Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films

Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films

Talented actor, director and producer, beautifuland a sexy man - all this is Til Schweiger. The filmography of the star does not have many works, but most of them are successful and received positive feedback from both viewers and critics. Schweiger played minor characters, main characters, was engaged in scoring, and he also has films of his own production. Til has long earned the glory of the German sex symbol, but he is loved not only in his homeland, in Germany, but also in other European countries, he also received recognition in America.

Childhood actor

Til Schweiger filmographyTilman Valentine Schweiger was born in Germanthe city of Freiburg on December 19, 1963. His childhood was in the south of the country, in the small town of Giessen. When Till was 14 years old, he moved with his parents to Hoichelheim. Schweiger was an exemplary student, he can not be called an excellent student, rather good. At that time in Germany worked six-score assessment: 1 - excellent, 2 - good, etc. Til graduated from school with an average score of "1.6", which opened the way for him to further study and allowed him to choose any specialty.

Finding Your Way

Actor Til Schweiger in his youth for a long time could not findits purpose. Everything he was doing seemed to him uninteresting, not satisfying. After school, the young man decided to choose the same profession as his parents, so he entered the faculty of German studies. He studied for a teacher of German language at the university for 2 years, after which he dropped out of school. Then Till decided that he would make a good doctor. For some time he paid attention to medicine, but soon gave up this occupation.

If it were not for one acquaintance, it is not known where andwhen he found his destiny Til Schweiger. The filmography of the actor, perhaps, would not include a single work, if not the persuasion of a friend who at that time was studying at a theater school. The girl convinced the guy to get a proper education, because he had outstanding acting skills. Schweiger enrolled in Cologne at the theater school Der Keller, which in 3,5 years he successfully graduated.

Debut in the world of cinema

til schweiger biographyYoung talents are very difficult to break throughroad to the starry Olympus. Without proper connections and money, one hope remains for talent, but to be noticed, it is necessary to prove yourself somewhere. After the theater school, Till had to voice porn films. Of course, this is not a job for the actor, but it was necessary to earn some living. In 1989, Schweiger was invited to Bonn to the theater "Contra-Kreis". About the young talent in Germany began talking after the release of the movie "Maybe it can not be." Til in this comedy played the main role, he was warmly received by both film critics and spectators.

The best roles

In many films and television series in the 1990swas shot by Til Schweiger. Filmography at this time was replenished with a large number of high-quality and interesting works, but still the young man was perceived as an ordinary, unremarkable actor. For the first time he was talked about as an outstanding master of his work, not only in Germany, but also far beyond its borders, in 1997, when the film "Knockin 'on Heaven" came out on big screens. In this film, Schweiger acted as a producer, screenwriter and starring performer. A tragicomedy narrates about two men with cancer who decided to become bandits. This film is thoroughly imbued with positive, it teaches us how to love life, perhaps that's why it appealed to the audience.

Another successful work can be called "Barefooton the pavement ", filmed in 2005. Here, already as a director, screenwriter, producer and performer of the main role, Til Schweiger showed himself. Filmography was supplemented by another brilliant work on the adventures of a loser, who for the first time in his life had to take responsibility for someone (a patient in a psychiatric hospital) looking at the world with the child's naive eyes.

wife of SchweigerIn 2009, Schweiger starred in the movie "Phantompain ", based on real events. This work is very difficult, it forces the viewer to think about many things. The protagonist is a rider and a lover of women, not caring about the future, enjoying the present. Fate played with him a cruel joke, chained to the prosthesis. His favorite business he can not do, his wife has long gone to another man, friends have evaporated, the girls no longer pay attention to him - life is meaningless and empty. Only daughter, like a ray of sunshine, illuminates his path.

Director's work

In 1998, for the first time he acted as a directoractor Til Schweiger. Filmography during this period was replenished with the film work "Polar bear of the ninth caliber". However, this crime thriller he does not think Til directorial debut, because their talent to the full, he showed in 2005 during the filming of the movie "Barfuss". In Germany, this film work became a box office, and Schweiger was spoken of as an outstanding actor and director. As the latter, he made films such as: "My heart and kidneys", "Pretty Boy", "Pretty Boy-2", "Seducer", "Seducer-2", "Guardian Angel", "Earless bunny and dvuuhy chicken " and etc.

Filmography of the actor

actor til schweigerIn many film works he played the main charactersthe German actor Til Schweiger. Filmography began to replenish back in 1969, when the 6-year-old talent played a small role in the series "Crime scene". Schweiger starred in films of a different genre, did not disdain and serials. Many works were filmed in the 1990s, but Till attracted attention only in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Among his best works, besides the above, one can name "Punk from Salt Lake City", "Wernak", "What to do in case of fire?", "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider-2: The Cradle of Life", "King Arthur" , "On Wheels", "One Way", "The Red Baron", "Inglourious Basterds", "Means War," etc.

Personal life

19 June 1995 German sex symbolregistered a marriage. The wife of Thiel Schweiger is the former model, the American is Dana Karlsen. Until 2004, they lived in the US, and then moved to Germany, Hamburg-Nindorf, where they bought a nice villa, equipped in English style. In the marriage four children were born: in 1995, the son of Valentine Florian, in 1997 the daughter of Luna Marie, in 1998 - the daughter of Lilly Camille, and in 2002 the youngest girl, Emma Tiger, was born. Unfortunately, the couple broke up in November 2005.

German actor Til SchweigerEven before the divorce, there were notes in the press aboutinfidelity of Thiele. In 2003, Schweiger was suspected of having a romantic relationship with Angelina Jolie, but the rumors remained rumors. In 2010, it became known about his novel with Svenier Holtmann.

Interesting facts about the movie star

Not only in Germany, but in many other countries, the favorite of women is Til Schweiger. The biography of the actor is actively discussed by fans, but some facts from it are little known.actor til schweiger

  1. Til is left-handed.
  2. For the main role in the film "Knockin 'on Heaven" the actor received the MIFF award in the category "Best Actor" - silver "Saint George".
  3. Schweiger received an offer from Spielbergto star in the film "Saving Private Ryan" in the role of fascist, but Till refused, motivating the refusal by saying that he does not want his name and face to be associated with these bandits, whom he hates with all his heart.
  4. In 1997, Til won in the category "Best Actor" at the festival of Polish films for his role in the film "Bandit". This was the first time that the award went to an actor not of Polish origin.
  5. In the film "Handsome" Schweiger took off all four of his children. During the filming, he made friends with the Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko.

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  • Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films Til Schweiger: filmography and biography. Actor Til Schweiger and his best films