Reviews of Nissan Cascais 2

Reviews of Nissan Cascais 2

A young but already popular Nissan brandQashqai was supplemented by a new model number Nissan Cascay 2. This seven-seat car costs a little more than the previous model - by 30 thousand. Let's try to find out what interesting properties the new car differs from, based only on the reviews about Nissan Kashkay 2.

In 2008, Nissan Kashkay was soclaimed by the car, that a third shift was introduced at the plant in Britain to produce additional cars. But, not having calmed down on the reached, the company Nissan began to work on an advancing. The result of this work was the Nissan Qashqai 2.

Reviews of Nissan Kashkay 2 can be found mostdifferent. Some say that only Kashkay has justified all the hopes that everything is convenient, mobile, reliable, nothing breaks, others, on the contrary, say that the car often breaks, unreliable, and that the suspension is stiff, and that the warranty service is bad ...

Well, the suspension, let's say, is really harsh. But many car owners think this is even a plus, not a minus, saying that they quickly got used to it, just changed their driving style - they began to drive more carefully. Well, the tastes do not argue ... But the fact that the landing of the car Nissan Kashkay 2010 has become higher, and, therefore, more comfortable, there is no doubt.

High ceiling and wide doors only addfacilities. The enlarged wheelbase allowed to install a more spacious rear sofa, and "large" passengers no longer complain that there is nowhere to attach legs. But that's about the third row of seats again divided. Someone considers them useless, but someone really needs them. But by folding the rear seats, you can significantly increase the volume of the luggage compartment, which is very nice.

Specifications Nissan Cascais is simplyexcellent. The all-wheel drive of the car is beyond praise, you just need to constantly remember about the possible overheating of the coupling and do not forget to turn off the ESP.

Some specifications of NissanQashqai in the new version remained unchanged. So under the hood of the new Kashkay left the engines from the previous version - gasoline engines 1.6 liters. capacity of 115 hp and two-liter capacity of 140 hp. Considering that the crossover has become heavier by 100-150 kilograms, all the following from this disadvantages can be determined very easily. The new Kashkas 2 are available for buyers as a complete with five- or six-speed manual boxes, and with a six-speed CVT variator, which can well make the choice conscious.

There are still some notable disadvantages of the newcrossover. The engineers managed to minimize the natural losses in economy and controllability of the machine, but still some deterioration in the behavior of the crossover on the road compared to the previous version is clearly traced. Increased and inertia, and quite noticeably, which is quite natural: there are no special changes in the running gear.

The handling of Nissan Cascais 2010 is almost nothas changed, remained at the same level, however, like the steering, where everything is still not enough sharpness. Due to the increase in weight and rear shock absorbers, the car ceased to register on corners. Reviews about Nissan Qashqai 2 touch and stove. According to the owners of the Kashkay stove, brought to mind, heats the salon for 10 minutes. But the opinions on the system of navigation are contradictory - not all of them work well, not

Very soon all the fans of the automotivethe Chevrolet company will be delighted once again. The release and conveyor production of the new Chevrolet cruz hatchback model is expected. For the Chevrolet Cruz 2011 will be more than successful. For the first time this car was shown at the Auto Show in Paris. Production of a new model from the companyChevroletbegins in the summer of 2011. All the main components of the car, such as the engine, gearbox and equipment, in the body of the new hatchback model will absolutely not differ from the Chevrolet Cruz sedan model.

Many experts believe that this noveltywill be one of the 4 most successful world premiers from Chevrolet in France in the history. Now, in connection with the appearance of the hatchback body of the model, buyers get the option of an alternative choice between sedans and a new version of the body.

According to the president and the chief directorChevrolet Europe, Wayne Brennon, the overall development potential andThe growth in demand for the new model is quite large. "Already, the Chevrolet cruz hatchback has become a true story of the company's worldwide success. We sell the brand in more than 70 countries, and recently the demand for hatchback sales surpassed Aveo, becoming the most sold model of our brand as a result. Hatchbacks of various automobile companies have always played one of the most important roles in many markets around the world.

Modernhatchbacksaccount for about 65% of total salesmany automotive companies. That is why, our company expects a rapid increase in the sale of cars in many regions. Thus, we confirm that Chevrolet is still a serious player in the mass segment of cars in the European and global markets. "

It is also worth noting that already in early 2010model Cruzeheaded sales ratings among all compactsedans. In addition, outside Europe, the sales figures of the old Cruze model are still high. And this gives a good foundation for the demand for a new Chevrolet cruz hatchback.

In China, by now, we have sold about90 thousand cars of model Cruze, and chevrolet cruz hatchback also can confidently and successfully be on sale in the markets of this country. Also in countries such as Russia and India, Chevrolet cruise loans are given at low interest rates, which increases the demand for this brand.

Newhatchbackhas a unique interior design, but alsoa qualitative selection of all components. Especially distinguished is a streamlined roofline and short front and rear overhangs. All this gives the confidence to say that the Chevrolet cruz hatchback is made in a unique dynamic style. Such a model will look as good as on a direct asphalt road, and on mountain slopes of impassable trails. The main advantage of this model is the modern design of the tightened body, as well as a new bearing body, which is supplemented by an optimized system of chassis elements. Such a modern rigid bearing body provides the model with a high indicator of passenger reliability and safety. The total volume of the trunk in the Chevrolet cruz hatchback reaches almost 400 liters, and the new rear seat has the ability to add up in proportions of 60 to 40.

In addition, the model has uniquespeed characteristics and a universal braking system, due to what the car is planning to use to participate in a series of races called the World Touring Car Championship. It is worth noting that this season, until the end of which there are only four races, the team of the companyChevroletleads in the standings of the pilots and in the standingsmanufacturers. So participation in these races of the new model will perfectly demonstrate it, and will also show all the advantages and disadvantages of the dynamic characteristics of the new brand. This concludes the review of the car.

which have to reflash it, which is not at all cheap.

Those who are considering, taking or not takingcar, reviews of Nissan Kashkay 2 will help determine the choice, however, listening carefully to the opinions of motorists, the conclusions must be made after all. Strictly speaking, this is quite true for all other cases, and not just for this particular car.

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