Schizophrenia: heredity or something else

Schizophrenia: heredity or something else

The trouble in life can happen any. Our well-being does not always depend only on ourselves, for there is something before which we are completely powerless.

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a very commonmental illness. Under him, consciousness, perception, thinking, motivation, activity of a person constantly change, preventing him from stopping at a particular state. Surprisingly, it remains mysterious even today, when a lot of dissertations are written on this topic, a huge number of all kinds of experiments and experiments have been performed, and many patients suffering from this ailment have been studied. Some believe that schizophrenia is curable, but there are many experts who are ready to argue with this.

No one is protected from schizophrenia. This applies to both children and adults. True, it is worth noting that the first symptoms of it, as a rule, appear at the age of sixteen to twenty-five years. People who have lived to the age of forty are much less likely to get schizophrenia, and men are much more likely to get sick than women. And schizophrenia is heredity, and only. So it was thought before. Today, there are data on the basis of which it can be concluded that the reasons can be hidden not only in the genes.

Schizophrenia: a disease whose symptoms you need to know each

At the very beginning of the subjectpeople can notice a small inhibition in the actions, which eventually increases and intensifies, until the patient begins to fall into the most ordinary stupor. Also for this disease are characterized by auditory hallucinations. This symptom can be manifested in different ways: in some cases, it seems to the patient that the voices are directly in his head (sometimes they are even capable of inducing him to do something), in other cases a person always seems to be talking to someone who is beside.

Patients with schizophrenia, as a rule, are not capable ofto differentiate emotions: love and hate, fun and longing - they are able to experience these opposite feelings simultaneously. Symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations. In the beginning the person sees just separate images, and at the late stages of the disease he is already struggling to separate reality from fiction.

In addition to the above, the symptoms in this case include:

  • obsessions;
  • rave;
  • unreasonable excitement;
  • unconnected flow of thoughts;
  • indifference to what is happening.

Schizophrenia: heredity or not?

This is a difficult question. For many years people have been trying to understand why some people develop schizophrenia. Heredity and only heredity - that was the opinion of leading experts in this field, but the results of recent studies suggest that things are a bit different.

It used to be that schizophrenia can get sickOnly those who have people in the family who have this malady in one way or another manifested themselves. In the event that the patient did not find relatives-schizophrenics, they came to the conclusion that the disease in the genus still exists, but it was not manifested earlier (or that the patient is simply not aware of such cases).

Undoubtedly, to think about your mentalhealth should be everyone who has a history of schizophrenia. Heredity in this case plays not the last role, however it is not necessary to believe, that at the person who is sick to it, all descendants too are born sick. It is possible that the disease will no longer manifest at all.

To date, it has been proved thatheredity is the cause of this mental illness in only fifty percent of cases. In the remaining half of cases, this ailment results from the mutation of the sex cells of the parents. The reasons for this mutation are unknown to date, but there is every reason to assert that no one is immune from it.

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  • Schizophrenia: heredity or something else Schizophrenia: heredity or something else Schizophrenia: heredity or something else Schizophrenia: heredity or something else Schizophrenia: heredity or something else Schizophrenia: heredity or something else