Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments

Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments

In Bashkortostan get a specialty,relating to musical, theatrical or visual arts, can only be in one educational institution. This is the Ufa State Institute of Arts. Previously, the institution had the status of an academy (UGAI named after Ismagilov). However, not all students, graduates and residents of the city now call the university an institution. Became the usual name for them - the Academy of Arts.

University yesterday and today

The State Institute of Arts in Ufa startedhis work in 1968. At first there were only 2 faculties here - music and theater. In process of development new divisions were created. There were faculties of fine arts and Bashkir music. In 2003 there was an important event in history - the status changed. Henceforth, the educational organization became known as the academy. This status of the university was 12 years old. In 2015, the school was returned to its former name.

Currently, the State InstituteArt, called by people on the habit of academy, is considered one of the leading creative universities in the Russian Federation. Here, not only people who live in Ufa are studying. There are a lot of out-of-town students. The institute offers them a hostel, located along Pushkin street, 114. There are 640 places in it, a medical office, kitchens, hygiene rooms, showers, rest rooms.

Ugai immagilov

Addresses of the Institute

The Academy of Arts has twohousings. The main one is located at Lenin Street, 14. The building of the educational building is an architectural monument of the XIX century. In those days here was the building of the former Nobility Assembly. The building is still remarkable in that for the first time Fyodor Chaliapin appeared as an opera singer. It is his name that currently has a concert hall, located in the academic building.

The second building of the state university is locatedalong Tsyurupy street, 9. Here is the faculty of fine arts and the theater department (in the first building there is a music department and a faculty where Bashkir music is taught to students).

About the music faculty and its departments

You can plunge into the world of music by enrolling inmusical faculty of the Ufa State Academy of Arts. He is a creative team, consisting of qualified teachers, honored artists of Russia and Bashkortostan. The faculty allows students to show their creative abilities, opens talented people the way to the world of music.

At the music faculty of the stateThe Academy has 9 departments. They provide training for students in the main areas of their future professional activities (for example, there are such departments as choral conducting, vocal art, folk instruments). At the musicology departments (that is, connected with the history and theory of music, the musical culture of peoples) in the UGAI them. Ismagilov conducted research in the history of foreign and domestic music, the stylistics of professional Bashkir music, etc.

folk instruments orchestra

Directions of training at the music faculty

The list of proposed training directions and specialties is quite wide:

  • for those who want to be a concert in the futureperformer, artist of the ensemble or orchestra, the head of the creative team, the accompanist, there is in the state academy of the direction "Musical Art of Variety" and "Musical Instrument Art", "The Art of Concert Performing";
  • concert-chamber singers, concert performers, soloists of the ensemble are prepared on the directions "Vocal Art" and "The Art of Folk Singing";
  • for people who want to be managers of musicalart, music journalists, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, medievalists, the direction "Musical-applied art and musicology" will suit;
  • choral conductor, choirmaster, actor in the choir,conductor who chooses the orchestra of folk instruments or wind instruments, conductor in the opera and symphony orchestra or in the academic choir - qualifications that can be obtained on the directions "Conducting" and "Artistic management of the academic choir and opera and symphony orchestra";
  • soloist-vocalist - specialty, assigned after the completion of studies at the state academy on "Musical-Theatrical Art".

On theatrical faculty and its departments

Many applicants dream of working in the theater,acting. For them, an excellent launching pad can be theatrical faculty of UGAI them. Ismagilov. This faculty has existed since 1971. However, its history was started in 1968, when the faculty of acting and directing began to function in the university.

At the theatrical faculty there are 3 chairs:choreographic art, actor's skill and direction, history and theory of art. They are staffed by teachers who have much to learn from. Teachers not only give theoretical knowledge to students, but also show choreographic movements, professional acting.

Lenin street

Directions of training at the theatrical faculty

Ufa State Academy of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov invites entrants to 4 areas of training, which has a theatrical faculty:

  • "Choreographic art".
  • "Theater Studies".
  • "Directing the theater."
  • «Acting art».

