rightmost inscription will look like "Lock". It's enough just to click on it - and the post will be fixed on your wall in the "VC".

If you want to do the same, but only ingroup or community, then you will see the message "Pin in group". Did they click on the button? Now look what you got. That's all. Not so difficult, is not it? So you know how to attach a record to the "VC" in the "cap" on the wall.

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  • We learn how to fix records in the VC We learn how to fix records in the VC We learn how to fix records in the VC We learn how to fix records in the VC We learn how to fix records in the VC We learn how to fix records in the VC