Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos

"Samsung Galaxy S4": characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos

The company Samsung has long deserved authority amongbuyers and even has their dedicated fans. In the line there are many models of the most diverse technique. Especially popular are smartphones of this famous company. In this article we will consider one of the most common models to date - Samsung Galaxy S4, whose technical characteristics are still of interest to many, despite the fact that the phone is not a novelty of the galaxy c4 feature


It is the design of the device is extremely controversialtopic. After the release of the model on the world markets, there were many claims to the Korean manufacturing company about the appearance of the device. The thing is that the visual novelty was practically the same as its predecessor. In fact, this is one of the main problems of the entire series of Samsung smartphones. There is no design at all, all products are made in one style, as if the manufacturer purposely tries to depersonalize his models. The characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S4, in terms of external performance, are in many respects similar to all descriptions of device design from the company. The flagship has simple, streamlined from all sides, uncomplicated forms. The device is smooth, like sea pebbles. Its plastic body and gloss, so unloved by users due to permanent scratches, does not deter from its acquisition. Surprisingly, even despite such a faceless design, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (whose technical characteristics cover all the shortcomings of the case) is kept in the top of the best-selling models of the world. Sly Korean manufacturers do not understand us better than you, that the appearance is far from being the most important factor when choosing a phone. The company frankly declares that in the near future it is not going to change its strategy. However, perhaps this should be done, especially with such production capacities. Compared with its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4, whose characteristics are largely identical, has slightly less rounded corners, a slightly wider rim and a different flash arrangement. The dimensions and weight of the device remained unchanged. To innovations it is possible to carry materials: on change to usual plastic the fashionable polycarbonate has come. This is good news, because there is a possibility that the new case will be more resistant to scratches.

Ease of use

The keys and connectors of the model remained in place. The lateral frame that surrounds the display has slightly decreased, which allowed to accommodate the characteristics of a larger screen in the same dimensions as the Samsung Galaxy S4. This, of course, is commendable, because a large screen will be to everyone's taste, but huge dimensions confuse many. Pleases and the fact that the back cover has remained removable, that is, the user has the opportunity to replace the battery by himself, insert the SIM-card without additional devices, etc. Originally the phone came in two colors (black and white), a little later there were colored cases, which allows everyone to choose a gadget in their favorite color galaxy s4 specifications


Once on the road, the Koreans invariably followhim. The new "Samsung Galaxy S4" (screen characteristic 1920X1080 pixels) is equipped with a display Super AMOLED. The diagonal is 126 mm., Full HD resolution and more than 441 pixels - pixel density, really pleased the buyers. In general, the screen is quite good, the brightness is quite enough, the wide viewing angles are certainly a plus, the smallest elements on the display are clearly drawn. The screen is sensitive to touch. "Samsung Galaxy S4", the characteristic of which is considered in this article, differs with another interesting chip - the ability to control the sensor in gloves. This is very convenient, especially if you take into account the harsh Russian galaxy s4 mini specifications


Immediately note that the experience of creating cameras,accumulated by the Korean company for many years, was not wasted. The new smartphone got a good camera. Of course, this applies directly to the photo processing algorithm itself, because the Exmor R (camera module) from Samsung is developed by Sony. A matrix with BSI backlighting and 13 Mp resolution is used. There is also a front camera aimed, as a rule, to create self-portraits and video calls (its resolution is 2 Mp). The manufacturer promises users the possibility of a one-time shooting from both cameras. An entertaining addition will be software, capable of composing and processing received materials, creating entire stories, accompanied by a sound track. There is no dedicated button for photos on the case, but it's not required, because you can lower the shutter with the volume key. In general, a fairly high-quality camera is equipped with Samsung Galaxy S4. The characteristic in figures for many does not bear any practical information, so you can view the photos taken by the flagship on the street and in the galaxy s4 specifications


The hardware platform of the smartphone is based onthe most powerful SoC Exynos 5410 Octa. It includes 2 quad-core processors (ARM Cortex - A15 with a frequency of 1.9 GHz and ARM Cortex - A7 with reduced frequencies of 1.2 GHz). The application offered by the company is obvious: with a serious load, the first one is involved, and to perform those tasks that do not involve significant processing power, top-energy cores are replaced by energy efficient ones. With regard to image processing, here Samsung Galaxy S4 "(the graphics characteristic, as already mentioned, is decent) is supported by the specialized graphics core PowerVR SGX 544MP3.

Autonomous work

Samsung phone Galaxy S4

The flagship is equipped with a removable battery, which can beit is extremely necessary, for example, in situations with an inflated battery (which sometimes happens), or in cases of long trips, when it is definitely not a hindrance to get a second battery. The smartphone also supports the wireless charging function, which is indispensable for all advanced users. More details will tell you about the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery:

  • The Internet. When Wi-Fi is turned on and the browser page is updated every minute, the gadget can withstand about 8.5 hours of operation. All this with 70% brightness and power saving off.
  • Reading. In the conditions of disconnected wireless networks, the phone remains charged 10.5 hours with automatic page turning.
  • Video. Uninterrupted playback for 10.5 hours is possible, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, whose characteristics are somewhat lower (6 hours of battery life in this mode).

In general, it can be noted that the flagship work timefrom the battery is satisfactory. However, you have to constantly monitor and disable unnecessary services. In this regard, the phone is similar to the powerful smartphones of other well-known manufacturers. If you constantly keep all applications and services on, charging will hardly last until evening.

samsung galaxy s4 duo characteristics

"Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos" (specifications)

As a matter of fact it is the reduced copy of "Galaxy S4". Here everything is slightly smaller: both the screen, and the body, and the resolution of the camera, and performance. The main advantages of the model - compactness, more affordable price and, of course, the ability to install two SIM-cards simultaneously. This point is often decisive when choosing a particular smartphone. In modern conditions, when you need to constantly be in touch, it is very convenient to have one device and several SIM-cards in it. This allows you to save on calls between different operators and not carry several devices with you.


With the continued operation of the smartphone "Samsung Galaxy s4" (the characteristics were discussed in detail), it gives out malfunctions in the camera, which were later fixed in the new firmware.

Like most powerful phones, the upper part of the lid is heated, but this is only for serious loads.

There are also some complaints about the Super AMOLED display and the difficulty of using it on a sunny day.


"Galaxy S4", as well as "Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini",the characteristics of which are slightly lower, certainly, are high-end smartphones. The company does not disappoint its fans and continues to produce high-quality products.smartphone samsung galaxy s4 specificationsAs for prices, everything is standard here: the starting price at the beginning of sales is 30,000 rubles, but it is rapidly falling with the release of new models. If for you the main thing not appearance of the device, and its practicality and "stuffing", it is possible to acquire "Samsung" safely. For many years, the phones of this company are in the top of the best and are the main competitors of the IPhone, Sony, HTC and others.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos Samsung Galaxy S4: characteristics of the phone, reviews and photos