Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity

Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Leonid Sergeyevich isSobolev. His biography will be discussed in detail below. It's about the Soviet writer. The deputy from 1958 to 1971. Member of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the 8th convocation.


sobolev leonidSobolev Leonid was born in 1898, on July 9 (21). It comes from the family of an officer who belongs to the small nobility. From 1910 to 1916 he was educated in the walls of the Third Alexander Cadet Corps. He was a participant in the Battle of Moonsund and the Ice Tour of the Baltic Fleet. He was the navigator of a battleship. From 1918 to 1931 he served in the ranks of the Red Fleet. He was the navigator of the destroyer "Orpheus" - the flagship in the detachment of the border guards. Since 1930 he has been in LOCAF. Since 1931, Mr .. is the organizational secretary of the Literary Association. Works in the journal "Zalp". In 1934, Leonid Sobolev spoke in the First All-Union Congress of Writers. From this period he joined the JV of the USSR.

In 1938 he went to Moscow. He was a military correspondent during the Soviet-Finnish war. Acted in this capacity from 1939 to 1940. During the war he was a correspondent in the newspaper Pravda. Collaborated with the Sovinformbureau and the Chief Political Administration of the Navy. Got the rank of captain. Until 1970 he served as chairman of the board of the Writers' Union. Passed the Stalin Prize, which was awarded to our hero for a book of short stories, to the Defense Fund. He asked me to build a boat for these funds, give him the name "Sea Soul", and also enroll in the fourth division of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet. He insisted on the party leadership of the Writers' Union. It is appropriate to mention here one curious fact: the writer himself all his life remained non-partisan.

In 1968 at the age of 70 on a Soviet cargo ship delivering food to Vietnam, traveled to Haiphong from Vladivostok and back. The writer was terminally ill. He shot himself in 1971, on 17 February. In his will, the writer asked to disperse the ashes, but was buried in the territory of the Novodevichy cemetery.


sea ​​soulSobolev Leonid made his first appearance in print in 1926. with an essay entitled "Lenin in Revel." Subsequently, the main place in the writings of the writer is the naval theme. In particular, she is told stories, a novel entitled "Major repairs", a collection of frontline essays, the story "Green Ray". They created publicistic and literary critical books "The Wind of Time" and "On the Main Course." Also our hero wrote screenplays.

In 1935 Leonid traveled to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. This step created an additional basis for future creativity. The writer contributed to the creation of the translation of the epic M.Ouezov's "Way of Abai". As a result, a Russian version of the Kazakh work appeared. Together with its author, our hero in 1941 created the tragedy "Abai". The next work of the writer was the work "Epos of the Kazakh people". He wrote articles about Dzhambul and Abay. He also devoted work to other Kazakh writers.


Sobolev leonid SergeyevichSobolev Leonid in 1968 was awarded the title of HeroSocialist Labor. He was awarded the medal "For the capture of Berlin." He received the Stalin Prize. He was awarded three Orders of Lenin. He was awarded the medal "For Military Merit". He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Received a medal "For the Defense of Odessa". He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor. Sobolev Leonid was awarded the medal "For the defense of Sevastopol." He was awarded two Orders of the Patriotic War of the first degree. He was awarded the medal "For victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945."


In memory of the writer in St. Petersburga special memorial plaque is installed. She is at the house where our hero lived from 1924 to 1971, at the address: Shpalernaya Street 30. There is a similar sign in Moscow. It is located at: Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 2/1. In this house the writer worked and lived in 1955-1971. In memory of the writer named research oceanographic vessel, which is part of the project 852. Also it should be said about the Central District Library of the Nevsky district. Since 1971 it bears the name of our hero Leonid Sobolev.


leonid sergeevich sobolev biography"Sea Soul" is a collection of front-line storiesand essays. The book takes place during the war. The plot tells of sailors who defended their homeland. The main characters are sailors, volunteers and conscripts. They enter into a deadly battle with fascism. Brave men win glory for the Navy of the USSR.

In addition, the pen of our hero belongs to the book"The Green Ray". It tells the story of the Civil War. Its heroes are also sailors of the Navy. Also the writer is the author of the novel "Capital repairs", the action of which unfolds before the First World War. The main character is the future naval officer Yuri Livitin. The huge ship "Generalissimo Suvorov Rymniki" is represented in the novel as the personification of the empire before the revolutionary explosion. The hero has to choose which side of the barricades he should be.

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  • Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity Sobolev Leonid: biography and creativity