Tomato King of Kings: reviews of summer residents

Tomato King of Kings: reviews of summer residents

In the warm spring days, many summer residentsresume work on sites. One of the most popular and widespread vegetable crops deservedly are tomatoes. To date, a variety of breeders have produced many interesting and productive varieties. Grow these vegetables both on a closed ground in greenhouses, and on the open. Among the greenhouse varieties of gardeners, the tomato King of Kings was especially liked. Reviews of this tomato, in general, are positive, in this article we will talk about everything in detail.

Tomato King of Kings reviews

Conditions for growing tomatoes

Tomato King of Kings is a giant variety,maturity in which the medium late. This tomato has a powerful bush, the height of which reaches 1.8 m. The fruits are bright red, rather large, for individual specimens the weight can exceed 1 kg. Tomato flesh has a high density.

If there is a possibility of applying a goodagrotechnics, you can bring the productivity from one bush to 5 kg and even more. Tomato King of Kings, reviews about their taste is only positive, it can be used to make fresh salads, and processed juice is used for cooking puree and tomato paste.

Description of the King of Kings

Tomato King's early reviews

Tomato King of Kings reviews about resistance todiseases, in general, are not bad. For example, this tomato easily tolerates blight. Good "immunity" helps to minimize the processing of chemicals in your plants. This will help to grow useful and environmentally friendly products.

The prospect of getting tomatoes that havepleasant taste, makes this variety popular with gardeners. And if the tomato King of Kings has useful qualities? Customers' reviews say that these red-colored tomatoes have an antioxidant that helps the body fight all sorts of diseases. In addition, like many other varieties of tomatoes, the King of Kings prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. This tomato is considered a good antidepressant, which struggles with the problems of the central nervous system. Useful properties of the King of Kings help to work the gastrointestinal tract and generally digestion.


Fresh tomatoes contain a huge amountuseful for human substances. However, you should know that they are best absorbed by your body when combined with any vegetable oil. It remains only to determine what kind of oil is more suitable for filling your salad.


Tomato King of London reviews

Seeding on the seedlings is made 50 days before the start of the landing on a permanent place. The best temperature for germination of these seeds is + 23 ... + 25aboutC. During the landing in the ground, place 3 shrubs on 1 m2. Form a bush in 1-2 stems with the followinggarter and mandatory pasynkovanie. Spot the inflorescences, leaving 4-5 flowers at the same time. The King of Kings reacts well to fertilizing with mineral complex fertilizers and watering. To accelerate the process of germination of seeds, to improve the fastening of fruits and to conduct general improvement of plants, it is recommended to use special stimulants for the development and growth of plants.

Sort of King Early

This tomato was removed a long time ago, inthe seventies of the last century. Unlike their "royal" middle-aged relatives, has early maturity, for which he received his name "Tomat King of the Early." Reviews of summer residents about this variety are mostly positive. Its fruits are large, about 150-400 grams, they have an elongated-oval shape, a good marketable appearance, a rich red color, there is no stain near the stalk. Highly productive variety, has a stable fruiting in any weather. The main advantage is the relatively early timing of fruit production. You can grow in a greenhouse, and if necessary in the open ground. In the latter version, it is recommended to use the original film. A low plant - the height grows bushes to 1 m. Carefully choose a seed supplier - this variety is prone to degeneration, so grown tomatoes can be small and have a mediocre taste.

Sort of King of London

Tomato Pink King reviews

This tomato belongs to the mediumlarge-fruited varieties. This species was introduced by Siberian breeders. He has a powerful bush reaching a height of 1-1.7 m. The fleshy crimson-red fruits have a cordate shape, large sizes, weighing 400-700 g, and in some cases the mass of a tomato can reach 1200 g. Many summer residents appreciate this variety precisely for the original pepper form, with a "spout".

This tomato is valued not only for its beautiful appearance, but also for high yield, transportability, resistance to many diseases, in particular to late blight.

And is the Tomato King of London good? The testimonies testify that it is especially useful to use this variety when preparing all kinds of salads. However, for winter workpieces, it is also suitable.

Grow tomatoes in 1-2 stems in the open field or in special film greenhouses. Plant seedlings on the 50-55th day. At 1 m2no more than three plants are grown. Garter and strengthened nutrition are required at the time of fruit formation.

Tomato Pink King

Sort of Pink King

Connoisseurs of pink tomatoes have long appreciated tomatoThe Pink King. Reviews of this variety say that its fruits have large or medium sizes, but the main thing is not even this, but a great taste. The bushes of this medium-sized plant are strong and reliable. Fruits of beautiful shape, pleasant shiny bright pink color. Seedlings can be planted on the 40-55th day after sowing. This variety is very fond of fertile, light and neutral soils. Variety Pink King is resistant to diseases, so it does not require special care. Refers to mid-term hybrids.

Sort of King of Siberia

Tomato King market reviews

This species is grown both in the open ground and underfilm. The plant is tall and deciduous. Fruits weighing 300-400 g have an orange color, a heart-shaped form. And what's the taste of tomato King of Siberia? The testimonies indicate that this tomato variety has very tasty, dense pulp, a high content of useful beta carotene and other vitamins. Especially relevant is the King of Siberia for dietary and baby food.

For the cultivation of this variety suitablehighly fertile soils. In greenhouses, seedlings can be planted already in April, in open ground - in May. Determinant varieties can be planted in 7-9 pieces per 1 m2. If you have indeterminate varieties - plant 3-4 pieces per 1 m2. Tall tomatoes form in 1-2 stems, tightly tying them to vertical or horizontal trellises. Plants like regular watering (warm water).

Sort of King of the Market

Tomato King of Siberia reviews

This mid-term determinant hybridis designed for open ground. He has beautiful rounded smooth fruits with a mass of about 300 g. Tomatoes have 2-3 chambers. Those specialists who have already tried to grow tomato King of the market, reviews about it leave good. Especially gardeners pay attention to an attractive kind of fruit, their high commercial qualities. This grade has a high resistance to cracking, it is very well transported. The flesh is very dense. This tomato is tolerable to many diseases. It is best to grow the King of the market in the south or in the middle band. The yield of this variety can reach 10-12 kg from 1 sq. Km. m.

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