Tuning GAZeli own hands

Tuning GAZeli own hands

Probably every owner of domesticGAZelle to a greater or lesser extent added to its iron friend individuality. Most drivers decorate their trucks with stickers, and some go further and install skirts, alternative optics and tinting. If you want to make GAZelle tuning to the full, then this article is for you.tuning old GAZelle

First of all it is necessary to pay attention tobumper. Initially, GAZel was manned by a fragile plastic bumper. He could not stand even the slightest blows, and at the collision immediately flowed radiator. Because of this, many car owners began to install chrome-plated kenguryatniki and arcs. And if the first element may not fit into the face of your iron friend, then the second one will do anyway. Even if you are not going to finish this tuning of GAZel, be sure - the chrome-plated arc will perfectly contrast with the background of alternative optics and hood aerography.

Also it is necessary to allocate such element, as rubberbumper covers. This is a kind of moldings that are paired on the power element in order to protect it from minor scratches and damages. On the general background of GAZel, they are not very visible, but they perform their function 100%.

Tuning GAZelle with an "apron"

Recently, the range has expandedcalled "aprons". This detail you can see on the second photo. Aprons are installed over the bumper and serve as an expanded radiator grille for penetrating the airflow into the engine compartment. In the technical part, they do not play a role - after their installation, you can not rely on improved aerodynamics and fuel economy. But outwardly they will perfectly decorate the look of your Gazelle.

And if the apron is not able to provide fuel economy, the spoiler will cope with this. This element perfectly closes the rectangular spaceGAZelle tuning salonin between the roof of the cabin and the body and directsthe air flow is not perpendicular, but at an angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to this, you can reduce fuel consumption by 3-5% and add several horsepower to the engine. For those who want the spoiler to perform not only a technical, but also an aesthetic function, you can decorate it with airbrushing.

If you want to get the full effect of tuning,You can apply one solid image to the cockpit and the bodywork. An example of such airbrushing can be seen in the third photo. Such tuning of GAZelle will definitely not be left without attention.tuning of GAZelle

Make GAZelle beautiful can be and without costlyairbrushing. You can simply paint it in the color of "metallic". If in the technical data sheet in the "color" column you have a white and you do not want to enter new changes, paint the cabin in this color. Such cars with a white body, mirrors and a bumper are very attractive and perfectly look on a background of other cars. The tuning of the old GAZelle is also accompanied by the installation of "cilia".

In conclusion, it is possible to replace the standard headlights with alternative ones. Such optics will not only make GAZelle attractive, but also significantly modernize it.

Excellent complement the appearance of the car GAZelle tuning salon. Here you can replace the cover and install a new audio system.

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