The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm

The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm

We often encounter people markedseal protection of the guardian angel. They are lucky in life, they always meet good people, they never complain about life circumstances. How do you know if protection from heavenly powers is predestined for you? The palmists learned how to mark the influence of angels on a person along the lines in the palm of your hand. What do the lines mean in the palm of your hand? This question is of concern to many people. Today we will talk about the line of Mars. Only after a detailed study of the hills and the smallest dashes can we judge its presence or absence. The line of Mars on the hand (a photo of its approximate arrangement you see in the article) is responsible for the formation of the personality and its future destiny.

mars on the arm

A reliable helper of man - a guardian angel

Do not need to worry much if there is noline of Mars in the palm of your hand. Everything that is destined for destiny will certainly come true. Therefore, the trait of the guardian angel can bear not only positive significance, but also cause suffering in life. If your destiny goes along a favorable path, where you will not expect all sorts of tragedies and disappointments, then giving you protection from above is considered inexpedient. Palmistry explains the existence of the Mars line by the fact that the higher powers impart a fortunate man to soften the blows of fate. People with a lack of such marks are extremely rarely faced with troubles. This refers to accidents, disasters, serious illnesses that threaten lives.

Where on the hand is the line of Mars

Where on the arm is the line of Mars?To look for it, consider both palms. It makes a difference even the most inconspicuous line, though slightly reminiscent of the guardian angel line. Stop looking at the line of life - it's very easy to find in the palm of your hand. It is clearly drawn and describes a semicircle near the base of the thumb. The happy flow of life will be told by her good drawing with the absence of rips and unevennesses. Any strokes indicate a danger to life, injuries and tragedies.

Only an experienced palmist can with accuracydetermine what the Mars line means on the arm. A photo of it may not be fixed, since it can be too thin. It always flows parallel to the line of life. Look for it on a plain surrounded by the Moon, Venus, the Sun Hill and two Martian knolls. Only in the case of exceeding three centimeters line begins to affect the fate of man, although the manifestation of activity is observed only up to 40-45 years.

line of mars on hand value

Favorable influence on destiny

The line of Mars is closer to the innerside of the palm, duplicating the line of life. These two marks lie parallel to each other, but the line of Mars is less pronounced. It originates near the thumb, and further extends to the lower hill of Mars. It varies in length, but never exceeds the line of life. Also softens all bad values ​​on the hand. A man is endowed with sufficient energy reserves to endure trouble.

What do the lines on the palm mean: the line of Mars

The Mars line is estimated by severalcharacteristics. On the eye determine whether the life line of Mars differs significantly, estimate their length and proximity to each other. Most of all, the guardian angel works during periods when these two traits are as close as possible. The line of Mars is always smaller and thinner than his sister. Therefore, over time, the angel will not continue to protect the person, his protection goes closer to the old age of man.

Palmists can accurately determine the years whenthe angel most strongly protects the person from misfortunes. Draw the line of life visually into four equal segments. Accordingly, calculate the age responsible for the time interval. The length of life can be determined by inheritance and the point of interruption of the line on the arm. You will reach 70 years if the life line extends to the wrist.

Mars in the hand photo

When the guardian angel shows himself

After division into sections of the life lineLook closely at what periods the Mars line is in the palm of your hand. Parallel strips to the line of life indicate a period of time when a person is protected by heavenly powers. Also determine how the angelic line visually looks on the palm of your hand. Often it is interrupted, indistinctly marked and thin, like a cobweb. It is often mistaken for other markings on the hand that do not carry characteristic information. In all cases this strip is drawn strictly in synchronism with the line of life, often duplicating it in some areas. Very rarely there are several such lines. They testify to the important mission of man on earth and the special arrangement of the heavenly powers.

Characteristics of carriers of the Mars line

People with a guardian angel line have a strongcharacter, do not bow under the blows of fate, a little impulsive and aggressive. They always have health and self-confidence. They are always recognized among other people for bravura speeches and increased self-esteem. They never get tired, are influenced by new ideas and views, their courage is beyond doubt. They gravitate towards occultism, philosophy, are fond of religious trends. They are in constant search of themselves and their beloved cause, try to develop spiritually. They like to go on risky trips, devote much time to extreme sports.

