Sperm analysis: when is it displayed

Sperm analysis: when is it displayed?

Sperm analysis is quite commonmethod of diagnosis. Most often it is used to test the reproductive functions of the male body, but its results may also indicate a number of diseases of the genitourinary system. The procedure is quite simple and it is carried out in many modern clinics.

Sperm analysis: when is it needed?

The most common reason for this analysis isin the inability of partners to have a child. It is worth noting that doctors start talking about infertility only if after a year of regular sexual intercourse (naturally, without the use of contraceptives) pregnancy does not occur.

Sperm analysis

It should be noted that when suspected of infertilitySurvey and analysis should be completed by both partners - the only way to find out the exact cause, diagnose and prescribe a treatment. Sperm analysis is one of the simplest and most effective ways to determine the ability of a male body to reproduce a baby.

But infertility is not the only reasonsimilar research. The analysis of sperm can be appointed and in the event that there are suspicions on any hormonal disturbances. In addition, spermogram can detect the presence of health problems, such as diseases of the prostate and testicles, a violation in the structure of the urethra and the seminal ducts.

Preparation for spermogram

It is worth noting that the analysis of seminal fluid requires some training from a man:

  • Within four days before the analysis, you must stop any sexual intercourse, including masturbation.
  • A few days before the study should be abandoned the use of alcoholic beverages - even beer is banned.
  • If you are taking any medications, it is worth informing the doctor about it - maybe for a few days the treatment will have to be canceled or the spermogram will be transferred.
  • A few days before the delivery of samples should be abandoned visiting baths and saunas. It is not recommended to take hot baths. Optimal choice in such cases will be a shower.

It is worth noting that the violation of any of these rules can directly affect the quality of the sperm - thus, the results of the tests, as well as the diagnosis, will be incorrect.

Sperm analysis: how does it go?

preparation for spermogram

As a rule, the delivery of seminal fluid is carried out inspecialized clinics. Sperm in most cases get after masturbation. The process passes quickly and painlessly. In addition, ejaculate can be obtained after interrupted intercourse, but this method is used extremely rarely.

It is worth noting that when giving the test is best to refrain from using condoms, since contact with the latex can change the sperm state.

Some men prefer to receive samples at home. A number of clinics allow this method, although it is not considered optimal, because the sperm must be immediately delivered to the laboratory.

Spermogram analysis: how to decode the data?

Decoding of the results is best providedthe attending physician. But some data can be considered independently. In the results, first mention the amount of sperm - in the normal state it should stand out at least 3 - 5 ml.

spermogram analysis

Very important is the number of spermatozoa -in norm on 1 ml of a seed liquid should be from 60 up to 120 million male sexual cells. Reducing the number of spermatozoa can be a sign of a variety of diseases.

Spermogram also allows you to determinemobility of spermatozoa, which is very important for those couples who are trying to get pregnant. Normally, the number of active, mobile cells should be at least 60 - 70%.

Of course, laboratory tests areother characteristics - this is the color of the sperm, and the presence in it of any extraneous impurities (for example, blood), as well as the speed of movement of spermatozoa, the time of sample liquefaction, etc. Based on the findings, the doctor will be able to diagnose and prescribe a course of treatment. Although it is worth noting that the analysis of sperm is only part of the diagnosis, so it is likely that additional studies will be needed.

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  • Sperm analysis: when is it displayed Sperm analysis: when is it displayed Sperm analysis: when is it displayed Sperm analysis: when is it displayed Sperm analysis: when is it displayed Sperm analysis: when is it displayed