The first 2 courses are related to bachelor's degree.After completion of the training, graduates are awarded bachelor's qualifications. The remaining areas of training are related to the specialty. In the Theater Direction, graduates receive the qualifications of a stage director, director of puppet shows in the theater, a director of a drama, a director of a musical theater, and on the "Actor's Art" - an actor of a musical theater, a puppet actor in a theater, an actor in drama theater and cinema, an entertainer.

About the faculty of fine arts of its departments

At the origins of this department stood the famouspainter Rashit Mukhametbarevich Nurmukhametov. Thanks to him, the faculty of fine arts appeared in the educational institution. Now this department is a developing structural unit, in which creative individuals are formed.

In the structure of the Faculty of Fine Artsthere are 2 departments: painting, design and drawing. On the first of them teachers train students of easel composition, painting. The second department teaches such disciplines as drawing, composition, sculpture, printed graphics.

faculty of fine arts

Directions of training at the Faculty of Fine Arts

Entering the UGAI them. Ismagilov to this department, you can choose one of the proposed training areas:

  • History and theory of arts.
  • Design.
  • Sculpture.
  • The graph.
  • Painting.

The first direction is related to bachelor's degree."Design" is a specialty. This direction prepares designers for work in the field of graphic or industrial design, costume design, environment and means of transport. "Sculpture", "Graphics" and "Painting" also belong to the specialty. These directions are studied by future sculptors, graphic artists and painters.

Faculty of Bashkir Music

Ufa State Academy of Arts named afterZagira Ismagilova has in her composition a unique department - the faculty of Bashkir music. He appeared in 1996. With his appearance, work began on the creation of folk Bashkir instruments that have disappeared, and the resurrection of lost performing traditions. For students, the necessary teaching aids are compiled.

Bashkir music thanks to the facultyreborn. The orchestra of folk instruments was created in the educational institution. Its main task is to distribute forgotten music. Students in the orchestra practice, take part in concerts held on the sites of the city and the republic.

Bashkir music

Chairs at the Faculty of Bashkir Music

At this branch of the state academyarts there is a department of traditional musical performance. On it the preparation under the program "Instrumental execution" under kinds of those tools which are used in educational orchestra is conducted.

Also at the department there is a departmentethnomusicology. It teaches such subjects as the fundamentals of ethnomusicology, folk musical instruments, folk performing traditions, folk choreography.

For those who decided to enter the Academy of Arts

The first stage in admission is the collection of necessary documents and their provision to the admissions office of the university. Applicants bring to the State Academy of Arts:

  • Photo;
  • passport;
  • a statement addressed to the rector;
  • certificate or diploma;
  • documents attesting to individual achievements.

Ufa State Academy of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov

The second stage in the admission to the stateAcademy of Arts - passing the entrance examinations. Literature and the Russian language are common subjects in all directions. In addition to them, in some areas you need an interview, a creative and / or professional assignment. Tests are considered successful if the results are equal to or higher than the established minimum scores.

Minimum points are recommended to be specified inadmissions committee, because they can be adjusted annually. According to the admission rules approved for 2017, the minimum scores should be equal to the following values:

  • for the creative task - 70 points;
  • for a professional test - 70 points;
  • for an interview - 70 points;
  • in Russian - from 38 to 52 points (depending on the chosen direction);
  • according to the literature - from 34 to 40 points (depending on the direction).

vocal art

Today the Ufa Academy (Institute) of Arts,named after Ismagilov and located at Lenin Street, 14, is 4 faculties, more than 20 different specialties. Training is carried out on a paid and free basis on full-time and part-time forms. After graduating from the university graduates without any problems find a job. They are arranged in educational institutions as teachers. Many work in theaters, philharmonic societies, orchestras in their native republic and abroad in various parts of the country.

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  • Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments Ufa State Academy of Arts (UGAI) them. Ismagilov: address, faculties, departments