The ISO program - what is it

The ISO program - what is it?

Now we'll look at what functions the ISO program includes. This format is quite common, and there are many applications that support it. About them and talk.


ISO is the most convenient and easy to useUse the format to create copies of the contents of optical disks, whether it's operating systems, programs, movies or games. This solution allows you to copy and read from the media any information: basic content, data relating to the file system, directory structures, file attributes and boot information.

iso program

Thus, it becomes possible to create evenboot disks. Images created in the specified format are conveniently stored, transferred to external and internal storage devices, burned to discs, downloaded to the Internet, and downloaded to a computer.

ISO is guaranteed to preserve intactthe content of the image file you have created personally or for a long time. Electronic images of disks can be used as real ones, without resorting to the help of a drive, it is enough to apply a virtual drive. To launch ISO images there are many specialized programs, the most interesting ones, in our opinion, will be described below.

Nero Features

program for isoNero is a program for ISO files thatthe same without exaggeration can be called the leader among the tools that record discs. At the same time, the application has a simple and intuitive interface. With the help of a special tool, you can create covers for boxes of different types of discs, and then apply images to the external part of the media.


DAEMON Tools - the program of ISO-playback,which can become an indispensable assistant for any netbook owner, as well as other mini-equipment that does not have a DVD-drive. Supports work with materials that are copy-protected. The application works from the system tray, although you can also use the familiar system window if necessary.

Other programs

Alcohol 120% is an ISO-emulation program thatthe same makes it possible to record DVD and CD, thus creating backup copies of the necessary information. With just two buttons, you can easily transfer data from an external drive to a virtual drive, then it can be launched with a double mouse click.

PowerISO is an ISO-recognition program thatallows you to perform a number of useful actions with images: mount to a special virtual drive, convert to various formats, split, encrypt, compress, edit, create copies, write to disk, extract to a folder, launch. Using the application, you can create discs with movies, audio recordings and data.

program for iso files

ISOBuster is an ISO program thatcan save various types of data: video, music and documents, counting them from damaged optical media, among which can be HD DVD, BD, DVD and CD. The software can communicate directly with a computer drive, so that the application can access data that is not available to the OS.

MagicISO is a program for ISO files that,In addition, it can create images from hard disks and physical media. These include DVDs and CDs. It is also possible to edit the contents of images: delete and add files, rename materials, create folders. You can copy the disks to the computer to create the necessary backup copies. It should be noted that the application is integrated into the "Windows Explorer", which provides more convenient work with it. In addition, a special technology is supported that provides drag and drop of files between the main program window and the operating system.

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  • The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it The ISO program - what is it