The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software

The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software

As it often happened, you need to accessremote computer, but there is no possibility! What should I do? Which program for remote management of computers will help? Which one is the best for home use? And which one is suitable for corporate networks?

general information

program for remote management of computersConditional on their purpose, the programs can be dividedon two types: for use over the world network and for the local network. Programs for remote management of computers are used, as a rule, by specialists for remote repair or adjustment of the computer itself. Can also be used to correct data in individual programs and in such cases, as well as to remotely control ongoing processes by specialists.

How such programs function

free remote accessProgram for remote control of computersalmost always has two components: client and server. In other words, in order to control one computer with the help of another, you must have the appropriate software, both on the first and the second. To be able to perform certain actions, you must first start the server part on a managed computer. This is done to ensure security, because the program for remote management of computers can be used by potential attackers for their own mercenary purposes.

In the event that work is done on the local network,if you have administrator rights, you can remotely run the installation of necessary utilities to comfortably monitor your computer. But if the adjustment is carried out at home, when the whole network is 2-3 computers with equal rights, there is no server, then a number of measures should be taken before working remotely with them:

  1. It is necessary to have a user with administrator rights, and it should be the administrator of the network, and all other computers - in the status of privates.
  2. It is necessary that on all computers to whichreaders plan to connect, remote access was allowed. Without this, the computer to which the connection is made will assume that the attacker plans to access the attacker and will block all attempts to control the computer remotely.
  3. You should make sure that network access is enabled.

What free programs are there?

free remote control programs for computer

Distracting a bit from the topic, it should be said thatthere are not only free programs for remote computer management, but also paid. Quantitatively, the latter are much larger, they often have a wider range of access opportunities and operations. With the help of some paid utilities it is possible to control the computer even with the help of a browser, which for the majority is something on the verge of fiction. But with simple management remotely manage and free programs that provide free remote access. Their list is small, so each program will get a little attention:

  1. UltraVNC.
  2. Team Viewer.
  3. TightVNC.
  4. RealVNC.

About UltraVNC

team viewieThis program has two parts: the client and the server. Separately it is necessary to tell about installation UltraVNC. The setup deserves this attention, which is why: remote installation of the server part is not provided programmatically, so it is always necessary to manually install it on the managed computer first. Is a good program for those who are very well versed in computers due to the presence of a significant number of settings. Among them - the choice of used ports, the setting of passwords for connections already created, so that later no one but you can manage remotely, and many other useful functions.

The peculiarity of the server part installation is thatit can be installed as a system service or as a program. If set as a service, the manipulations will be available immediately after the process is completed. Also, if different users are sitting behind computers, communication can be maintained between them, thanks to the pre-installed chat for messaging. In terms of its parameters, it can be compared with the TightVNC program, which will be further considered in the article. Unless UltraVNC is desirable for use in corporate networks due to its versatility and connectivity.

About Team Viewer

best remote control software

A program that can only be responded topositively. It is not only a program for remote management of another computer, but also a software suite of many other functions. So, important is that in Team Viewer you do not need to install additional software to get connected with a certain computer. The program itself is more aimed at improving the conditions for the performance of corporate work. So, with the help of the Team Viewer, you can collect conferences in which up to 25 participants can take part, and group work on certain documents is also possible, which is quite good.

The presence of different versions is also positivefor different operating systems and even have the ability to work with tablets and smartphones. You can download the free version from the developer's site, but it has one limitation: it can be used only for non-commercial purposes. That is, it is suitable for use at home or in organizations that are engaged in charity.

In addition, the security of data transmissiontook care at the highest level, and even if someone can detect the transfer of data, it will be very difficult to find the necessary 2048-bit key. And the session itself is additionally coded with a 256-bit security key. Due to its parameters, security technologies and a number of useful features, this program is safe to use even when transferring data using the Internet.

About TightVNC

remote control another computerThe program, in its functionality and capabilitiescomparable to Ultravnc. The difference is in the fewer parameters available for customization, and the absence of chat. The fact that when connecting a user needs to deal with less information, plays a positive role in those cases when the remote control desires to be configured by an inexperienced user. And so the main points (division into two parts, functional management capabilities, etc.) are valid here.

But there are some differences. So, TightVNC can be started automatically when the computer is turned on. It easily supports data exchange and many other useful functions. But there is a weakness: at the same time, you can connect only to one computer, which makes its use in corporate networks inefficient.

About RealVNC

ultraVNC tuningThere are three versions of this program: one free and two paid. They differ in the capabilities of use and the range of functions performed. Paid versions are used for individual mode and for corporate use, while free versions allow for limited access to the functionality of the program itself. All that allows to make a free version is to get access to the desktop of the computer. As we see: not thick. But in some cases, and this can be enough. So this program for remote management of computers is quite popular.

The best option

To say exactly which program will be best foreveryone, it is impossible. It all depends on the user's requests and the need for a certain functionality. It should be remembered that the programs provide free remote access, and this can not be complained. But we can advise you to consider all the programs presented in the article in order to find the one that both on the functional and on the design execution will satisfy you. And the readers will decide for themselves which version is worthy of the title "The best program for remote computer management," focusing on their own experience and the comfort of using the software provided in the article to provide remote access to a computer.

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  • The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software The program for remote control of computers. Best Remote Control Software