Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews

Restaurant "Pirs" (Rostov): description, menu, reviews

Restaurant "Pirs" (Rostov) opens its doorsbefore everyone who wants to have a good rest and get rid of the domestic problems and difficulties for a while. Many find it a very attractive place, but there are those who notice the blunders in the work of the staff. This and other nuances can be found in our article.

Location and mode of operation

Not everyone can immediately find their own place. Searches can last for years, until one day you have to cross the threshold of an institution, the services, furnishings and prices of which ideally match all requirements. For many, such a corner is the restaurant "Pirs" (Rostov), ​​in which I want to enjoy the pier rostovIts doors are open to the address: 16A Beregovaya Street. It welcomes guests hospitably every day from 13-00 to 01-00. The restaurant is located on the embankment of the city, from where the incredible view opens, which you want to admire endlessly. A cup of fragrant coffee will be an excellent addition. The beauty of the left bank of the Don will conquer your heart forever. It's very easy to get to the restaurant - the restaurant "Pirs" is located 5 minutes drive from the center of Rostov-on-Don.


Restaurant "Pirs" (Rostov) will receive fromrest maximum. Guests of this establishment can accommodate in two halls for 20 and 150 people respectively. This zoning allows you to organize a friendly party, and a luxurious pier Rostov on DonQualified staff will help with the organizationan important event, will take care of all the worries and provide a vivid and unforgettable experience. The restaurant "Pirs" often sounds live music from invited musicians and performers, theme nights, parties and entertainment shows.


Restaurant "Pirs" (Rostov-on-Don) was openedby the company "Good restaurants". Their style is well recognized. Initially, the organizers planned to create a restaurant with the maximum level of comfort. As a result, a very stylish and atmospheric institution has turned out, which I do not want to leave. Decorating with natural materials in combination with calm colors and flowing natural light gives relaxation and creates harmony.pier rostov restaurant menuBefore the guests the institution appears asrespectable, elite restaurant and lounge bar. The main building is a half-open building, covered with a snow-white dome structure resembling a sail. The original decor adds a romantic evening of sea voyages. In combination with incredible scenery, living plants and wicker furniture creates a special atmosphere.

The kitchen of the restaurant "Pirs" is open to the guests, you can watch the fascinating process of preparing the order.

Menu and prices

The main pride of any institution should beit is the kitchen. Visitors cross the threshold of such places in order to please themselves with new culinary discoveries. The restaurant "Pirs" (Rostov-on-Don), whose menu is represented by dishes of European, Russian, Japanese and Uzbek cuisines, knows how to surprise its guests. From the culinary traditions of each people were chosen only the most popular and colorful, in order to best convey the atmosphere of another country.

Visitors can taste great copyrightdishes from the chef, especially fish, meat and vegetables on the grill. Guests of the restaurant "Pirs" will get a gastronomic pleasure from any dish, from the most simple salad with arugula and ending with a fragrant gazpacho.

"Pier" - a summer restaurant, and what is most pleasantis there in the summer? Of course, desserts with fresh berries and fruits. Guests can enjoy a delicious refreshing ice cream and an airy chocolate souffle. Sorbet with the addition of mango, peach or strawberry will melt in the mouth and give an unforgettable pleasure.

The main dish in the restaurant "Pirs" offersa rich wine card of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Fans of the foam drink will find here a few special varieties - beer brewed in its own brewery institution. You can also observe the creation process.

In the menu there are options for dishes that children like, which means that rest with the family will become memorable.

The prices in the restaurant are above average, but in the modern world one has to pay for quality. The average check without alcoholic drinks is 1500 rubles per person.


The best thing about the institution is not the articles, butreal visitors. Reviews about this place are very positive - a given high bar in the service is appreciated by visitors. "Pirs" (Rostov) - a restaurant, menu, service and cuisine which impress many. Guests say that they rarely had to visit such a cozy and amazing pier Rostov on don menuTrue, there are disadvantages. For example, during the rain, sitting on the first line is almost impossible: who will like to get wet during a meal?

The restaurant "Pirs" is located on the waterfront, soparking is not provided. But despite minor shortcomings, the institution enjoys great popularity among residents and visitors of the city and has long become one of the favorite places for friendly gatherings.

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  • Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews Restaurant Pirs (Rostov): description, menu, reviews