Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews

Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews

On the shore of the Adriatic Sea, in Italy,is the ancient seaside town of Trieste. The sights of this small village are known far beyond the borders of the country. We will introduce you to some of them today.sights of Trieste

A bit of history

The first mention of the city dates back to the 1st century During the reign of Emperor Octavian, the first city fortifications were built. Due to its favorable location, in the Middle Ages, Trieste has become an important shopping center. Many states tried to conquer it: the Hamburg monarchy, the Venetian republic, and others.

The heyday of the city came only in the 18th century, whenCharles VI gave Trieste the status of a free city. During this period, the city became uneasy one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean, but also the resort of Austria-Hungary. In 1954, Trieste and the territories north of it moved to Italy.triest attractions

Sights of Trieste, Italy: List

The city is rich in interesting monuments and historical, cultural and architectural sights. Below we will present a list of the ten most popular and well-known ones:

  1. The Grand Canal.
  2. Grande Canal.
  3. Basilica of San Silvestro.
  4. Valley of Val Rosandra.
  5. Lighthouse.
  6. Seawater aquarium.
  7. The Museum of Revoltella.
  8. San Giovanni Park and Rose Garden.
  9. Theater Giuseppe Verdi.
  10. Cave Grotta Jigante.

Attractions in Trieste: Grand Canal

We will begin our acquaintance with the city withsightseeing, which became the visiting card of the city. Often, "small Venice" is called Trieste. The sights that are here, really allow it to be so called. First of all, this refers to the Grand Canal, which was built in the late 18th century. It is built in the very center of the city, so that traders can get on the water for loading / unloading goods.

At first the canal was longer, but after the demolition of the Old Town its length was reduced. Now locals and guests of Trieste like to walk here. Through the canal, two bridgestriesto italy attractions

Grande Canal

This channel was built in 1766 under the projectMatteo Pirona and became an important element of the renovated Trieste, and the beginning of Borgo Teresiano - a modern district, located between Piazza della Liberta and Corso Italy.

Previously, this area was occupied by solonchakmarshes that are completely drained. In ancient times the Grande Canal was a busy shopping center of the city. And today its banks are connected with squares, historic cafes, churches, which were built by merchants who turned into the great trading city of Trieste (Italy). Its attractions are included in almost all excursion tours around the country.

Each year, along the Grande Canal, various events take place. Traditionally it is held here, the Barcolana Regatta, and before Christmas there are held fairs.

Basilica of San Silvestro

Trieste is a city whose attractionshave an ancient history. For example, this basilica was built in the XI century, and is the oldest church in Trieste. In addition, within its walls today is the center of the Valden and Swiss evangelical communities.

In Trieste there was a Swiss Protestantcommunity. At the end of the XIX century, despite numerous administrative difficulties, the Walden community was annexed to it. This contributed to the development of the religious and cultural life of the city.triest city attractions

The facade of the magnificent basilica is made in Romanesquestyle and remarkable elegant window-outlet. Before the former main entrance to the church, today there is a Romanesque porch, which is crowned by a bell tower. After the devastating earthquake of 1927, the basilica was badly damaged, and it had to be rebuilt. At the same time, she was returned to the 14th century. And a year later San Silvestro was declared a monument of national importance.

Recently, the restoration of the ancient organ of the basilica was completed. Today it is used not only during worship services. The church regularly hosts concerts of organ and classical music.

Valley of Val Rosandra

If you are planning a trip to Trieste,Sights (description and history of which are the subject of our review) you can see in the advertising brochures of travel agencies. Nevertheless, we want to tell about some of them.

In the vicinity of Trieste one of the most picturesqueplaces is the valley of Val Rosande, which is loved both by the inhabitants of the city, and by travelers. In addition, this place was chosen by climbers from different countries of Europe. They say that it was here that Emilio Komichi, a well-known admirer of this sport, understood his secrets.

It is better to begin acquaintance with a valley with a shelter of the Premud which is considered as the lowest mountain in the country. Tourists can admire the valley of Rosandra with its waterfall and the stark landscapes of the Karst plateau.

