The comedy One Left: actors and roles

The comedy "One Left": actors and roles

"One left" is a Russian comedy with elements,inherent in the genre of fantasy. The film tells about the life of a convinced bachelor, with whom one day amazing, inexplicable things begin to happen. The famous showman and radio host starred in the comedy "One Left". Actors, roles and plot of the film are presented in the article.

The creators of the film are Vitaliy Reingerverts and Armen Ananikyan. The premiere took place in 2015. The popular singer and composer played her first role in the film "One Left".

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The main female role was played by Polina Gagarina. The bridegroom of her heroine was played by Konstantin Kryukov, an actor who made his debut in cinema in 2005, in the film "9th Company". Roman Ladnev played the role of a friend of the main character in the film "One Left". Actor Yang Zapnik is a doctor. Another representative of medicine was Konstantin Yushkevich.

In the filmography of Yushkevich about a hundred works, amongwhich is far from the brightest is the role in the film "One Left". The actor played in 2006 the main character in the thriller "Plan B". This work became the most significant in his film career. Other actors of the film "One Left" - Gennady Shershakov, Mikhail Galustyan, Ilana Isakzhanova, Ekaterina Berlinskaya, Olga Drozdova. Alexey Yagudin performed a cameo. And, finally, it is worth to tell about the performer of the main role in the comedy "One Left".

Actor Dmitry Nagiyev

He is not only an actor, but also a radio and TV presenter. Film career Nagieva began in the early 90's. His first major role he played in the movie "Purgatory". But the fame came with the release of the series "Kamenskaya", in which the actor played the role of minister of law. Then in the acting career, there was a lull. Slava returned thanks to the TV series "Kitchen", in which Nagiyev played himself.

one left actors and roles


Maxim considers himself a genius. Many agree with this, especially women. The hero Nagieva is a sculptor, his works are in demand. So he can afford endless parties, usually ending in a close acquaintance with another girl. The next morning he usually does not remember her name and easily parted with her.
Sofia is going to get married. Her wedding is sure to be a vegetarian, because the girl just adores animals, even the chairman of the fund for their protection. In addition, leads an active lifestyle. After a meeting with Maxim, she is knocked down by a passing car. The driver is hiding from the scene. When Maxim, as a witness of a crime, tries to help, receives a severe electric shock in his right hand from a bare wire that was nearby. Sophia is taken to the intensive care unit of the nearest hospital. The girl does not come to her senses for quite a long time.

the actors of the film are one leftMeanwhile, Maxim's arm is numb first, withoutwhich he can not finish the sculpture. And then she suddenly starts to act, but absolutely regardless of her master. Hikes for doctors do not work.

It turns out that the soul of Sophia has settled into the handartist. And since Maxim is the exact opposite of a girl in a coma, the most incredible things happen to him. Gradually, the life of the main character changes. In both personal and professional spheres. This is a slightly strange plot of the film "One Left", perceived by the audience without much excitement.

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  • The comedy One Left: actors and roles The comedy One Left: actors and roles The comedy One Left: actors and roles The comedy One Left: actors and roles The comedy One Left: actors and roles