Self-heating seat heater

Self-heating seat heater

No matter how "cool" the car is, when it comesRussian winter, you do not want to get into the car. In the cabin it seems to be warm, but the seats cool not only the soul, but a certain area of ​​the body. Exit two - either sit and warm the chair with your warmth, or install the heated seats.

heating seat installationSome modern models already in the basiccomplete sets have heating system. The rest will have to either mount the heated seats with their own hands, or contact the car service. As for car service, questions, as a rule, do not arise. There, experts themselves know what and how to install, and what to connect to. Another thing - an independent installation.


The first thing you need to choose the right kitheating elements. Some motorists advise to purchase a set of "Emelya UK-2", which is designed for two seats. This kit contains four heating elements. Therefore, for three thousand rubles, you can equip two seats.

Work begins with the dismantling of the seat. No, it is not required to remove the armchair from the salon. It is enough just to remove the upholstery. The heated seats are installed under the upholstery of the seat and the back of the heatingIn order not to damage the material, the upholstery needs to be lightlypull down, and then to the side. Then it is necessary to unhook the fastening clips. After this, the material must be carefully removed from the hooks. Upholstery is pulled out from under the chair, then the bottom clip is uncoupled. Now the queue rings. The work is laborious. The fact is that these fasteners are kept in good conscience: in order to unhook them, you will have to use a screwdriver and pliers.

As soon as all rings are uncoupled, the claddingwill disconnect. Now begins the installation of heated seats. To do this, remove the kit from the package. On one side of the heating elements are self-adhesive strips. Do not remove the film from them, you need to attach the elements to the seat and back. The canvas is good to disentangle and make sure that it does not protrude beyond the edges of the seat. Then you can remove the protective film on the adhesive strips. With their help, the heating elements are glued to the plane. For reliability, small clamps can be used to secure the strips. But this is optional.

seat heatingAfter fixing all the heating elementsyou can start wiring and connect the heating to the electrical system of the car. The first step is to determine the location for the heating regulator. It can be installed next to a 12-volt power outlet. Installation of the kit will be greatly facilitated by the two templates available in the kit. To connect to the network, you need to remove the center console, then connect the bar, template and outlet in one piece. The template cuts neat two holes.

Installation of heated seats providesconnection to the ignition lock. In this case, you can use any free terminal. And do not forget about the "mass". After the connection, a relay is installed. It can be placed next to the radio. All the wiring is "hiding" under the center console, and it is fixed in its place. The installation process is completed by returning to the seat upholstery.

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