Lighthouse Faro della Vittoria

Outside the city, it is knownAttraction. Trieste is famous for its lighthouse, which rises to 70 meters. It is located on a hill, on the ruins of the fortress Kressih, which was built in 1854. The lighthouse is considered to be one of the highest in the world.

It was designed by a native of the city, an architectArduino Berlam during the First World War. Construction began in 1923 and was completed in four years. King Vittorio Emmanuele III visited the grand opening of the city's landmark. Trieste also today uses a lighthouse for its intended ​​of Trieste italy attractions

Since 1979 and for seven years the lighthouseunderwent a planned restoration. In addition to performing the basic functions, today the unique structure became a monument in memory of the sailors who perished in the First World War. This is the memorial plaque at its foundation.

Seawater aquarium

The interesting sights of Trieste (with the description), which we have placed in this article, will allow you to develop a preliminary excursion route that will be of interest to both adults and children.

The marine aquarium consists of thirty smallreservoirs containing fish and crustaceans of the Adriatic Sea, and large octahedral aquariums are inhabited by large fish, stingrays and small sharks.

It is interesting that water for reservoirs is taken fromsea, at the pier. Then it is pumped into the tower at a height of about ten meters. There it passes through the mud sump, and then descends into the tanks to the first floor. This system allows you to constantly change the water, while leaving the plankton intact.

The Museum of Revoltella

And now, we invite you to visit culturalAttraction. Trieste is known for its art gallery, which began with the collection of Baron Pasquale Revoltella, who began collecting the most valuable works of art since 1872. Baron bequeathed the palace and an invaluable collection to his native city. And that is not all. Revoltela left a very large amount of money for the annual expansion of the museum's collection and the formation of the collection of works of art.

By the end of the XIX century in the gallery were mainlyThe works of Italian masters Favretto, Morelli, Palizzi, Nono, Prevati and canvases of European artists are presented. At the turn of the 20th century, valuable acquisitions were made at the Venice Biennale, among which was the famous painting "The Lady with the Dog" by De Nittis.

San Giovanni Park with Rose Garden

In this park people like to relax localsand guests of the city. Its history began in 1908. The garden of roses in this park is one of the largest in the country. Here grow about five thousand bushes. These include American, European, and Japanese varieties. In the garden is a collection of roses of the Art Nouveau era, which are planted in flower beds, symmetrical forms, and arches that are adorned with curly roses, popular at that time.attractions Trieste with a description

A significant part of the rose garden is ona sunlit wide terrace in the north-east of the park. It is dedicated to modern collections of roses, which includes bouquet and curly, tea-hybrid, clematis and ornamental herbs.

Cave Grotta Jigante

This huge cave is located on the limestonePlateau Kras, on its Italian side, very close to the village of Borgo Grotta Jigante. The central hall of the cave is 107 meters high, with a width of 65 meters and a length of 130 meters.

In 1995, this dungeon was recognized by theThe world's largest tourist cave and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its main decoration is numerous stalagmites and stalactites, most of which amaze with its rare shape and beauty.

A steep path leads tourists to the greatesthall with various calcareous deposits. The largest of them reaches twelve meters in height. Excursion in the dungeon takes no more than 45 minutes. The large spacious hall, as well as the constant air temperature during the year, made it possible to install here two horizontal pendulums that hang from a height of 100 meters. These are the longest pendulums in the world. There are also other devices necessary for research. triest sightseeing description and history

Giuseppe Verdi Theater

A wonderful opera house with a namea well-known Italian composer, was built on private money in the early 19th century. It was designed for only 800 seats. The first production on this stage was the opera Ginevradi Scozia.

Later the theater was restored and its auditorium began to accommodate about one and a half thousand fans of the opera. Today, the International Operetta Festival is held annually in the summer months.

Reviews of tourists

According to travelers, Trieste (Italy),whose attractions are very diverse - one of the brightest Italian cities. In it there are resort areas and areas for living. At the same time, there are not too high prices for Rome or Venice.

Those wishing to visit Trieste in October willwitnesses of the Regatta, in which amateurs from different countries take part. In this city, next to modern yachts, there are the cathedrals of the 13th century. Here you can combine beach holidays with sightseeing, and spend it in the company of friends or with your family.

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  • Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews Sights of Trieste, Italy: list, description, interesting facts and reviews