Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security

Security is what? Safety of work, movement, information. Security

The concept of security for today is alreadywell studied. These are special conditions in which the object is located, allowing it to avoid the harmful effects of internal and external factors. Simply put, this is a state of protection of the interests of the state, society or individual. There are a lot of types of security. The main ones are environmental, fire, industrial, information, internal, external, military, economic and national security. Below, all these varieties will be examined in more detail.

Environmental Safety

A combination of states and actions thatprovide a balance in the environment, represent environmental safety. These are actions that do not harm the population of the planet, flora and fauna. It is very important to ensure the normal existence of man in natural conditions. It is in the interests of everyone to protect the planet from potential and real threats. Security requirements at first glance are fairly simple. It is necessary to strive to preserve wildlife, do not pour chemicals into the soil and rivers, properly dispose of waste.

security is Today a person performs a huge amountactions that slowly but surely lead the planet to destruction. First of all, technical progress contributes to this. New gadgets are being created, work is being automated in factories and factories. Along with this, more and more exhausts get into the air, which inevitably leads to global warming. In the XX century, scientists around the world have already begun to think about the presence of serious environmental problems. Security systems are being developed that can significantly improve the state of the planet. Already today many have switched to ecologically clean types of energy. With the help of the sun and the power of water, it is possible to heat huge rooms, and the classic cars have been replaced by electric vehicles.

Another major problem remainsEcological catastrophes, which do not depend on humanity in any way. These are various natural phenomena in the form of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. It is, of course, impossible to influence such events. Nevertheless, in the forces of man to predict the catastrophe. A normal weather forecast allows you to prepare for an upcoming cataclysm. This helps to protect the world's population from huge human losses.

National security

Such a concept is a collectionactivities that ensure the normal existence of an individual state. National security is health care, military training, a complex of social and political activities. Responsibility is borne by the government of a separate state. The head is obliged to ensure the protection of the state and social system, organize the defense of order. Build a correct medical system. Not the least role here is also information security. People in a separate state should be sure that they will always come to the rescue in a difficult moment. Various medical institutions and social services work for this purpose. The government should work transparently at the same time. It is difficult to talk about national security if the top of the state does not inform the people about its actions.

safety requirements Ensuring security in the state in the first placethe queue falls on the chapter. Further, duties are shared between different services. They are the army, the police, various social and medical institutions. State insurance helps to be confident in its protection to the people. A person pays taxes, some of which goes to the maintenance of services that protect the population. Therefore, anyone who aspires to deceive the state, puts its share in the destruction of national security.

Industrial safety

This condition of people's security from accidents onvarious industrial objects. First of all, this applies to those who work in factories and factories. Before a person receives a position, he must be instructed. There are safety rules in the workplace that must be adhered to. One slightest mistake will be enough for an technogenic catastrophe to occur. A vivid example is the explosion at the Chernobyl power station. This event entailed a violation of the security not only of people working in the enterprise, but also of many residents of other countries. Already passed nearly 30 years, and the consequences of those events are palpable so far.

safety regulations Industrial safety is one of thecomponents of labor protection. Teach the simplest rules of children begin at an early age. In the school curriculum there is a special subject - OBZH. Thanks to such training, it is possible to avoid serious accidents at production facilities, because the future employee knows the basic rules even before studying the job description.


Work in an enterprise or factory should beproperly organized. A person entering the workforce should be sure that he will manage to save his life and health. Especially it concerns such industrial objects as construction, chemical factories, nuclear power plants, etc. There are objects that are obviously dangerous for human health. Industrial safety in this case is to provide workers with special protective suits and helmets. In addition, people at hazardous enterprises have the right to benefits, they are much earlier going to retire.

Occupational safety also includes special conditionswork. A person can receive monetary compensation if he has to work in conditions that are dangerous for health. Before entering the position, it is possible to sign an insurance contract, according to which the employee will receive a cash payment in the event of an industrial injury. In order for mankind to exist, someone must carry out dangerous work. Safety at the same time should be ensured at a decent level.

Fire safety

This concept is a statebuildings, which is characterized by the possibility of preventing or preventing a fire. It is very important that in the process of the catastrophe human losses are avoided. The safety requirements can be quite stringent, and the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the engineer who is developing the drawing of the room. Before the construction of the building begins, it is necessary to think about where the fire exits will be located, and how the fire shield will be placed.

