Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time

Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time

Victoria Andrianova is a designer well-knownoutside your country. Elegance, femininity, urban chic - these are the main characteristics of her collections. Andrianova's success is also in the fact that the cut of her clothes allows to emphasize the dignity of not only young and slender women, but also those whose figure is far from ideal.

Creative way

To become the designer of clothes Victoria Andrianovawanted from the very childhood, therefore, having finished only 8 classes, she entered the art school and began to comprehend the basics of creating a stage costume. After that she continues her studies at the Textile Academy and becomes the leading artist in the Fashion Center. In 1992 the artist-designer creates his own brand "Victoria A", whose face is the younger sister, Ekaterina Strizhenova. After that, Andrianova receives all sorts of prizes and grand prix at professional competitions, which makes her name and brand recognizable.

victoria andriyanova

Since 1997 the name Andrianova has become synonymous withbusiness suit of political elite of our country. Victoria heads the House of Models under the administration of the affairs of the President of the Russian Federation and puts on her suits not only deputies and ministers, but also postal workers, the Moscow Metro, Russian Railways and other structures.

Features of style Andrianova

According to the designer, her favorite model iswoman for 30, well-groomed, charming, reaching certain heights and knowing the price. This woman knows exactly what she wants, and she should look accordingly - stylish, expensive, but at the same time, the image should not give the impression that she is too dressed up.

Her clients are mostly middle-aged womenclass, which do not belong to the elite, but have enough money for good suits made from natural fabrics, perfectly cut and sitting on the figure. This is what can give the client clothes from Andrianova.

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Her clothes are laconic and that's good. As Viktoria Andriyanova herself says, if you remove all that is superfluous from the costume, only the perfect cut and high-quality fabric will remain, and this is all you need for an elegant and European image.

The most famous designer collections

The master's handwriting is traced in all of its things,but each Andrianova collection is unique and unique. So, in 97 Victoria Andrianova "shot" with a collection of traveling aristocrats, which was designed to revive the ability of a woman to travel not in jeans or a sports suit, but in an elegant outfit that does not constrain movements. The collection is based on narrow and elegant silhouettes, heavy fabrics such as tweed and flowing dense viscose, which Victoria Andriyanova loves so much.

victoria andriyanova designer

The designer presents in the beginning a zero collection"Caution, woman!", Which became one of the most famous. The title is not a threat, but a reminder that women are fragile and require careful treatment of themselves. The collection was published in the early 2000s and was dedicated to a sister waiting for a child.

In 2011, the collection "Constructiveapproach "- elegance with high fashion elements. In the collection there are many colors of Victoria's so-called gray color of all shades and textures. Silhouettes are multi-layered and complex, but elegant. What else distinguishes the collection - a combination of different textures in one suit - for example, a deaf deep tweed and a light organza or a shiny taffeta.

victoria andriyanova

The master always says that she is not interested inas much as the people in them. The collection "Population Census" is a hymn to this statement. As part of the display of the collection on the podium, modern models and mannequins worked at the Fashion House of the USSR, and in the finale the audience saw a pair of models that are already 80 years old.

In 2014, the artist-designer presentscollection "Circus", and not only in Russia, but also in the United States. It has a lot of original bright things, inspired by the circus images of a girl on a ball or a sad clown, but the beauty of them is that they all fit well into the casual wardrobe and the kazhual style.

Where to buy Victoria Andriyanova's clothes?

Clothes created by the designer can be bought in many online stores and multi-brand boutiques. There is also Victoria Andriyanova's own store - the branded boutique of the brand on Arbat in Moscow.

shop victoria andria

Also Victoria has its own brand Parole,producing a more democratic, but not inferior in quality clothes. It is also sold in many stores across Russia and in the brand's online store.

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  • Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time Victoria Andrianova: fashion is out of time