The best books on child psychology

The best books on child psychology

Sometimes find a common language with children, as well asto understand their experiences is difficult enough. This problem is especially acute for parents. Sometimes, a child can behave aggressively and secretly, even with respect to the closest people. To understand the child's feelings, as well as normalize relations with him, books on child psychology will help. This is because the parent's instinct is not enough to properly educate children. It is also important to be guided by scientific recommendations.

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The book "The Independent Child, or How to Become a Lazy Mother" (Anna Bykova)

The history of this book on child psychologybegan with a small article on the Internet, which caused a lot of controversy. The main problems of this publication - a slow growing up, as well as a complete lack of independence in children. But in order to overcome this infantilism, you need to create a certain atmosphere in the family. The author recommends becoming a "lazy mother" in the interests of the child.
To assess the benefit of this book on children'spsychology, it is worth noting that the author Anna Bykova is the mother of two children. In addition, she has a psychological education. Having a decent pedagogical experience, she collected all her knowledge in a small book, which caused real resonance.
The book is written fairly easy and even funlanguage, which makes it easy to perceive. Parents will learn how dangerous excessive care and control, often inflicted by modern moms and dads, is dangerous. The author teaches moms to be in moderation lazy. For all the key points, explanatory life examples are given.
In order not to mislead readers, it is worthnote that a lazy mom is not a woman in a dressing gown and hair curlers who spend days at the TV, while the children are left to themselves. This is a mother who gives a certain freedom to the child, without taking responsibility off her. In addition, she does not forget about having to rest and take care of herself. A lazy mother attracts a child to all domestic affairs (even if she works after that). Thus, it can not be reproached with indifference.
This book helps parents to developan adequate approach to the issue of raising children. It helps to overcome fanatical love and get rid of the "cult of the child." This publication can be criticized, but it is necessary to familiarize with it.

The book "The Secret Support: Attachment in the Life of a Child" (Lyudmila Petranovskaya)

The main purpose of this book on child psychologyis to explain the deep sense of the connection between the child and the parents. Based on this phenomenon, the author tries to decipher the content of vagaries, aggression and other manifestations of the nature of the child.

psychology of children's authors

Based on this book, parents can develop the right tactics of communicating with children to become a reliable support during their active development and maturation.
Particular attention should be paid to the structure of thisbooks on child psychology. It will be useful for parents to find out what mistakes they make in communicating with their children at different ages. So, in the first chapter, relationships with kids are described, and in each subsequent section new stages are considered. It is worth noting the good perception and memorability of the text. This has been achieved through a large number of life examples.
Many children's psychologists call this bookmandatory for reading. At the same time to begin to study it is already when the baby is not yet able to speak, walk and does not understand much. This will help you to protect your baby and yourself from psychological trauma, resentment, misunderstanding. Also you will be able to form a healthy books on child psychology

The book "How to Love a Child" (Janusz Korczak)

Necessity and even duty isreading this book on child psychology. For parents around the world, she became a real bible for communicating with the kids and their upbringing. The book is written in a very sincere and kind language. It contains a lot of the author's reflections, as well as life stories and practical advice.
The text of the book "How to love a child" is a manifestation ofwisdom of the teacher with a capital letter. However strange it may sound, he teaches to love children correctly, not deifying, but not suppressing them. On simple examples and life situations, the author explains the need to provide children with freedom of thought and self-expression.
The main feature of this book is that,that the author gives many examples from his rich pedagogical experience. Thus, parents can define that fine line, beyond which the necessary freedom ends and connivance begins. Each situation is examined literally under a microscope.

It should be noted that this edition is not enoughread once. Like all the best books on child psychology, it is not enough to read it once. Considering the experience and the specific language of the author, at first glance many things may seem incomprehensible. Nevertheless, reading this work again, you will open up new faces of love for your children.for children psychologists 3 года книга

The book "Do not shout at children" (Daniele Novara)

Despite the fact that all the best books on children'sPsychology forbids raising the voice of children, in practice this is not so simple. Regardless of how old the child is, inevitably there are situations when parents can not restrain their emotions. Nevertheless, the cry does not simply not help to resolve the conflict, but even aggravates it. Daniele Novara teaches us to live such situations correctly, so as not only to leave them without loud quarrels, but even to take advantage of them.
The book "Do not shout at children" is relevant for any age. It addresses such key issues as:

  • resolve conflicts with children without shouting and assault;
  • To educate kids, not belittling their own dignity and not resorting to an orderly tone;
  • to be able to find constructive in each conflict situation, extracting the maximum benefit from it;
  • build a system of family rules, which will be interesting not only for children, but for all other family members.

The author of the book teaches parents to take calmlyconflicts. Such situations are not a deviation from the norm. This is the norm. The author teaches parents to be literate leaders who must be able to resolve any situation in the family. A cry can only suppress the personal qualities of the child or, conversely, cause acute resistance.

The book "Freedom from Education" (Dima Zizer)

Absolutely in vain many parents fundamentallyignore books on psychology. Children's authors explain that upbringing sometimes turns into violence. On the one hand, this is pressure on children to impose their own principles and generally accepted rules of conduct on them. On the other hand, this is the parents' violence over themselves, which consists in constantly forcing themselves to be educated. Thus, communication between children and adults loses a shade of joy.
In the book "Freedom from Education" the author callsto abandon the generally accepted patterns of upbringing. It is necessary to bring up children so that both to the child, and to parents it was pleasant and interesting. Zitser teaches not only to love, but also to respect the child, considering all his interests. In this case, parents should arm themselves with such a tool as surveillance. This will help to identify the needs of the child, as well as to track his reaction to one or other educational techniques.children's pedagogy psychology booksIt is worth noting that this edition is exposedcriticism not only from parents, but also from psychologists. In view of the young age and inadequate life experience of the author, he somewhat interpretes such concepts as pedagogy, psychology. Zitser's books exaggerate the child's ability to analyze his desires. But even so, the main idea of ​​the work will be clear to everyone.

