Stools and ladders

Stools and ladders

The widespread use of thestairs-stools, naturally. Modern fast time dictates a special pace of life. People work hard, do business, travel. And by organizing their personal space, they increasingly prefer a minimalist style, trying to have at home only the most necessary pieces of furniture, household appliances and decor.

Transformers are popular not only in cartoons

A stepladder is useful in the household, but there is no place to store it in an ordinary apartment, but for many it is too heavy and uncomfortable to use it alone.

Therefore, it is not surprising that such a sometimes necessary,but a rarely used thing, is obtained by transformation from other objects. In furniture stores are offered a variety of models of folding stools-stairs and stools with stairs. And if you like to make, then it is quite realistic to make the right thing with your own hands, choosing a project suitable for complexity and design. It will be a unique piece of furniture that you or other family members can decorate, for example, with carving or painting.

Great ideas from IKEI

IKEI designers who always keep their hands onpulse of time, very often come up with things-transformers, intended for use for several purposes. For example, a nice blanket with a zipper, which, if you take it on the road, you can turn it into a light and warm sleeping bag, or a summer beach table, at the same time being a reliable stool and bedside table.

Stool ladder IKEA

So, a folding stepladder in three steps "Backwam"is made of solid beech, folds to save space, its height in the folded form is only 63 cm. Stool-ladder IKEA calculated the weight of a person up to 100 kg. Exquisite appearance and impeccable quality of the product will please you for many years. It can be used as a bar stool or a smart shelf.

A staircase-stool "Backwam" made of birch for twolevel has also a convenient slot in the upper panel, with which it is convenient to move. It is convenient to sit on this stool, and using the bottom step as a support, you can climb up without fear to look at the upper shelves.

Unfortunately, when trying to use for these purposesplastic stools, old chairs and coffee tables with shaky legs, and not special stairs-stools, people often fall and are seriously injured. But this model is time-tested. Some use it even as a small desk or a children's dining table.

Ensure the safety of your children in the bathroom

Baby chair will help the curious baby get ita book or a toy, having risen on a pair of steps. A reliable design and assembly will ensure to it complete safety at maneuvers that restless children continuously take.

It is often possible to see which slippery andshaky highchairs are used in the bathroom during the washing of children. Of course, if the mother is near, she will hold both the chair and the child, but it is better to have a special staircase-stool "Bolmen", on which the baby can get up on his own. By the way, it can be used by adults, as it can withstand loads up to 150 kg, and on the inside has stiffeners. This thing will be useful for the elderly, who find it difficult to go into the bath.

The legs are protected from slipping by the overlays, and the surface by special inserts.

Do it yourself

ladder stool with your own hands

Of course, if the house has carpentryor who wants to become one, then you can go to shops only for ideas. It's not so difficult to make a ladder-stool with your own hands! The product should be durable, so as not to endanger the household, the wood needs to be processed well, so as not to accidentally stain your hands.

We offer you a scheme for selfassembly of such a product, it will be useful for working on stool-ladder - transformer. Now, in order to reach the apple on the tree, get a jar of jam or look at the mezzanine, you do not need to drag a bulky stepladder.

To work, you need racks, narrow boards, sometimes using plywood. The stairs-stool must necessarily turn out to be stable and strong.

Stool folding stool

Thomas Jefferson's chair - the legend of American transformers

This model of stool-stairs was known inXIX century. Her authorship is attributed to Thomas Jefferson and is also called a chair for a bachelor. In the folded form, the ironing board serves as an elegant back, and the stool can easily be turned into a ladder. The product looks amazingly modern and creative.

Stairs stools

Such a model was popular among students, andalso living in small and rented apartments. Now it is made of expensive types of wood, is popular in luxury homes, in which there are many built-in closets and shelves under the ceiling.

Of course, to begin with, master a simple model, andif you can make an ancient American chair Jefferson, which serves as a stool, stepladder and ironing board, then, probably, it's time for you to open your own business.

With transformers and places more, and life is more interesting

The opinion is becoming more popular thataround ourselves space from old and little used things, we clean energy and free the way for new events and subjects that will be more effective and useful.

stool ladder transformer

In order to make your life more convenient,save space in a small apartment and do not surround yourself with extra things, buy or make furniture yourself, which can be used for several different purposes.

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