The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case

The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case

Lamb is not a frequent guest on our table. First, meat is not cheap, and secondly, not everyone dares to take up his preparation. However, the time spent on cooking is worth it. I suggest you a very delicious lamb recipe in the oven. Work, of course, have, but not everything is as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Lamb's recipe in the oven with prunes

· Kilogram of mutton (pulp)

· One hundred and thirty grams prunes

· One onion

· One hundred grams of almonds

· Three eggs

· A bunch of greenery

· 5 tablespoons of honey

· Spices

· Nutmeg pinch

· On a half-spoonful of curry, ground ginger and saffron.


1. Pour prunes with hot tea. Top the bowl with a lid, so that the dried fruit is better steamed.

2. Wash lamb, remove the films and tendons. Cut the meat into slices, then lay it in a mold, add crushed herbs, spices and chopped onions. Add the pepper and salt. Fill it all with meat broth, you can and just hot water.

3. Cover the form and place in the oven. The optimum temperature for baking lamb is 180 ° C.

4. Remove the lid two hours after the start of cooking.

5. Prune the prunes out of the tea, squeeze out slightly. Honey dilute with warm water, pour lamb over them.

6. Continue baking for another thirty minutes. Fifteen minutes before the end of cooking, mutton must be turned over to the other side, so that it is well baked.

7. Bring the mold from the oven, put prunes in it and mix it thoroughly.

8. Now cut slices of boiled eggs. Lightly brown almonds.

9. Place the pieces on the plates you plan to serve. On top of the lamb put prunes, sprinkle them and pour the juice, which stood out from mutton during its baking. Next to the lamb, put a piece of eggs.

Agree, a wonderful recipe for lamb inoven. It remains only to think about what you will use as a garnish. It can be vegetables, rice, pasta. In short, what you like best. Lamb has an unusual taste, but despite this, picking up garnish with it will not be very difficult.

Lamb with vegetables in the oven

· Six hundred grams of lamb

· Four onions

· Six potatoes

· Two tomatoes

· A glass of peas or beans

· One eggplant

· For a bunch of celery and parsley

· Ground black pepper

· Cilantro

· Green parsley


Lamb is washed, cut into pieces and folded intopot for baking. Then send raw potatoes, cut into slices, chopped onions, eggplant slices, peas or beans. Above all, put a bunch of parsley and celery. Be sure to salt the dish, add pepper to taste. Pour so much water into the pot that it covers all the foods.

Put the pot into a preheated oven (up to 200 ° C). Periodically, during cooking, remove the foam that will form on the surface. When the dish is almost ready, add the tomatoes.

Lamb's recipe in the oven with sour cream

· Five hundred grams of lamb

· One and a half tablespoon of margarine

· Half a glass of sour cream

· Salt

· Ground pepper

Lamb in sour cream turns out very delicious and delicate, and it's easy to cook.

Meat, as always, should be thoroughly washed,cut into pieces and discourage. Each piece of lamb pepper, rub it with salt. Bake for ten minutes at medium power in the oven. Then add margarine, onion and sour cream. Continue cooking until lamb is soft. Serve lamb on the table, decorate it with herbs.

As you can see, the recipe for lamb in the oven is far from beingone. There are a few dozen more, so it will take an hour to tell about all the recipes and even more time you will spend to cook it all. But you do not spare wasted time and labor, because lamb is a very useful, nutritious product. By the way, to make the dish as tasty as possible, choose only fresh mutton and buy it only in a checked place.

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  • The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case The recipe for lamb in the oven just in case