There are general requirements that will helpprevent fire. The spread of fire is impossible if the combustible materials do not contact the ignition sources. Particular attention is paid to fire safety in enterprises, whose work is impossible without rapidly flammable substances. There should be several times more fire exits and special shields with a fire extinguisher, sand and hose. A special emergency notification system must work. It can be an alarm in the form of a sound signal. In addition, special emergency shutdown systems are being developed today. This avoids the excessive spread of fire in factories.

 Industrial Safety In educational and pre-school institutions,provide fire safety for children. Several times a year, a training alarm can be conducted, which will simulate the situation of fire growth in the room. Influence with children is very difficult in a stressful environment. Adults should understand how children behave in a fire. Teachers should be able to calm their wards and calmly send them to the emergency exit.

Economic security

This concept, which implies the existencestable income or other resources that allow to exist normally. This includes normal solvency, the presence of a permanent place of work, the ability to plan your budget. The least protected in the economic plan are people who are not able to work. Their safety is taken care of by social services. If a person can not earn his own by himself, the state will take care of him. A able-bodied citizen should receive training and decent work. In a developed state, economic security depends entirely on the subject itself.

Economic security can be provided withThe work of employment services. Everyone can find a suitable profession for himself. It is only necessary to seek help. Within a certain time a citizen may receive unemployment benefits. But this monetary compensation is only temporary.

Military Security

One of the constituent parts of the nationalsecurity of the state. It is provided by the development of the country, as well as by the general situation in the world. Every citizen should be protected from various military threats. The conflict can grow between different territorial units or within one state. Most often, military actions are civil in nature, when the government conducts dictatorial policies and does not care about the economic security of its citizens. The discontent of the people can increase, which will inevitably lead to military actions.

Military security of an individual state byrelation to other territorial units can be ensured by a good army. The people should be sure that there are high-quality weapons and equipment in the country that will allow them to rise in case of need to protect national interests. In this case, people need to know the basic rules of security during the hostilities. The people should be informed about the presence of bomb shelters.

Information Security

The ability to preserve information resources andlegal rights of the individual refers to the notion of "information security". This is especially true when a person does not represent his existence without the World Wide Web. The Internet is a unique opportunity to find any interesting information, practically to communicate free of charge with distant relatives. In addition, it is with the help of a virtual network that today the work of many factories, organizations, financial institutions is provided.

safety Ensuring information security hasgreat value. Personal data should always be protected from strangers. At the same time, there is information that should be publicly available. These are various statements on bank accounts, utility payments, etc. For violation of information security law provides for administrative liability.

Personal safety

The state of human security from encroachmentsfrom other actors are called personal security. In addition, this concept includes the ability to save life and health from various natural phenomena. Personal security in most cases depends on the subject itself. If a person fulfills all the rules and takes responsibility responsibly to his existence, no disaster threatens him. The safety of traffic is of great importance. The carriageway is a zone of high risk. Therefore, from an early age, parents should teach children how to cross the road and ride a bicycle. Adults should comply with all the rules of the road without exception. The life and health of other subjects can depend on this.

 traffic safety There is also such a thing as securitytourism. A person who is not adapted to the conditions of a foreign country can easily get lost or harm his health. The most dangerous are the ski resorts. Experts do not recommend traveling on their own. It is necessary to arrange a tour in a travel company and additionally sign an insurance contract.

Child safety

Responsibility for the life and health of children is borne byparents. It is especially important to always keep a child of preschool age in sight. The kid, by virtue of his curiosity, can get injured by domestic objects or fall under high tension. At home, you can use special items that will help ensure the safety of children. These are different silicone pads on sharp corners, plugs for doors and sockets.

Safety of movement, parents are obligedprovide with the help of car seats. It is forbidden to carry a child without a special seat in the car. He is selected according to the age of the child. There are universal car seats that are transformed and suitable for kids with different weight and height.

Information Security One of the most dangerous places for a child is a pond. Here you can not leave the baby unattended, and you can go to depth only with inflatable circles and armlets.

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  • Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security Security is what Safety of work, movement, information. Security