Soft toy monkey with your own hands

Soft toy monkey with your own hands

Now the popular kind of needlework isthe production of interior dolls. They become not only an ornament, but also favorite characters of children. Dolls are made in the form of people, and in the form of animals. Very interesting toy monkey. With your hands it can be done in many ways: sew or crochet.toy monkey with your own hands

Manufacturing options

A soft monkey toy with your own hands can be made like this:

  • It is sewn on the simple scheme from a fleece or felt including including in the form of a pillow.
  • It is sewn on a complex pattern of plush, artificial fur in the form of a realistic animal.
  • It is made in the form of a doll-tilde.
    soft toy monkey with your own hands
  • Created on the model of a flavored loft toy.
  • Made of multicolored socks or golf.
  • Crocheted in the form of a miniature object or almost in full size.

As you can see, the ways to create a soft toya lot of. Some are very simple and suitable even for inexperienced beginners. Complex patterns and schemes are better to choose if you already have skills in needlework.
soft toy monkey with your own hands pattern

What will be required

So, a toy monkey with his own hands can be sewn by one of the above methods.soft toy monkey tilde with your own hands patternFor work you need the following:

  • pattern or paper, pencil, eraser for its manufacture;
  • scissors;
  • the cloth;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • pins;
  • needle and thread;
  • sewing machine (you can use a manual stitch);
  • filler (holofayber, sintepon, trimming scraps);
  • decor (plastic eyes, nose, clothes).

If you will knit a toy, you will need a hook and yarn corresponding to each other dimensions, as well as a schematic.


toy monkey with your own hands patternA monkey toy with its own hands is easily sewn in the form of this functional interior decoration. The sequence of work is:

  1. Make a pattern in accordance with the submittedon the photo sample or use the template with the following illustration. If you do not have enough experience, take part 1 and 2 and combine it into one, although the ears can be sewn separately, and also complement the toy with a torso with arms and legs.
  2. We operate by a simple method: cut out a piece of muzzle with ears from paper.
  3. Fold the prepared fabric in half with the inside sides.
  4. Pin the pattern with the pins from the wrong side, circle the chalk along the contour, make allowances for the seams.
  5. Cut out the details.
  6. Sweep, then stitch the seam along the contour of the product, leaving a hole for eversion and filling.
  7. Turn out the workpiece.
  8. Fill in the prepared material.
  9. Carefully sew the hole with a thread with a needle manually.
  10. Sew plastic eyes, nose, glue orsecure before sewing the hole, if you bought the elements of the corresponding design. Embroider a smile. You can initially provide a three-dimensional detail of the muzzle 3 on the pattern above or a flat, repeating contour of the head.

Very simple soft toy monkeyhands in the form of a pillow, a small souvenir-magnet or suspension can be made of fleece or felt with stitches on the right side, when you do not need to turn the product. These materials are not crumbled in sections, and small parts of them can even be glued to the substrate.

 how to sew a toy monkey with your own hands

Attic monkey

How to sew a toy monkey with your own hands in the formpillows, you learned in the previous section. By the same principle, using the simplest pattern, consisting of two parts, it is easy to sew an original souvenir, which is called an attic or coffee toy. For their production simplified forms of animals are used. Details are cut out of cotton fabric, pre-painted with a decoction of coffee or tea. Depending on the concentration of ingredients in the solution and the holding time in it, the fabrics receive shades from light to dark brown. If you use natural coffee, the fabric will get a pleasant aroma. Also, as a filler, you can add dried aromatic spices and herbs.soft toy monkey with your own hands

A special zest for such toys is attachedinscriptions that adorn the body. Clothing such characters are usually not sewn, and all the decor is done with paints, for example, acrylic. To keep colors bright, the surface where the corresponding elements will be drawn, for example, the eyes are covered with a layer of PVA.

Soft toy monkey with your hands: patterns

If you have the time and enough experience, sewa full-fledged animal, for example, from artificial fur. Here you definitely can not do without patterns. Use the workpiece with the following illustration or make your own choice.

toy monkey with your own hands pattern

The manufacturing process will follow the sametechnology, as for a simple product. The difference is that one detail, for example, the head will be executed not from two, but from more details, so that it turns out to be more realistic. Make each element in turn and sew details.

Soft toy monkey-tilde own hands

Patterns for any monkey can be developed andyourself. Not very difficult to create are dolls-tildes. These products are very cute and beautiful. For their manufacture use the usual natural fabrics, and not fur. The doll-tilde has elongated proportions, elongated arms and legs.

As a rule, a certainemotionally colored character. You can make a monkey boy, a girl, a princess with a bouquet of flowers, a basket of gifts. Tildes are usually dressed in beautiful clothes and even shoes. Obtained humanized animals. As a base material, you can take a pink or light brown fabric. Clothes are made from any materials: they use lace, and satin, they knit sarafans, dresses, panties. That's such a sweet and romantic can be made soft toy monkey-tilde with your own hands. Patterns are easy to build independently, according to the sample of the finished product.

Monkey from the sock

There is another simple way to create cutelittle animals. To make you a beautiful soft toy monkey, you can not make patterns with your own hands. Very original and funny characters are easy to make from ordinary golf or to sew a toy monkey with your own handsIt is better to take plain or striped products. Use the diagram with the following illustration or independently cut out from your products the details of the monkey.

toy monkey with your own hands pattern

  1. The head is made from the front part of the sock (where the fingers are located). Cut off the part of the toe of the desired size.
  2. Fill the workpiece with a holofiber and pull the free edge with a thread with a needle in the form of a bag, and then gently sew the hole, forming a head.
  3. From the cut heel of the sock (well, if its color is contrast) make a muzzle, sewing it into the appropriate part of the head and filling it with holofayber.
  4. Torso, use an elongated part of the toe from the foot or gum, just as the head was made, only sew on both sides.
  5. Similarly, the paws and tail are made.
  6. The details are sewn together.
  7. Sew the elements of the face (eyes, nose).
  8. If desired, make a monkey outfit from any fabric.

Merry striped monkey is ready.

How to tie a monkey crochet

Schemes for crocheting monkeys very much. The most simple toy can be made on the basis of balls and circles.

soft toy monkey with your own hands The scheme for creating a flat circle is shown below. The volumetric ball is similar, only the middle part is made with the same number of loops in several rows, and then the decrements are carried out.soft toy monkey with your own hands patternThe principle of making a monkey will be this:

  1. Tie a ball of the right size for the head
  2. Make a slightly larger ball for the torso.
  3. For the ears, make two flat circles.
  4. The palms and feet are also easy to simplifysmall balls, attaching them to the body on hanging threads or braided plaits. The best option is to tie in the form of tubes of the required length on the basis of a ring of air loops of the appropriate diameter.
  5. Decorate the muzzle and the monkey itself can be in any way, like the sewn.

As you can see, a toy monkey with his own hands canbe performed in different ways: from a conventional plush product to a cute romantic tilde or a miniature monkey amigurumi. Choose the method you like. Create author's toys for decorating the interior and for the joy of the children.

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