Rosbank: Expert Reviews

Rosbank: Expert Reviews

The credit market of the Russian Federation for thisthe moment is booming. Several factors contributed to this. First, the international financial crisis, which caused many organizations to seek salvation and, as a consequence, change their credit policies. One of the brightest examples of this is Rosbank. Experts say unequivocally - the crisis positively influenced the development of this organization.rosbank reviews

Rosbank is a private universal bank,which is part of the banking group Societe Generale. This group provides financial services around the world to both corporate and private clients. In addition to its own development, the organization also opened several highly specialized subsidiaries, namely:

  • "Rusfinance" is a company engaged primarily in consumer lending to citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • DeltaCredit - the main occupation of this company is mortgage lending.

Branches of AKB "Rosbank" can be found in more than340 cities and villages of the country. The total number of branches of this financial organization is more than 700. The size of the capital and assets of the bank puts it on the first place among all the largest financial structures of the Russian Federation. Rosbank, which can be found in various sources, is currently one of the five largest banking institutions in terms of loan portfolio. Today, it serves more than 3 million customers. In addition, the bank is the leader in the sphere of issuing loans to individuals and is developing a new direction in the service - private banking, designed to meet the needs of very wealthy customers.

branch of RosbankOne of the key areas of workfinancial organization, such as Rosbank, expert reviews of which lie only in a positive field, is the servicing of various legal entities. This is corporate lending and investment services. By the end of 2010, Rosbank ranked twelfth among all financial organizations of the Russian Federation in attracting funds from legal entities. Today, its clients include some of the largest companies, both Russian and international. Among other things, Rosbank, whose branches can be found in any corner of Russia, is the leading organizer in the market of municipal and corporate ruble bonds and a participant in the all-Russian ATM network. This network combines more than 8000 devices and allows you to get funds almost anywhere in the Russian Federation.

For small and medium-sized businesses, there is alsoa lot of services that Rosbank has developed. The comments of financiers mark not only his credit programs, but also deposits, salary projects, business cards, cash management services, commercial mortgage loans and much more.

branches oao AkbasbankRosbank is a member of the programdeposit insurance. This means that any depositor, whose contribution does not exceed 700 thousand rubles. a state guarantee is issued for the return of these funds. In the event that the bank fails to perform its functions and pay on deposits, the government of the Russian Federation guarantees citizens a refund of their money.

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