Retro sweaters are back in fashion

Retro sweaters are back in fashion

As you know, fashion trends are veryan interesting feature - they never disappear without a trace, but just go away for a short time, giving way to each other, so that after a while they will come back to themselves. One of the most inexhaustible sources of inspiration for designers around the world is the era of the inimitable Marilyn Monroe. The most interesting is that all the most fashionable ideas originate in the 60-70s of the last century. It is enough to look at the photos of women of fashion of that time - and there will be no doubt that all the new things that are offered to us today are nothing more than a slightly improved forgotten old one. So, in 2015, world podiums flooded with long-legged beauties, demonstrating retro swimsuits.Swimwear retro

The history of the appearance of women's bathing suits

Special clothing designed for the beach,appeared only in the 20 th century and at first little resembled modern swimsuits. The first bathing suits were overalls without sleeves with panties reaching to the knees. Women went to the beach in such outfits, while the great fashion-maker Coco Chanel did not put her clothes to swimming. She proposed a model of a bathing suit in the form of a short dress with thin straps, ending with short shorts. Such swimsuits looked like a very short dress, tightly fitted the figure and concealed all the shortcomings in the abdomen and sides. Women were delighted with these bathing suits, and thanks to this swimwear lasted until the 60's, until designer Louis Reard did not return to fashion bikini. The models he created were called the "divided atom" and, in fact, were swimwear in retro style.

Swimwear in retro styleGradually, this form of bathing clothing firmly entered the women's wardrobe. On the screens began to appear actresses, dressed in bikinis, which finally gave the divided swimsuit the dominant position.

What are retro swimsuits

Bathing suits made in the style of 60-70'syears, are very romantic and leave room for imagination. Strangely enough, but the bathing suit for a long time diminished in size, in order to eventually take a pristine shape. And it's not surprising, because women look in such outfits most refined and attractive. Swimwear retro very favorably emphasize the waist and adjust the shape of the abdomen, which gives them the opportunity to revive again and again. In addition, this form of bathing suit provides comfort and convenience, because women do not need to worry that a small piece of cloth will fail unsuccessfully.Retro swimsuits with high waistline

Another feature of beachwear,made in retro style, is the absence of color mixing. This means that swimsuits are made of monophonic fabrics, often of pastel colors. Very popular kits in which the bodice and bikini are presented in different colors, so many manufacturers, adhering to this concept, sell bikinis and bodys separately, so that the woman herself could combine the color range of her beach attire.

Swimsuits in retro style can be both separate and merged.

Separate models of bathing suits

Models consisting of a bodice and a bikini,characterized by an overstated waist, which gives the female silhouette a special refinement. It is not by chance that retro swimsuits with a high waist are so popular with Western celebrities. This bikini design makes the waist thinner and visually lengthens the legs. The bodice of the same set in the style of the 60's in its form more like a top than the usual bra.

Retro sweaters

The so-called pin-up style offersTo modern women of fashion try on even one-piece models of bathing suits. Models of closed beach clothing have, as a rule, inserts from special materials that provide a pull-up effect. In the merged models there are no straps that visually enlarge the chest, reduce the line of shoulders and draw out the silhouette.Retro sweaters

How to choose a swimsuit and how to combine it

First of all, it is worth noting that, sincesixties in fashion were rounded hips and a full chest, then the swimsuits were created precisely on magnificent forms. Because the ladies in the body, these models will certainly be better. Thin girls should pay attention to the monokini shape, which also refers to the retro style. These swimsuits are designed to give volume in the right places. So, for example, they can be supplemented with a skirt visually increasing the volume of the hips, or ruffles, giving the fullness of the chest. In addition, swimsuits in monokini style are made of fabric with ornament and are often decorated with embroidery, which also gives the volume to the female body.

If you want to buy a separate swimsuit instyle retro, but not sure how it will look at you, stop your choice on the swimming trunks-transformers, which can be wrapped, thereby making panties with an overstated waist in ordinary slips.

Beach clothing in the style of pin-up is well complementeda wide-brimmed hat, large costume jewelry, chameleon-shaped glasses with horny rim, sandals on a wedge and a wicker bag. In a word, things that stayed on the crest of fashion in the 70-80's.

Buying a swimsuit in retro style, you can not doubt that this thing will never lose its relevance.

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  • Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion Retro sweaters are back in fashion