Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts

Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts

Taishet aluminum plant (RUSAL) - under constructionmetallurgical enterprise in the Irkutsk region. According to the business plan, after commissioning it will be the third in terms of aluminum smelting in the country. Here, new technologies will be used that will minimize the damage to the environment.

Taishet aluminum plant

Prerequisites for creation

Southern Siberia - the richest region with not completelydeveloped natural resources and industrial potential. Since the days of the Soviet Union, powerful mining, processing and manufacturing enterprises have been operating here. The scientific cluster is well developed.

Taking into account the accumulated experience in the implementationlarge-scale projects, the possibilities of construction companies and the availability of highly qualified personnel, the group of companies OK RUSAL decided to create a modern metallurgical plant in Taishet from scratch. He is called to become one of the leaders in the industry, becoming an example of a high-tech enterprise with a high production culture.


Energy is life

After the commissioning of Boguchanskayahydroelectric power stations in the region there was an excess of energy capacity. Accordingly, favorable conditions have been created for the implementation of projects using cheaper electricity. Since electricity is used for the smelting of aluminum instead of hydrocarbon fuel, the launch of the BoHPP was an important prerequisite for the construction of the Taishet aluminum plant near the power plant.

Also an important role in the choice of a site forconstruction is played by proximity to Asian countries. China, Japan, Korea, the countries of Southeast Asia are the largest consumers of aluminum in the world. Given the developed transport network, UC RUSAL will be able to significantly increase the export of metal and products based on it to the Pacific region.

From project to implementation

Ideas for the construction of an aluminum plant nearBoguchanskaya hydroelectric power station was still in the USSR. However, the erection of the object was delayed. It took almost 40 years to complete the large-scale project to the end. By the way, it was RUSAL, together with RusHydro, who participated in the completion and launch of the power plant in 2012.

At the design stage of Taishetaluminum plant, the company has firmly decided to introduce the most advanced technological solutions into production. According to the development program of the Lower Angara region, the enterprise should not only provide the population with jobs, but the budget with taxes. An important task is not to break the fragile ecological balance of the richest natural region. The technologies used are designed to reduce emissions of harmful substances to the atmosphere several times, and complex hydrotreatment systems - to prevent toxins from entering the water and soil.

RUSAL Taishet aluminum plant

Problems and solutions

Taishet aluminum plant (TaAZ) - projectexpensive, it takes billions of dollars to implement it. Construction began in 2007, and in 2011 it was planned to get the first metal. However, the company ran into a shortage of its own funds to continue the work, and the construction of the complex slowed down.

According to official data, built andcontinue to build more than 60 basic and auxiliary production facilities. There is a mobile concrete plant. The first launch complex is ready for 30%, at the moment the delivery and installation of equipment. To find finance, RUSAL appealed to investors, in particular, to the Development Bank of China. Is interested in the project and RusHydro. According to the accounts, by 2016 the company has invested about $ 700 million of its own funds. To complete the construction will require the same amount. Undoubtedly, the enterprise will be built, as it is in the interests of both the company, the country, and consumers.

Taishet aluminum factory contacts


Taishet aluminum plant is designed foran annual output of 750,000 tons of valuable metal. More than 3,000 people will find new jobs here. Initially, employees of currently operating Krasnoyarsk, Sayan and Bratsk factories belonging to RUSAL will be employed to work at the enterprise. In the future, the core of the team will be the best graduates of technical universities in Siberia.

Initially, the TaAZ will consist of four main workshops:

  • electrolysis (4 cases);
  • power (1 building);
  • Foundry (1 body);
  • anode (1 housing).

The highlight of the enterprise and its "locomotive"The unique electrolyzers of the RA-400T model are. They are among the most powerful, ecological and energy-efficient in the world. One such plant can smelter up to 3000 kg of aluminum per day. By the way, the RA-400T is the brainchild of the RUSAL Engineering and Technology Center.

When erecting the plant, close attention is paid tois given to the problems of ecology. The project was thoroughly evaluated by interested organizations and recognized as safe enough for the environment. In 2008, the FGU Glavgosexpertiza of the Russian Federation issued a positive opinion on the construction. Effective dry gas cleaning systems will be installed at the TaAZ, water treatment facilities will be built. In addition, the system of electrolysis cells provides for a system of automatic supply of alumina, which will reduce the amount of harmful emissions by an order of magnitude.

An important point is the creation for futureemployees of good social and living conditions. A new microdistrict will be built not far from Taishet, where the factory workers and their families will live. The total area of ​​housing will be about 150 000 m2. In addition to houses, it is planned to build various cultural and social facilities.

Contacts: Taishet aluminum plant, 665010, Irkutsk region, Taishet.

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  • Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts Taishet aluminum plant: construction, production, contacts