Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin

Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin

The country should know the faces of its heroes, butthese same heroes were shot in Stalin's time without trial and investigation. In this list there was also Alexander Ivanovich Filin - the major-general of aircraft and the test pilot who made a huge contribution to the development of the military aviation of his country and was repressed at the will of the "Father of the Peoples".

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Alexander Filin: biography

He was born in Moscow in 1903, 18January, in an ordinary family conductor railway. In 1916 he graduated from Butyrskaya Elementary School No. 4, where he successfully studied, and in 1918 continued his studies at the Moscow Electrotechnical College.

In 1921, Alexander Filin on the voluntaryconviction enlarged the ranks of the Red Army. From 1922 to 1924 he studied at the Military Theoretical School of the Air Force in Petrograd, then began to increase his military education in Kachinskaya and Borisoglebsk schools of pilots. At the end he was sent to serve in the 17th squadron in Chita. There he was elected a deputy of the Chita City Council and a member of the district committee.

In 1926, Alexander Filin began to study inThe Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky. August 26, 1929 in the crew with A. F. Kovalkov on the aircraft AS Yakovlev - AIR-3 - he sets an international record for the range and average speed of this class of aircraft on the route Minvody - Moscow.

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Since 1930, Alexander Filin was listedtest pilot of the Air Force Research Institute. In 1934, he was awarded the Order of Lenin and the GAZ-M-1. In the same year he received the second Order of Lenin, and in November 1937 he was appointed to the post of the head of the Air Force Research Institute. In 1939 he was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

May 7, 1941 in the Kremlin at a meetingrepresentatives of the senior staff of the Air Force, where Stalin was present, Filin made a report in which he analyzed the work of the institute in detail and openly showed the shortcomings in the work of the aircraft industry, which was confirmed by the submission to the state tests of inadequate factory inspections of aircraft such as LaGG -1, Як-1, Як-4, Ар-2, Су-2, Ер-2. As a result, the report turned into an acute polemic between Stalin and Filin.

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At test flights on the MiG-3 in the research instituteThe Air Force received data on its shorter range than was shown in a specially organized flight Moscow-Leningrad. They were conducted in excellent conditions for state tests and with an additional device that sets the optimum mode of engine operation.

This was reported to Stalin, who immediatelyappointed a commission, which included the Secretary of the Central Committee Malenkov, People's Commissar for Defense Tishchenko and Deputy Chief of Staff Vatutin. These leaders were far from understanding the whole problem and the subtleties of the test work and accused Filin of having deliberately underestimated the data of the test equipment.

Soon there was a decree on the arrest of Major-General AI. Filin. In the first paragraphs he was accused of understating the range of MiG-3, and, strangely enough, he was blamed for what he accused engineer Yakovlev - insufficient Yaka-1 tests, as well as the fact that the aircraft were put into serial production without testing, although Alexander Ivanovich insisted on insisting on their full verification. At the same time, they removed a group of engineers and test pilots who conducted all tests at the Air Force Research Institute.

Filin was arrested on May 23, 1941. His fate was decided by deputy. Beria Kobulov and investigator of the NKVD Wlodzimirsky. They did not resort to aeronautical technical details, but were immediately charged with anti-Soviet conspiracy. On February 23, 1942 the designer was shot. In the investigation file about Filin it was written that the accused did not plead guilty. March 26, 1955 Alexander Filin - test pilot with a capital letter - was rehabilitated posthumously.

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Secret plans of the leaders

When, at last, all plans of fascists oncapture of Moscow and it was a turning point in the Great Patriotic War, witnesses about the preparations for it gradually began to "clean up". Filina was shot one of the first. For what? For the fact that he carried out government orders? Or because of defending his point of view? Here it was possible to dispense with the removal or deprivation of military rank, but not to let such a valuable worker into the "expense". The story of the MiG-3 was simply a convenient motive. The reasons, most likely, were others. General Filin probably knew the military intentions of the leader well, or possessed information that discredited him in terms of relations with Germany, which did not correspond to the generally accepted version. After all, other high-ranking officials were shot, who could testify Stalin's secret plans.

Wife and children of Alexander Filin

In full, and went to the wife of Filin - Androsova N. A. While he was in prison, she was not touched. The sentence was delayed, then the evacuation of the Air Force Research Institute began. She also worked there and was evacuated with the institute, so her trail was lost for a short time. Then Natalia Alexandrovna lived with her son at the dacha of the Sverdlovsk regional executive committee and did not suspect anything. But on May 28, 1942, she was arrested as the wife of a traitor to the motherland, and she was exiled to the Krasnoyarsk Territory for five years. The fate of his son remained unknown. The spouses of Filina were rehabilitated, but the classification of secrecy has not been removed from their affairs.


When in September 1942 endeda study of the technical characteristics of a number of aircraft, it turned out that the MiG-3 had a maximum range of 725 km, but the plane required a range of 1,000 km to implement joint war plans with Germany. And the Soviet leader Stalin did this, but could he decide to oppose England? The British were so cunning that, after calculating the benefits of the war with Germany, they first supported Russia and condemned Hitler's Germany. This war was promising for them because in this terrible "slaughter" of its opponents, it escaped with little blood and became the dictator of the future world order. And in this fight, one of the "extreme" was Alexander Filin - test pilot.

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  • Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin Victim of repression - military test pilot Alexander Filin