Signs warning us of danger

Signs warning us of danger

Superstitions and signs firmly entered our lives. And sometimes, even a far from superstitious person suddenly begins to believe in what he initially laughed at. But some signs, indeed, warn us about the danger. Often the Destiny itself sends us warning signs. Carefully make out these signs, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from danger. Pay attention to the following 10 signs that will warn about upcoming negative events.

Hazard Warning Signs

1. Black cat

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A black cat that has crossed your path is a precursor of impending bad luck.

In this sign, people believe for many centuries. What is the reason for such a bias towards black cats?

And although many people keep cats as pets, it was black cats that were specifically identified as a symbol of failure.

So it was thought, mainly because they were the favorite pets of witches that existed in ancient times.

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The witches were not good people, they were not loved and were afraid of them. That is why black cats are associated with failures and harbingers of something unkind. These animals are associated with witches.

Broken mirror sign

2. Broken mirror

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A broken mirror is a sign that has always been associated with failure.

For many years, people believe that a fallen and broken mirror can lead to huge troubles that can last up to seven years!

This belief is based on the belief that the mirror holds the souls of people. When you break a mirror, it upsets their souls. So you doom yourself to failure.

Broken mirror may portend a serious illness, problems and troubles in life.

4) .jpg

In order to break the "curse" formed after splitting the mirror, it is necessary to do the following:

Sweep away all the fragments that have broken away from the mirror and, without looking at them, place in a tight bag. Then throw the bag away.

This method guarantees you and your loved ones complete safety from impending danger.

Bad omens in the house

3. A butterfly or bird has flown into the house

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It is believed that a butterfly that has flown in through a window or an open door is a sign of someone's family members coming.

Butterfly is a precursor to the exacerbation of the disease, which can be fatal.

If a butterfly has flown into the house, it should be caught with a net, covered with a can or other object. Then the insect needs to be brought in and released.

6) .jpg

When a bird flies into the house, it means that the soul of a dead person has penetrated to you, who wants to warn relatives about the imminent danger.

Thus, the soul of the deceased is trying to take away the troubles and bad weather from his beloved people.

Be sure to pay attention to this sign. It is best to go to church, put a candle for his repose, then visit the grave of the deceased, thank him for the warning sign, and ask for advice, help and patronage.

Why dog ​​whines

4. Whining and howling dog

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With the howling of dogs associated unpleasant omens.

As a rule, if in the evening we hear a long drawn-out howl of dogs in the yard, we begin to run goosebumps through the body, it becomes weird and uncomfortable.

In the past, it was believed that a dog's howl is a sign that some of close relatives will soon die.

8) .jpg

If a seriously ill person was in the house, and suddenly a dog began to howl in the courtyard or in the house, the family was preparing for the death of the patient.

Why can not congratulate in advance

5. Congratulations in advance

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It is believed that congratulating someone happy birthday before the due date, it is unfortunately. Failure threatens not only the birthday, whom you congratulated, but also the most congratulatory.

Forgetting or changing dates, you intervened in the course of Destiny. And this can not be done in any case.

Such a sign is tied to the fact that no one of people can know how much he is allotted by Fate and when he is destined to leave this world.

10) .jpg

It is strictly forbidden to intervene over time and change the course of events.

For this reason, an error in the date can lead to illness, failure or serious difficulties. Thus, a person must pay for a mistake.

But if you have already made such a mistake, you just need to pray for the health of the birthday boy.

Thing inside out, omen

6. Put the thing inside out

11) .jpg

Surely, many people remember how in childhood we were told: "Do not put things inside out! You will be beaten."

And indeed, this sign promises serious conflicts, problems, up to the assault and the infliction of bodily harm.

Try to carefully wear the thing.But if you are suddenly, hurrying somewhere, already put it inside out, remove the thing and put it on correctly.

12) .jpg

Then carefully pin the pin on the inside. It will become a kind of precautionary measure and set aside possible troubles and problems.

Empty bucket sign

7. Empty bucket

13) .jpg

To meet a woman with an empty bucket does not bode well.

Surely, each of us heard such a sign, and therefore secretly hoped that Grandma, who was going to meet the bucket, would certainly carry a full bucket.

