The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia

The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia

Each person has both good andbad days. Daily transmissions on the TV are broadcast, which from time to time report on the next car theft. Indeed, theft in our time is not a rare phenomenon, and each of us can get into a situation when leaving the house on the street, in place of an iron friend you can see only the marks from the tire tread.the most stolen cars in MoscowCriminals steal the most different cars: expensive and not very much, imported and domestic. In order to find out if your vehicle is in the risk zone, experts annually compile lists showing the most stolen cars in Russia. Now we will consider which brands are the most popular among hijackers, as well as systems, thanks to which you can save your iron horse from unpleasant effects.

So, according to research, over the past year there have beenstolen 52 thousand cars throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Of these, almost a quarter came to Moscow. As reported by the traffic police, the most stolen cars in Moscow are domestic cars. The leader in the number of hijackings are passenger cars manufactured by VAZ. Thus, over 17,000 such vehicles were hijacked last year, which is 33 percent.

But having a foreign car, there is still a risk of theft. And he is far from being close to zero. Thus, the most stolen cars from foreign manufacturers are the Japanese Toyota (6,000 units stolen) and Mazda (almost 3,000). Three of the criminal rating is completed by the same Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi (stolen 2 thousand cars). The fifth place is occupied by products of another Russian company - GAZ (3.9% of the total number of hijackings).

The most stolen cars in Moscow and the Moscow region:

  1. Toyota Highlander.
  2. "Subaru Legacy".
  3. Infiniti Ef-X.
  4. "Lexus" models "Er X", as well as "Ji X".the most stolen cars in Russia

But not only foreign cars the most stolen cars inMoscow. Among them there are cars "VAZ" (however, they are popular, as well as throughout Russia), and also "GAZ". Often hijackers abduct old cars, since they do not have an anti-theft system. Then they are dismantled for spare parts, and the rest is scrapped.

The most effective way to prevent kidnappingauto - install a special anti-theft system. This applies to both electronic and mechanical protection. The thieves are the least likely to be kidnapped by cars with obvious distinctive features - airbrushing, tuning elements and so on. Such vehicles are easily distinguished among the mass of vehicles, they are easily found by traffic police officers.the most stolen carsModern alarms are often repelledhijackers, because they attract a lot of attention. Also a great obstacle for the villains are modern systems of non-contact opening of doors and engine start-up.

But however, if the car has an "order", nothe system will not save from kidnapping. Such criminals own the newest devices that scan the alarm system and start the engine without the ignition key. The most stolen cars in Moscow VIP-class are stolen in this way.

And yet: try not to drive into unfamiliar dubious streets, better find a paid parking lot or simply park the car near the CCTV cameras.

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  • The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia The most stolen cars in Moscow and Russia