line of Mars in the palm of your hand

Difference of features on two hands

The left hand indicates that protectioninherited or is an innate gift. The more clearly it is expressed, the more happy life awaits the owner of the line, although it will be difficult. Such a feature indicates a heavenly gift that must be realized during the life period. A person can not escape from his destiny, however much he persists, he will have to develop his talent and abilities. It will be difficult and difficult. In addition to combating the misunderstanding of the environment, there is an internal struggle with oneself. It is necessary to hear about yourself a sea of ​​unjust criticism, but it is necessary to go ahead and not stop. For self-development, he is provided with a guardian angel, filling with energy and leading to the goal. When the line of Mars is fuzzy and not too noticeable, you can escape from destiny and not fulfill the mission. But nothing good will end there.

 what are the lines on the palm of your hand

Gaps and uneven lines

Most often the line is discontinuous, itcan thicken or thin out in certain areas. This indicates a strong influence of a significant personality on a person. This person can not only have a positive impact, but also a negative one. A person can not make decisions himself, he will be manipulated by a charismatic leader. Concentrate all forces to start acting on your own and not energize others.

When a line is often interrupted and resemblesdotted line, then you have a rather reserved person, constantly looking for a way to quarrel. Such people have no friends, because it is impossible to find a common language with them.

When the line breaks in the middle, you can saythe following: its owner has a quick temper, self-confidence and purposefulness. To argue his stubbornness is more expensive, it is better to leave your opinion to yourself. Dividing the gap at the place gives the person a cheerful character. With such people it is pleasant to spend time: they constantly joke and create the impression of carelessness. Only it is necessary to be more cautious in statements, such type of a line gives the person vulnerability and sentimentality.

line of life the line of Mars

Crossing the lines of Mars and life

People experience mental torment and materialdifficulties. All their undertakings fall under the criticism of the members of the household, and they often do not feel like going home - the atmosphere of tension drives them crazy. At work, too, trouble, often there are conflicts with superiors and colleagues. The situation, although critical, but the guardian angel will help to find strength and make responsible decisions.

Line of Mars on the hand

With the decoding of problems will not be, if you carefully consider its location:

  • If the presence of a clear angel line is accompanied bya straight line of the mind, then in front of you is a man endowed with immense willpower and an unbending character. Such a hand is for powerful people, who are trying to get the best from life.
  • If there are negative marks on the line of life, the line of Mars next to them can soften their effect or even neutralize them.
  • Lines of life and the angel accompanies a trait of destiny, running in parallel with them - in front of you a lucky man, who in life will be lucky in threefold size.
  • If the line of life is uneven, has discontinuities, thisspeaks about the likelihood of an accident or the loss of vital energy at this stage of life. It is necessary to approximately calculate the correspondence of the period to its years, in order to be as cautious as possible - a serious illness threatening with a fatal outcome is threatened. Negative will be much less if there is a line of Mars under the rupture, capable of preventing trouble.
  • When in the middle of the lines of life and the angel a lotsmall dashes - this indicates the obstacles in life, prevented to fulfill their higher mission. It also speaks of one or more acts that led to a wrong choice of profession and life path.

line of Mars on hand with decoding

Branches on the line of Mars - meaning and influence on life

The Mars line on the arm, the meaning of which we are considering, often ends with branches that extend in different directions. Palmistry has tracked their influence on the course of human life.

The line of Mars, covered with small dashes.The owner of this sign is used to take risks andwin. He does not write the generally accepted rules, he is brave and risky. He never looks back on the opinions of others and is used to rely only on himself. I'm not used to being content with the gray routine, acting resolutely and boldly.

If parallel to the line of Mars there are severaldashes are thinner and shorter - in front of you an impulsive and proud person. He is not afraid of difficulties and new beginnings, he is demanding of himself and others. At home behaves like a kind family man, but with subordinates is rude and unrestrained.

Crossing a branch

When the line crosses the line of Mars, and itsthe continuation is on the Mount of Mars - this man is the darling of fate. He does not have to strain to get what he wants. But you should stay more cautious: luck can leave to be replaced by a series of bad luck.

Several parallel lines crossing the line,testify to the diligent personality. A person brings all the affairs to the end, does not accept a frivolous attitude towards business. If the work is really beloved, then take-off on the career ladder is guaranteed.

Line of life, the line of Mars sometimes connectintersecting dashes. This person is unusually courageous and possesses incredible willpower. Before you is a leader sweeping away everything in its path. The work shows rigidity and inflexibility, often acts under the influence of impulses.

The line of Mars, ending with branches

When the Mars line ends with branches,hand, its meaning suggests that before you a tender and vulnerable nature, able to empathize. Such a person condescendingly treats the weaknesses of others, forgives even strong grievances.

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  • The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm The line of Mars on his hand: where is, which means, photo. Decoding of lines on the palm