Salute bicycles: characteristics

Salute bicycles: characteristics

Bicycles "Salute" are one of thethe most popular brands of two-wheeled vehicles of domestic production as of the end of the last century. However, such models do not cease to be in demand even in our times. After all, the bikes of this brand are extremely reliable assembly and long life.

Let's look at the basic operational properties that the Salutes bicycles have.

Design features

bicycles saluteBicycles of the popular brand are characterized by the following parameters:

  • frame - steel, reinforced;
  • steering column - high with elongated, height-adjustable carry-over;
  • fork - steel, round section;
  • wheels - steel rims with onboard tires;
  • pedals - metal, road type;
  • brakes - rear, foot;
  • saddle - metal, adjustable in height with a semi-rigid seat;
  • the system of switching of speeds is absent.

Frame type

Bicycles "Salute" were made from high-quality, high-strength steel alloy. To date, several design options are available to users:

  1. Bicycle "Salute" folding - the frame has a hinged type lock. In models produced during the USSR, parts of the composite structure are fixed with a handle or a hexagonal screw.
  2. The model with a universal frame in the past was considered the most prestigious option, as the frame here is distinguished by a diamond-shaped, extremely convenient form for male users.
  3. A bicycle with a dismountable type frame consists of two half-frames that are rigidly connected in the area of ​​the seat tube. Such bicycles "Salute" are extremely rare, rarity models.

Steering wheel

salute bike reviewsThe bikes of this brand are equipped with deep steering columns, convenient for control when the vehicle is flat. Adjustment here can be made both by the inclination of the handles and by the height.


Bikes of this brand have saddles,presented in the form of a soft latex cushion or a rigid spring tire. The maximum level of the stem raising is limited by a special mark. Since such models are stopped by applying pressure to the foot brake, the seat here is usually placed slightly lower than the bicyclist's desired landing level, which helps to ensure a safe stop.


Bicycles brand "Salute" equipped with single-walledrims with 36 knitting needles. The tires have parameters - 533x37 mm. Due to the rather modest size of the wheels here do not have a tangible free stroke. The rigidity of the bushing is controlled by loosening or tightening the conical clamp with a key. The settings are fixed by tightening the outer locknut.


bicycle salute foldingHow reliable is the "Salute" (bicycle)? The owners' feedback shows that the models of this brand need regular care. Before the next departure it is required to check the serviceability of the brakes, the level of pressure in the tires, the tightening of all threaded joints and assemblies.

Bulkhead components and lubrication of partsmust be produced at least several times during the season. Before placing the two-wheeled vehicle for long-term storage, it is advisable to wash the functional systems with kerosene, wipe it thoroughly with a cut of dry cloth, and treat it with neutral lubricant.

Bicycle "Salute" is recommended to store insuspended with pumped wheels. Leave transport for the off-season period is better in a dry room, where there are not expected to be sudden temperature changes.

Following such simple recommendations, you can avoid serious problems while operating a bicycle and significantly extend its service life.

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  • Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics Salute bicycles: characteristics