In addition, a full bucket, by contrast, promises good luck and luck.

If a woman with empty buckets crossed your path, it means that soon you will not be able to carry out your plans and realize your plans.

14) .jpg

It is considered that, having seen a woman with empty buckets, it is necessary to take one of three actions:


-spit three times over the left shoulder

- or fingers crossed, put your hands in your pockets.

Omen stopped the clock

8. Stopped hours

15)). Jpg

There are many superstitions associated with the clock.

And, as a rule, these are not very good signs.

After all, the time allotted to man in our world is associated with the clock. Hours count the hours, minutes and seconds left to him to the end.

Therefore, many are afraid of how to give them, and take as a gift from others.

16) .jpg

Superstitious people fear and panic if the hands of the clock suddenly stop their turn. After all, in their opinion, this may be a sign of something bad and does not promise happiness in the near future.

Losing watches is also considered a bad sign, or if they are dropped and broken.

If the wall clock suddenly stopped, this is a sign that a person is in danger.

However, do not sound the alarm right away. To get started is to inspect the clock to identify the cause of failure.

Perhaps the battery just sat down or the mechanism broke.

If the failure was not detected, and the clock stopped for no apparent reason, it is possible that some higher forces wish to warn you about the danger.

Analyze your personal life, paying attention to its details.

It is possible that the stopped clock indicates that you are standing still, not moving in the right direction.

Maybe you are too closed from the outside world, gone headlong into the work, and put yourself barriers to personal happiness.

Or, the stopped arrows indicate that you are trampling on the ground in terms of career growth.

17) .jpg

Perhaps the frozen arrows tell you that you should not tread in one place in terms of career growth and you should make an effort not to miss your chance to improve life and go towards your goals.

The hands of the clock can also stop if someone gives up, falls into despair, stopping half way.

This simple device is very closely connected with its owner and behaves like a person: freezing and stopping its work when something goes wrong.

If the watches stopped working, then this is a sign that the person who wears them is in grave danger in the form of a serious illness or even death.

18)). Jpg

It is worth trying to reanimate the clock, passing it in for repair. Having repaired the clock, you can outwit the fate and avoid a terrible fate.

But if it happens that the watch can not be repaired, they can not be thrown out in any case.

To protect yourself from the negative consequences that may cause a clock to break, you need to wrap them in a piece of purple cloth, then place them in a place inaccessible to light.

Such a simple action will take away the trouble from the owner of the watch, and his life should be adjusted instantly.

Fallen photo, omen

9. Fallen photo

19) .jpg

Photography has a special energy of people who are depicted on it.

Therefore, with the pictures you need to be very careful. After all, many simply underestimate the power that ordinary photography possesses.

You can not allow the loss of photos, or put on public display images that are particularly valuable.

In skillful hands, a snapshot can be a very powerful weapon. There are many signs associated with photography.

Not surprisingly, a situation where a framed photo falls and breaks is considered very unpleasant.

20) .jpg

It becomes terrible and uncomfortable for many. Apparently, intuition suggests that this is an unkind sign. In fact, everything is not so scary.

For example, no need to panic when the photo fell by chance after someone touched him. You should also not worry if the photo in the frame was damaged due to transportation.

The situation when the frame with a photo falls for no apparent reason should be alarming.

For example, if she suddenly fell off a wall or a shelf, and the reason for this was not a draft or a push from outside, then this is certainly not a good sign.

If it so happened that the photo fell, the person captured in the photo, you need to be careful not to play with fate.

In the near future, you should avoid dangerous events, roads, etc.

No need to panic, scare or get depressed. It is possible that the fall of the frame with a photograph is some kind of warning sign that it is worth changing something.

10. Donated Sharps

21) .jpg

If someone brought you a set of knives or forks as gifts, this is also a bad sign.

Perhaps soon your house will be filled with quarrels and conflicts.

To avoid this, you need to wrap the sharp ends of the donated items with a soft cloth and fold them away from your eyes for a while. Thus, you smooth and sharp corners in conflict situations that arise in your home.

22) .jpg

After some time, get the items and use them calmly in everyday life.

But it is always worth remembering that knives and forks are on the list of what is best not to give.

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