Sign of the Zodiac Lions

Sign of the Zodiac Lions

Sign of the Zodiac Lions (23.07 - 23.08) is under the power of the Sun. His task is to give life, light and warmth. It is a sign of proud feelings, generosity and desire for self-realization. Leo is generous. He loves to be the center of attention. Personal independence and home are very important for him. He constantly feels the need to create something. For this he is able to thinklessly spend money and his knowledge. So open and active appears to the people around the sign of the zodiac Leo.zodiac sign of lions

A man born under this sign experiencesconstant attraction to the opposite sex. However, his love is better to restrain. It is this feature of his character that brings the greatest misfortunes and disappointments.

The sign of the zodiac Lions gives birth to people who are very gullible. They believe that everyone around them has the same idea of ​​honesty as they themselves. Leo does not like to repeat. If someone does not understand him the first time, then he shows obstinacy and distrust. Those who do not share his opinions should be careful and tactful in dealing with him.

The lion wants everyone to thinkabout him only good. For this he is ready to do anything. He knows perfectly well what impression he makes, and he constantly seeks to improve it. This is the sign of the zodiac Leo. It is a symbol of dignity, nobility, power. In every movement, there is something royal.

The presence of power significantly increases self-esteemThe lion. If he feels responsible, he will do anything to justify his trust. From Lvov, brilliant leaders are obtained. In the work he is able to show an extraordinary mind and creative abilities. His colleagues and subordinates respect him.sign of the zodiac lion male

The sign of the zodiac Lions gives birth to powerful women. They prefer to play the first role everywhere, including in marriage. If it comes to their children, then they can quickly turn into the most real lioness. They will not hurt their kids.

Lvov has a very ingenious mind. They show interest in various sciences and philosophies. They are confident and calm, brave and fearless. They never hit below the belt, even when they have a clear advantage over the opponent. If the Lions are in the place of the vanquished, they never give up the fight.

The sign of the Zodiac Lions has a number of negativecharacteristics. Some of the representatives of this sign, realizing their uniqueness, can become extraordinarily complacent. Their opinion of themselves sometimes becomes so good that they can not understand why others do not share it. They begin to feel that they are underestimated.which sign of the zodiac lion

Lions want everyone to think about them well. However, not all of them can actually correspond to this opinion. In the end, they play the role of virtuous people, which in fact are not. All this is done in order to be praised and highly appreciated. In some cases, Lions are so used to their role that they really change for the better. Otherwise, their pretense can swim to the surface, and this will be completely unpleasant for them. They should not succumb to flattery and other people's influence. It will be much more useful to look inside yourself. There they will always find a smart and uncommon person.

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  • Sign of the Zodiac Lions Sign of the Zodiac Lions Sign of the Zodiac Lions Sign of the Zodiac Lions Sign of the Zodiac Lions