The book "If the child is difficult" (Ludmila Petranovskaya)

Books about child psychology by all meansquestions of complex relationships with parents. Maternity or paternity is not only pleasant family moments, but also frequent conflicts and misunderstandings. At the same time, often, trying to solve a difficult situation, it can be aggravated even more. Petranovskaya, whose books have become a desktop for many parents and teachers, teaches us to look at the conflict in cold blood and deserve to leave it in order to maintain good relations in the family.
The book contains practical practicalrecommendations on the education of children. At the same time, the author notes that not only children need it, but also the parents themselves. This will help to end the permanent war that is constantly going on between the older and younger generations. The author explains that trying to make his child more "comfortable", parents even more complicate the solution of the problem.
In the work "If the child is difficult" the author givesclose attention to the issues of punishment. Of course, you can not let a child offense. Nevertheless, it must be done correctly (and even intelligently). The author considers popular methods of punishment, from which it becomes clear that many parents are eager to "train" their children. The author teaches not to adjust them to themselves, but to form relationships that will be pleasing to both sides.books about child psychology

The book "After Three Is Already Late" (Masaru Ibuka)

Boundary age, which defines the childpsychology - 3 years. The book "After Three Is Already Late" examines the amazing abilities of young children. It turns out that infants are characterized by increased learning ability. At the same time, newborns are affected not only by interaction with parents, but also by the environment. Thus, to the child's conscious age it is quite possible to encapsulate the basic inclinations of correct behavior.
The main feature of this book on children'sPractical psychology is that it is adapted specifically for fathers. The author believes that there are such educational issues that only a man can cope with. To make the dads easier to perceive information, the book contains many practical recommendations and a minimum of lyrical digressions, which women love so much.

The book "What to do if a child drives you crazy" (Ed Le Chan)

Considering the best books on child psychology andeducation, you can not pass by the work of Ed Le Chan. Many associate the author with the famous Dr. Spock, which indicates the practical importance of her recommendations and observations. It is important to note that this book is fully adapted for modern parents.
"If a child drives you crazy" - this is a compilationtypical conflict situations, which, perhaps, arise in any family. Naturally, their children are the epicenter. The author teaches how to pull yourself together and find the right way out. With reference to each example, the main reasons for this or that deviant behavior of the child are considered. In addition, a number of valuable practical recommendations are given.
The book is written fairly simple and understandablelanguage. The earlier parents become acquainted with its contents, the higher the probability that they will be able to avoid common mistakes in communicating with children. And even in the midst of a conflict situation, you can find practical advice by looking in this publication. Given the value of the book, it is also recommended that it be read to educators and child psychologists.

The best books on child psychology and education

The book "Whims and hysteria, how to cope with children's anger" (Madeleine Denis)

Wishing to read the best books on children'spsychology for parents, it is worth paying close attention to this publication. Adults do not always adequately respond to the whims and aggression of the child. Without even noticing, they automatically suppress these manifestations, which can subsequently lead to even more serious problems. Nevertheless, just like adults, children can experience strong emotions, which are constantly looking for a way out. Thus, the child should not be oppressed, but listen to it, trying to jointly cope with the experiences.

The main goal of the paper is to explain,that aggression and whims are normal (both adults and children). Books on psychology for this author's children help to establish relationships with the child during the period of frustration. At the same time, from the scientific point of view, the features of the emotional development of children of different ages are considered. For example, the nature of the hysterics of a one-year-old baby is fundamentally different from the whims of a four-year-old child. Thus, parents will acquire the necessary wisdom, which will help them to communicate constructively with children.
The book of Madeleine Denis is worth reading, if only because,that she invented a fundamentally new approach to the education of children. Education and repression, it replaces the joyful communication, which is a creative process. The main goal of this work is to teach parents to understand their children. Thus, cries and whims will no longer be an annoying factor.

The book "Communicate with the child." How? " (Yu. B. Gippenreiter)

Given the abundance of literature on education,it is extremely important for parents to find useful books on child psychology that are worth reading. One such work is the publication "Communicate with the child." How? " The essence of it is that it is not necessary to rely only on the generally accepted methods of upbringing, because every kid is individual. His child should be understood, because behind the banal hysteria can be covered by serious experiences. The author sets a goal to teach parents to communicate constructively with their children, and most importantly - do not ignore or fear them. To do this, even practical exercises have been developed that will help develop appropriate skills.
It should be noted that the book consists of two parts. The first is a theoretical manual in which both the author's personal conclusions and generally accepted pedagogical and psychological postulates are collected. As for the continuation, these are practical examples. They are taken both from personal observations of the author, and from the practical activities of leading experts in this field. Each of the given life situations is the answer to one or another parent question.

books on child psychology for parents


Do I need to read books on child psychology? The authors claim that this is necessary. Despite the self-confidence of many parents, there are situations that can not be resolved only by relying on their instincts and the experience of older generations. The beauty of modern editions is that their content is adapted to the specifics of this particular time, taking into account the conditions in which children are brought up. The main thing is to select for yourself some of the best publications that will help you find the right approach to the child and contribute to resolving conflict situations.

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