The drug Zirtek drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties

The drug "Zirtek" drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties

This article will consider such a preparation,like "Zirtek", drops. Instructions for their use, proposed in this article, is not a doctor's recommendation and is purely informational and fact-finding. Readers should not, based on the information in this publication, proceed with the use of the medicine. Self-medication is unacceptable. The patient needs a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

What is Zirtek?

Most often in pharmacies there is a form of release "Zirtek" - drops. Instruction for use, published by the manufacturer, recommends using them only in strictly defined cases.

"Zirtek" is available in vials of 10 ml, as well as in tablets (0.01 g). The tablets are covered with a shell, and are sold in 7 pieces in one package.

The effect of the drug is based on oppressionhistamine receptors and interfering with the manifestation of allergic reactions. The main active substance of the drug is called cetirizine dihydrochloride. In addition, it contains a preparation and auxiliary substances. The drug "Zirtek", the composition of which we described, is applied taking into account indications and pharmacological properties.

It is used as a preventive agent, andIt is also used in combination therapy for allergies, it relieves and relieves itching, prevents tissue swelling and spasm of smooth muscles. The effect is achieved in 20-60 minutes after taking the drug and lasts more than a day.

Method of application of Zirtek medication

Drops instructions for use presentedthe manufacturer does not recommend giving patients under 6 months of age. For children from six months of age, the daily dose does not exceed 2.5 mg per day of the course. To children 1-2 years the preparation is given on 2.5 mg up to twice in 24 hours, from 2-6 years the dose is increased to -5 mg per day.

Babies over 6 years and adults dailythe maximum dose should not exceed more than 10 mg daily. People suffering from kidney failure should take no more than half the daily dose given above.

Indications for the admission of "Zirtek" drops

Instructions for use on the drug recommenduse to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, urticaria and other allergic reactions with rashes on the skin and itching. Tablets are also taken to treat other allergic reactions.

Contra-indications "Zirtek"

Medicinal preparation "Zirtek" is contraindicatedpregnant and breastfeeding women. In drops "Zirtek" do not give children up to 6 months, and in tablets up to 2 years, with a violation of the liver or kidneys can not use the drug up to 6 years.

In addition, do not take "Zirtek" with high sensitivity to the components of this drug.

Side effects with taking Zirtek medication

  • nervous system: sleep disturbance (both drowsiness and insomnia), headaches, dizziness, confused consciousness, impaired coordination of movements, vision, thinking, cramps, pain and bleeding in the eyes, tinnitus, deafness, anxiety, depression.
  • digestive system: diarrhea, hemorrhoids, constipation, indigestion, vomiting, thirst, stomatitis, changes in appetite, taste may disappear, stomach pain, gastritis, increased gas production.
  • Cardiovascular system: heart failure, heart palpitations, migraines.
  • respiratory system: bleeding from the nose, sinusitis, pharyngitis, cough, increased secretion in the bronchi, upper respiratory tract infection, bronchospasm.
  • genitourinary system: edema, cystitis, problems with urination, urinary tract infections, bleeding from the genital tract in women between menstrual periods.
  • skin: urticaria, pruritus, boils, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, rashes in the form of vesicles, excessive sweating, dryness and peeling of the skin.

Also possible: muscle weakness, back pain, arthritis, arthrosis, diabetes mellitus, dehydration, weight gain, chills, mammary glands, fever, malaise. Information on how long you can take "Zirtek" you will tell the doctor.

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  • The drug Zirtek drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties The drug Zirtek drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties The drug Zirtek drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties The drug Zirtek drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties The drug Zirtek drops: instructions for use, release forms, properties